IGG-Verified High Energetic Places Project – Discover Why?

In this article, you will know about my new project of visiting, testing and verifying highly energetic places on planet earth, that rewards you in multi-dimensional ways.

I help people with Inner GPS Activation, careers, wealth, health, dating, relationships, and spirituality. If you are going through Kundalini awakening, contact me for guidance. 

What Are IGG-Verified High Energetic Places?

I am taking this “High Energetic Places Project” and calling it IGG-Verified High Energetic Places. 

IGG is Inner GPS Gurus Verified High Energetic Places that are having high energy. 

Energy Vortex or High Energetic Places

High-energetic places are places that are filled with cosmic energies. You must have heard maybe the energy vortex in the U.S. or high energetic places in India or if you are from Europe, maybe some other country that has such high energetic places, and when you go there:

  • Your mind stops or your concentration power increases.
  • Your mind is more focused, elevated, and highly uplifted.
  • You feel that bliss, happiness, joy, and love. 
  • Lots of purging happens lots of releases happen. 

Why Do Lots of Releases Happen?

Your energy blockages are released because you go to yourself as a center:

  • You go to yourself, your consciousness.
  • You experience inner happiness, joy, peace, love, and highly energetic things.
  • When you experience these high energies that you have never experienced in your life, automatically the purging happens through happiness, laughter, crying, and the flow of creative ideas. 
  • You feel that there is a mind, there is an ego, and there is a role that I am playing.

What do you realize?

You realize that:

  • Here I am- at the center fully present.
  • Everything else, the ego, and everything is temporary and coming and going, but I am not coming and going.
  • I am the one who is stabilized.
  • When the person is stabilized, only then do the creative ideas start getting from inner depth or from the universe. 
  • You are the universe. You experientially get to know it. 

Why Am I taking “IGG-Verified High Energetic Places” As a Project? 

I am taking this project because I’m the scanner of highly energetic places. 

  • What qualifies me as a scanner for such places? 
  • How can I verify such places?

Gift or Skill or Technology

The first thing you may call it is a gift or talent, or skill. 

After about 25 years of meditation, I have received this power or skill or gift or talent, whatever you may call it.

  • I call it technology. Scanning a photo or document is done by the scanner, so scanning is a technology. 
  • Such high energetic places you will get to know through my articles and video content in the coming times.
  • I can scan the places which are full of cosmic energy, so I am the scanner and I have developed this scanning technology. 

So I qualify as a scanner. I’m qualified to check these places as highly energetic places. 

Major Signs of High Energetic Places

High Energetic places

Not only me, when you come to such a place, but you will also experience high energy and feel that you won’t like to go away.

  • If you have come here for 10 or 15 minutes, you would like to stay here for one hour or two hours. 
  • I guarantee you that. And after that, when you return, you will be operating from your center. 
  • The external world is out there, and you are here. 

How Am I Going to Execute the IGG-Verified High Energetic Places Project?

Through IGG-Verified High Energetic Places Project, my plan is to visit, check, and verify: 

  • Whether that place has that high energy from all dimensions or not 
  • Whether that place is a high energetic place according to IGG or not, I will cover that

How Do You Benefit from IGG-Verified High Energetic Places?

Once I cover that, you understand that this is a higher energetic place. I suggest:

  • You visit such a place alone and sit there for some time, maybe 5-10 minutes. 
  • Just close your eyes and make sure that nobody is around you, at least in your vicinity of 10 to 20 feet, and nobody is disturbing you.
  • When nobody is disturbing you, only then can you go inside.
  • When you go inside, even if you are not a meditator, you will start meditating in 10-15 minutes. You will experience only meditation. You won’t experience yourself as a meditator.
  • We experience only meditation and then… Then what? Then, enjoy that state, that peace.
  • Experience that calmness or tranquility, whatever you call it, nothingness, blankness, and yet ‘everythingness’.
  • That state has a lot of potential.
  • Go there and experience that potential.
  • When you experience that potentiality, you understand what you are capable of.

How Do I Add Value to You?

My idea is to empower you. 

  • I can empower you directly by Inner GPS Activation, or 
  • You can go to such places and energize yourself.

1. Unblocking energies

You will feel that you have unblocked your energy in career, wealth, relationships, spirituality, and any other daily tasks. 

2. Flow

You will feel that you will increase that flow. You will experience that flow in your life.

Flow is the highest state of productivity.

Wrapping Up

Whether you do anything externally or not, make sure that whatever energy is blocked inside, you are flowing it.

More on that, I have covered in my post: Signs and Benefits of High Energetic Places.

This article aims to tell you why I have taken this project so that you will understand its scope and importance.

If you have any questions, you can email me. I will help you go to your center by activating your Inner GPS and increasing your power. 

With that, I wish you all the luck.

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