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Chitralekha Udyan

#1 IGG- Verified Energy Vortex – Chitralekha Udyan, Tezpur, India

Are you seeking an Energy Vortex to energize and rejuvenate you? Then you are lucky to have landed here, where you will find an energy vortex that you have been searching for.  I am sharing with you that my visit to a new energy vortex was a part of my IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Project.  I went to Chitralekha Udyan with my team to check whether it was an energy vortex or not. By checking energetic vortexes, my purpose is to ...

Energy Vortex signs and Benefits

Energy Vortex- 23 Positive Signs And Benefits of IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes

Do you love traveling to unique places like an energy vortex? or, Are you on a spiritual awakening journey or going through Kundalini Awakening?  As a true seeker or an explorer, I am sure your Inner GPS brought you here and are curious about the secrets behind the energy vortexes.  I welcome you wholeheartedly to explore energy vortexes. I am confident you will love the magical experience of exploring energy vortexes through my lenses of consciousness.  “Energy vortexes” or “Earth’s ...

Sedona Energy Vortex

Sedona Energy Vortex- Exploring the Power in 2024

Sedona Energy Vortex- What was your feeling when you heard its name for the first time?  Wonder! My first feel of Sedona Energy Vortex. There must be something magical about Sedona that my Inner GPS guided me towards exploring.  If you have landed on my page for the first time, then let me share with you that I have founded “Inner GPS Gurus” and also started the “IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Project,” where I share with you the relevance of “Energy Vortexes” ...

High Energetic place

IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Project – Discover Why?

In this article, you will know about my new project of visiting, testing and verifying energy vortexes on planet earth, that rewards you in multi-dimensional ways. I help people with Inner GPS Activation, careers, wealth, health, dating, relationships, and spirituality. If you are going through Kundalini awakening, contact me for guidance.  What Are IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Places? I am taking this “Energy Vortexes Project” and calling it IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Places.  IGG is Inner GPS Gurus Verified Energy Vortexes locations ...