What Is Sahaj Samadhi? Why Is It So Important? Here’s My Experience

Sahaj Samadhi is the most challenging phase of human evolutionary journey.  Sahaj Samadhi is the most important and crucial stage of the Kundalini Awakening journey, even more dangerous than the total Kundalini Awakening journey from the moment it awakens till it pierces Crown Chakra and merges with Universal Consciousness.  Why

What Does Kundalini Do?

Kundalini performs the following functions in its awakened and fully integrated state with the Universal Consciousness.  What Does Kundalini Do? Here’s the Complete List: 1. Awakening consciousness Kundalini awakens higher states of consciousness, and you get access to Universal Intelligence and Divine Powers.  2. Energy flow Kundalini facilitates the flow

How Does Kundalini Awaken?

Kundalini awakens from the base of the spine at the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra) in the following circumstances: Kundalini awakens only when the maturity time of the Divine Shakti energy comes. In the above five circumstances, Kundalini is most likely to awaken when the fructition time of the Soul based

How to Start Intuitive Eating?

How to Start Intuitive Eating – Intuitive eating means listening to your Inner GPS to eat food rather than following your mind’s patterns based on the desires and tendencies of your mind. Intuitive Eating is synonymous with Conscious Eating and I will teach you in this guide, how to start

What Is Kundalini Chakra?

Kundalini is not a Chakra. Kundalini is the Divine Shakti Energy that remains in a dormant state in the Root Chakra. Chakra on the other hand is an Energy Vortex or Energy Center in the human body. There are primarily 7 Chakras in the human body that process the Kundalini 

Does Yoga Originate from Kundalini and Chakras or Vice Versa?

Yoga (Kriyas) have originated from Kundalini Awakening. During Kundalini Awakening journey, Kundalini Shakti opens the blockages in your energy channels that leads to certain weird twisting and turning movements of your body. Ancient Rishi Munies who reached Moksha realised that Kundalini causes certain Yoga postures that facilitates the movement of

How Shaktipat Activates Kundalini?

First clarity, I will give you that Shaktipat cannot activate dormant Kundalini. If you have learnt or read somewhere that Shaktipat can activate Kundalini then it is a myth and you must drop this myth immediately if you want to know the truth. Shaktipat can energize an already awakened Kundalini.

If I Receive Shaktipat from a Guru, How Long Does it Last?

When you take Shaktipat from your Guru, the intensity of its impact may last from a few hours to a few days or months or years. How much the intensity of Shaktipat lasts depends on your receptivity and the power of Shakti transmitted from your Guru. Analogy You are standing

How Can I Get a Shaktipat Transmission?

You can get a Shaktipat – energy transmission or energy initiation from me, IGG Avadhut. How Can I Get a Shaktipat Transmission? People ask me this question time and again. So, here is the answer and steps: I recharge your energy channels through my Inner GPS Activation – Shaktipat and

What Is Shaktipat?

What Is Shaktipat? Shaktipat is energy transmission or transfer of Shakti energy transfer from a Spiritual Guru or Spiritual Master to a true seeker of truth. The Spiritual Master/ Guru must be a Siddha. Who Is Siddha? Siddha is an Enlightened Master with Siddhis, Spiritual Powers. Is there a Guru who can initiate