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Get solutions to your problems in the following areas:

Kundalini Awakening Coaching/ Spiritual Awakening/ Dark Night of the Soul Diagnosis and Guidance

Shaktipat/ Energy Transmission

IGG Freedom Model for Kundalini Awakened people

Nice Guy to New Man Transformation Mastery

Tantra Learning

Trauma, Depression, Stress & Anxiety, Insomnia

Kundalini related Fibromyalgia/ Multiple Sclerosis/ Bipolar disorder/ ADHD/ Schizophrenia/ Dementia/ Alzheimer/ Parkinson’s/ Asthma/ Colitis/ IBS/ Arthritis

Semen Retention and Sex Transmutation

Kundalini related Health issues

Kundalini related Relationship Issues

Obesity and weight reduction

Kundalini-related cancer healing

Finding your Life Purpose/ IKIGAI

How to create energy vortex at your home

Chakra Opening Guidance

Inner GPS Career and Wealth

Meet the Kundalini Masters!

IGG Avadhut

Founder, Kundalini Master and Life Coach

Only IGG Avadhut can take you to your center (Samadhi) through his powerful “Kundalini Shaktipat.” His divine energy transmission moves your Kundalini energy directly into the right energy channels (Nadis) and unblocks Chakras to reduce your sufferings. He teaches the IGG secret techniques to progress in your Kundalini journey. 

IGG Sanju

Co-Founder, Kundalini Master and Life Coach

IGG Sanju is the only Clairvoyant in the world who can diagnose you by reading your “Inner GPS” (Energies) to see whether you are going through a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening and provide you with the best Kundalini Awakening Coaching and healing to process your Kundalini Awakening.  

Success Stories

Kundalini Awakening Online Shaktipat (IGG Sanju)- Testimonial by an Italian Lady (Success Story)


Chicago, United States

Loneliness and Depression due to Kundalini Awakening

How we solved it:
Exclusive Kundalini diagnosis and multiple Shaktipat sessions with lifestyle changes

Integration and Ascension of Kundalini Energy

I cannot express enough gratitude towards IGG Avadhut and IGG Sanju for their exceptional wisdom and guidance during my Kundalini Awakening journey. The Inner GPS Kundalini Workshop was an incredible experience that helped me process the energy and understand the intricacies of this complex phenomenon. I was struggling with extreme loneliness due to energy volatility and desperately searching for answers to my questions. But thanks to their insightful responses and expert guidance, I gained a much deeper understanding of my path and feel more at peace with my situation. Their spiritual powers (Clairvoyance and Shaktipat) and expertise in the field of Kundalini Awakening are truly exceptional. They explained how factors like family, social relationships, intelligence, and country can influence the process. Each person’s experience is unique. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking clarity and guidance on their Kundalini Awakening Journey. Their help and guidance have been instrumental in my spiritual growth journey.


Bengaluru, India

Chest congestion, Colitis, and IBS

How we solved it:
Exclusive Kundalini diagnosis and multiple Shaktipat sessions with lifestyle changes

Freedom from Colitis, IBS, and Breathing issues

I am a 35-year old woman who has been going through a Kundalini Awakening for quite some time now. It has been a tough journey for me. I have been dealing with emotional and energetic blockages due to past traumas stuck in my chest and stomach regions for decades and suffering from Colitis and IBS. However, after taking the one-to-one Inner GPS Kundalini Workshop from IGG Avadhut and being coached by IGG Sanju, I experienced great relief in my chest and stomach regions. My Colitis and IBS healed completely due to the customized meditation and IGG breathing secrets I have been practicing regularly have made the journey much easier. What I appreciate the most about the Workshop is that it has helped me focus on my internal journey toward ultimate freedom. I have been able to keep a low profile externally and concentrate on processing the energy with ease. I cannot thank IGG Avadhut enough for his powerful Shaktipat sessions and IGG Sanju for diagnosing and coaching me based on my Inner GPS. The Workshops have been a life-changing experience for me. I am truly grateful for their guidance and support throughout my Kundalini Awakening journey.


Bolivia, South America

Blockage in Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra

How we solved it:
Exclusive Kundalini diagnosis and multiple Shaktipat sessions with transition into IGG Freedom Model

Freedom from job and sufferings of the Matrix

I am extremely grateful to Inner GPS Gurus – IGG Avadhut and IGG Sanju for my transformative experience with Inner GPS Coaching and Workshops. I started my journey with them five years ago when my Kundalini energy was stuck in my Solar Plexus region. I was suffering from insomnia and digestive problems due to the extreme level of Karmic suffering I was undergoing. But with the one-to-one Inner GPS Kundalini Workshop I recently had with them, I have easily processed the energy in my Crown Chakra. The customized meditation and IGG secrets have been crucial to my journey toward ultimate freedom. Through their guidance, I have found stillness and peace in my overactive head region, and I can now see the light of consciousness in my deep state of centered awareness. Although I have lost my job and connection to the world, I have found solace in focusing on my internal journey toward freedom. With the help of Inner GPS Coaching, I am channeling my potent creative force into a new career and new life in the IGG Freedom Model. Thank you, Inner GPS Coaching, for helping me transform my life and find my true purpose.


Paris, France

Dark Night of the Soul

How we solved it:
Exclusive Kundalini diagnosis and multiple Shaktipat sessions to free him from the darkest phase of Kundalini Awakening

Spiritual freedom and Enlightenment

IGG Avadhut has been the best Guru and Master ever since I met him. His powerful Kundalini Shaktipat, transformation methods, and guidance are pragmatic as they transform you. He intuitively tapped my consciousness and removed mental energy blocks in my energy field that cleared my vision. As a miracle, he set me free from “the dark night of the soul”. I was a dedicated spiritual seeker when I approached IGG Avadhut for Kundalini Shaktipat. I wanted to know about my exact position in the spiritual evolutionary journey. I was confused because I was transitioning from worldly life to the spiritual dimension of living life. Due to the Kundalini diagnosis, coaching, and support by IGG Sanju, I am now geared towards my spiritual progress in a more focused and definite pathway plan. With their intuitive guidance, I discovered that I was going through a spiritual awakening. Both Masters have facilitated my Kundalini Awakening journey. I have created my blueprint for success in my life and awakening process. I am extremely grateful to them for being my torchbearer on the darkest path leading me to Enlightenment. They are the Best “Kundalini” Experts in the World. Their expertise in Kundalini Awakening facilitation is incredible and unmatchable. They are the rarest “Genius” Gurus ever born in human history.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You are eligible for Kundalini Awakening  Coaching only when you are coachable and ready to explore yourself based on our reading about you. 

You are eligible:

  • If you are going through Kundalini/Spiritual Awakening and the issues related to it (Health, Career, Relationship, Energy blockages).
  • If you want to know whether you are going through Kundalini/Spiritual Awakening (Diagnosis).
  • You should be open to receive and ask for feedback.
  • It would be best if you take actions and make personal changes based on the feedback.

IGG Sanju (Co-Founder, Clairvoyant, and Kundalini Master) will take your session.

You can ask any number of questions related to your Kundalini Awakening. We recommend you to collect 3-5 pressing problems related to Kundalini Awakening and ask in the session. If you have more than 3 questions, then we suggest you book a Life Coaching session.

IGG Sanju will read your Inner GPS (live energies) and answer your questions and suggest practical solutions.

No. We don’t provide support after the session. If you have any follow up questions, we suggest you to collect the questions and book a new session with us.

Once we accept your payment, we book the session for you and do not cancel. You will be informed well in advance if there are any changes from our side or any schedule change. We do not provide refunds or discounts if you are either late for the session or do not show up.

You can not reschedule or postpone the session.

Since our service is not a digital product, there are no refunds or discounts on our service.

When you book a session with us, it is evident that you are ready for the session. The time slot is locked once we book a session for you and accept your payment. We do not take any other appointments for that time. Our time and energy invested in you are irreplaceable, so we do not grant any refunds for our invested time and energy in you. if you are not sure whether this service is right for you, we request you to email us at: team@innergpsgurus.com before making the payment.

You can not reschedule or postpone the session.