How to Deal With Body Shaming? The Best Action Guide

Often, you have told it to other people unconsciously:  You must understand that nothing is perfect.  Everything is imperfection; what you consider perfect from your judgmental mind is not the truth.  What is body shaming? Body shaming is when you humiliate a person based on his body’s shape, size, or

How to Start Intuitive Eating?

How to Start Intuitive Eating – Intuitive eating means listening to your Inner GPS to eat food rather than following your mind’s patterns based on the desires and tendencies of your mind. Intuitive Eating is synonymous with Conscious Eating and I will teach you in this guide, how to start

Where Is Prana Stored in the Body?

Where Is Prana Stored in the Body? Prana is not stored in the body but circulates in the Subtle Energy Channels called Nadis. Prana flows in the Nadis through the Central Nadi – Sushumna that is responsible for infusing Cosmic Prana in the energy channels. Along with that Prana flow

How to Activate Pranic Energy?

Pranic energy is the Cosmic Prana that remains stuck or imbalanced in your energy channels. How to Activate Pranic Energy? Here are the IGG Secrets to activate Pranic Energy: 1. Flush out Apana Pranic energy in the body is often obstructed by toxic energies or stale Prana in the energy

How to Increase Prana Energy- The Best 25 Practical Secrets

Welcome to a journey of discovering incredible ways to enhance your Prana Energy.  Prana is a Sanskrit word that means your “life force” and “fundamental energy” that keeps you alive.  Seems unknown to you?  Are you here to find practical solutions on how to increase Prana energy?  Prana is the

What Is Health? Unraveling the Mystery of the Best Health

Health is everything. Your freedom,  happiness, and power are meaningful when you are the healthiest to enjoy your life.  In this article, you will learn: What is health? Health is the condition of your total existence when you are radiating with the most vibrant energy. The definition of health according

What Is Energy Healing? The Best Guide to Help You Heal

Energy healing is about healing you energetically. In this article, you will learn: These three questions I am going to cover these today one by one. I was hoping you could pay full attention to what I am saying because this dimension of looking at your existence is new to

The Art of Breathing: Secrets of Conscious Life

Breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity. Conscious breathing is your divine connection with your human life. In this article, you will learn: Are you breathing right? Let me share the highest secret of health, and that is the art of conscious breathing with you.  Diagnosis: Let me first diagnose