Kundalini Awakening and Shaktipat Workshop in Bangalore, India

IGG Avadhut 

Founder, Life Coach, and Kundalini Master.

IGG Avadhut is the Founder of Inner GPS Gurus. He founded Inner GPS Gurus in 2017 to empower and transform you through Inner GPS Activation. 

IGG Avadhut has been an ace Digital Nomad Entrepreneur since 2007. He is a “Genius Inventor and Investor” who created the unique “Inner GPS Technology” to elevate you to a higher level of consciousness and make you energetically happy and wealthy. Right now, he is working on projects like: Verifying Energy Vortexes, Kundalini Awakening, Boost Prana Beyond Pranayama, and Increasing Human Productivity and Potentiality.

IGG Avadhut has touched the lives of 20000+ people globally through Inner GPS Coaching. He has the powerful flair and charismatic presence of the Guru (Master) to lift you from the lower energy level and make you reach the highest evolved self. 

He exclusively helps you if you suffer immensely and releases you from your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. He shifts you from your troubling mind to higher consciousness and brings you to your centre, from where you can act boldly.

IGG Sanju

Co-founder, Life Coach, and Kundalini Master.

IGG Sanju is the Co-founder of Inner GPS Gurus. She began her Inner GPS Coaching with IGG Avadhut. She navigates your Inner GPS like a satellite, heals you from energetic blockages and coaches you to become a New Being. 

IGG Sanju is accessible through online Inner GPS Coaching, where she answers any question related to all areas of your life. She has the unique gift of reading your Inner GPS remotely and elevating you from where you are to a higher level of Consciousness. She has to date, helped 10000+ people globally through Inner GPS Coaching. 

IGG Sanju is a Specialist in Inner GPS Coaching and Content Production. She adds infinite value to you through digital content production. IGG Sanju produces the truth-based content that you cannot access anywhere in the world. She is a one-stop solution for knowing “Energy and Consciousness” and the universal energy influencing your life every moment. 


Content Creator

Gene is a proficient digital content creator for in-depth and technical aspects involved in the creative process. He has been working with Inner GPS Gurus since its inception by giving form and structure to our “Source-based” content. 


Content Creator 

Elizabeth is a skilful digital content creator for Inner GPS Gurus. She is creative and an expert in creating meaningful content that adds value to you through our platform. 

She has a trendy approach to bring to your table that will add value to you in multiple ways. 


Video Editor

Sakith is an adept digital video editor who edits our YouTube videos in the crispest and most presentable format for you to watch. In addition, he adds value through professional world-class video editing of our “Truth-based” video content.