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Is Your Intuition Your Inner GPS? Unlocking the Power in You

IGG Sanju

Is Your Intuition Your Inner GPS?

Your intuition is your Inner GPS.

But what is your intuition? How does your intuition work? How is your intuition, your Inner GPS? 

Many questions are in your mind, but you need more satisfactory solutions to satisfy your thirst for knowing the truth. 

You must be willing to learn how to use your intuition – your Inner GPS– to live the best life and make decisions in your personal and professional life. 

Trust me, you will get all your questions answered in this guide because you have landed in the Gurukul of Intuition and Inner GPS– “Inner GPS Gurus.” 

I am your Mentor/Master/CoachIGG Sanju to help you through all the roller coaster rides of your intuitive journey into the unknown. 

In this guide, you will learn the concept of intuition and its influence on different areas. You will understand how your intuition works as your Inner GPS guides you on a journey to find the right path. 

Your intuition serves as a personal life coach, nudging you toward choices that align with your inner values.

You can all trust that gut feeling or whisper inside telling you what action is best – by learning how to access this power within yourselves, your intuitions become like a GPS for navigating life’s challenges.

Intuition or Inner GPS: Is Your Intuition Your Inner GPS?

Is Your Intuition Your Inner GPS

Your intuition functions as your “Internal GPS” or “Inner GPS,” directing your chaotic lives and assisting you with making decisions. Intuition is like a musical conductor, harmonizing your choices with the symphony of your inner self.

Commonly called the sixth sense or gut feeling, it grants you inner wisdom when you need it most. Your intuition, or your Inner GPS, is your “Inner Compass,” like a compass in the wilderness, guiding you through the unknown terrain of life.

  • It helps you move in the right direction that will benefit you. 

  • Your “Inner Compass” shows positive and negative signals to enable decision-making.

  • Intuition is like the ‘check engine’ light in your car; it signals when something may be off, even before you can pinpoint the issue.

# Positive signals imply movement in the planned direction, ideas from your inner guidance. 

# Negative signals mean that you do not move in that direction, ideas often offered by your mind. 


Here are three practical analogies to explain how your intuition is your Inner GPS:

1. Navigation system

Just as a GPS helps you navigate unfamiliar roads by providing suggestions and directions, your intuition guides you through life’s choices. It offers subtle insights and feelings that can steer you in the right direction, especially when faced with uncertain or unfamiliar situations.

2. Cooking without a recipe

Imagine cooking without a recipe, relying on your intuition to gauge the right ingredients and proportions. Like an inner culinary compass, your intuition can help you create delicious dishes by trusting your intuition and tastes. It is a form of guidance from within, much like your Inner GPS.

3. Choosing the right path in a forest

When you are deep in a forest with no map, your intuition becomes your Inner GPS. It nudges you in the right direction, even if you cannot explain it logically. Following your intuition in this scenario can lead you out of the wilderness and onto the right track.

Your Intuition is Your Inner GPS

These analogies illustrate how intuition, like a GPS, can provide guidance and direction in various aspects of life, helping you make decisions and navigate through uncertainty.


You should tap into this treasured asset and begin heeding that faint voice within yourself and understanding how instinctive feelings are connected to existing conditions.  

I have structured the guidance in steps so you learn how to tap into your intuition and improve your intuitive abilities.

For personal advice on learning to tap your intuition, your Inner GPS, you can sign up for our Inner GPS Workshops. 

Practical Applications of Intuition – Your Inner GPS in Your Life

Practical Applications of Intuition

Your Inner GPS can be a powerful tool in decision-making and personal growth across all these areas of life.


Think of your intuition as your Inner GPS, much like how a satellite helps guide a rocket. 

Imagine you are launching a rocket into space. To navigate accurately, the rocket relies on data from a satellite in orbit. This satellite provides real-time information about the rocket’s position, speed, and the environment it’s traveling through.

Similarly, your intuition serves as your Inner Guidance System. It is a subconscious process that draws upon your life experiences, emotions, and intuition. Just as a satellite collects data from space, your intuition gathers information from your energies and feelings and signals you accurately.

1. Real-time decision-making

When you face a decision or situation, your intuition processes this accumulated data to give you a “gut feeling” or an intuitive sense of direction. This can be especially helpful when you encounter uncertainty or need to make quick decisions.

2. Trusting your intuition

Much like a rocket relies on the satellite’s guidance, it is vital to trust your intuition. Over time, as you gain more experience and sharpen your intuition, you will improve at making decisions and navigating life’s challenges.

So, your intuition can be seen as your inner GPS, helping you navigate the complexities of life just like a satellite guides a rocket through space.

Here are practical applications of your intuition or Inner GPS in various aspects of your life:
Practical Applications of Intuition-Inner GPS

S. No.Areas of LifePractical Applications of Intuition-Inner GPS 
1.HealthMaking healthy conscious food choices based on intuitive cravings. Listening to your body’s signals for rest and recovery. Recognizing early signs of illness or stress through gut feelings.
2.WealthMaking informed investment decisions based on intuitive insights. Recognizing potential financial risks before they escalate. Trusting your gut in negotiations and business ventures.
3.CareerGuiding career decisions by following your passions and intuition. Navigating work challenges by trusting your inner judgment. Identifying opportunities that align with your true calling.
4.RelationshipsChoosing compatible partners and friends through intuitive connections. Resolving conflicts by understanding underlying emotions intuitively. Maintaining healthy boundaries by listening to your intuition. 
5.Spiritual Awakening / Kundalini AwakeningDeepening your spiritual practice through intuitive guidance. Recognizing synchronicities and signs on your spiritual journey. Trusting your inner wisdom to guide you towards self- realization and enlightenment.

Steps to Access Your Intuition – Your Inner GPS 

Steps to Access Your Intuition

Before you move on to the steps to access your intuitive intelligence, here are three real-life analogies in technology. 


These will illustrate how you can access your intuition as your Inner GPS for practical applications in your life:

1. Autonomous vehicles

Just as autonomous cars use sensors, maps, and algorithms to navigate, your intuition in technology is like an Inner GPS that helps you make decisions based on your past experiences and knowledge. It guides you through unfamiliar terrain by combining information and intuition.

2. Voice assistants

Voice assistants like Siri or Alexa learn from your interactions and adapt to your preferences over time. Similarly, your intuition in technology can evolve as you gain more experience, becoming a reliable guide for making choices in the digital world.

3. Search engines

Search engines like Google use algorithms and data to predict and provide relevant search results. Your intuition can work similarly by quickly identifying patterns and predicting outcomes based on your past encounters with technology, helping you make informed decisions.

In these examples, intuition is like an internal navigation system that aids technology-related decision-making by drawing on your accumulated energetic records and experiences in your subtle energy levels.

Step 1. Gut feeling and sixth sense

To access your inner guidance, you must be able to tap into your gut feeling.

  • Sitting quietly in silence and focusing on how your body feels can open you up to recognizing this intuition within yourself.

  • Pay close attention to any emotions or physical sensations, as your internal voice may guide you towards the right or wrong path according to what matters most.

Growing more familiar with listening and using this information for decision-making requires practice. Still, it is worth every effort when trusting your intuition. This will help lead you down a productive path of fulfillment based on values important to you. 

The power of the present moment

By being mindful and present in the present moment, you feel ready and can access your intuition more easily. This state of awareness releases worries, creating an incredible feeling of peace and an understanding of yourself and everything around you.

Meditation is an effective way to enhance energy found within each passing moment. It helps reduce mental clutter, permitting your inner voice to be heard clearly. As presence increases, so does the connection with your truth, allowing you to make aligned decisions.

Step 2. Enhancing your intuitive abilities- inner voice

Enhancing Your Intuitive Abilities

Now that you have understood intuition, let’s move on to ways of enhancing and intensifying your intuitive capabilities. Through meditating, heeding the messages from your body, or trusting in the inner direction, there are multiple methods for developing and boosting your intuition.

Deepening your intuition requires continuous practice. With effort, you can learn how to better attend to what your internal voice directs you toward during life’s situations. 

So, as soon as possible, begin utilizing these techniques so that unharnessing this power becomes achievable. The following sections will discuss these approaches.

1. Meditation and mindfulness

It is possible to tap into your intuition and inner guidance through meditation and mindfulness. 


We teach many meditation practices at Inner GPS Gurus that help you access your intuitive powers.You can learn these meditations from us in your Inner GPS Workshops directly and implement them to see results.

Keep checking our websites for updates on Workshops, and you can attend such either online or offline as it unfolds. However, as a preparatory meditation technique, I suggest you sort out different things that allow you to sit in stillness every day for an hour. 

Basic meditation practice

Sit with your eyes closed in a fresh environment, either at home, in an energy vortex, or in natural surroundings. Witness your breath coming in and going out. We call it moving with the breath. 

What is “Moving with the Breath Technique”? 

The “moving with the breath” technique is a mindfulness or meditation practice where you synchronize your movements with your breath to promote relaxation, focus, and self-awareness.

Pay attention to your breath and coordinate specific activities, such as gentle stretching or yoga poses, with each inhale and exhale.

This practice can help you increase Prana energy to connect your mind and body, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness. Listen to your Inner GPS for each rhythmic body movement during this practice.

Mindfulness practice

First, create some room for silence in your life. Maybe sit quietly for a few minutes during lunch, meditate, or just have some “me time.” This helps you to tune in to your Inner GPS. This can create space for taking action based on intuitive hunches to gain deeper insights from your true self.

2. Listening to your body

To sharpen your intuition, body listening is a great practice. Learn to listen to your body’s instinctive signals. Paying attention to details and being mindful of the physical sensations in your body can provide valuable insight into making decisions.

Acknowledge any stress or tension you may feel; doing so will help tap into this wisdom. The more conscious you become and start listening to what your physique tells you, the stronger your intuitive abilities will likely get over time. 

3. Trusting your inner guidance

To strengthen your instinctive intuition, relying on your inner voice is essential. By trusting your intuition and internal direction more, the accuracy of this feeling will be increased noticeably.

To build confidence in what you sense within yourself:

  • Practice relying on it for making decisions or 

  • While dealing with difficult circumstances, you get used to depending upon that guidance.

Eventually, you will observe how beneficial and accurate such input and data could be throughout a journey toward individual expansion and success.

Step 3. Integrating intuition – inner guidance into daily life

Integrating Intuition into Daily Life

Having explored techniques to amplify your intuition, let’s explore how this internal direction can be integrated into daily life. 

By devoting some time to tuning in with your intuitions and utilizing them when tackling obstacles, you will become more equipped to manage the difficulties on your paths.

In these following sections, you will find practical advice about carving out space for intuitive moments during each day and strategies for leveraging them to overcome hardships, which you will find here. 

1. Creating space for intuition

Creating a moment in the day for intuition is essential in your hectic lifestyle. To do this, try dedicating time away from chaos and noise. This can allow your intuitive self to receive information that may guide decision-making and life paths.

A few activities that could be incorporated into each day include:

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Interacting with nature

  • Any other creative expression

These actions help build an environment suitable for accessing inner wisdom within yourself while living busy lives. 

2. Navigating life’s challenges with intuition

Intuition can be a powerful ally when facing life’s problems. When you open yourself to your feelings and inner guidance, different scenarios are more accessible and precise. For instance, tuning in with your intuition may help uncover opportunities that could have been missed otherwise.

Determining the most suitable path or detecting potential risks, wise solutions can be found more easily. Following this internal logic and wisdom allows you to make decisions based on your values and passions, resulting in a significant leap in personal growth, development, and progress down any pathway.

Step 4. Intuition and life purpose

Intuition and life purpose

We all have a specific vibrational frequency that makes us unique. By recognizing and understanding this frequency, you can access your inner wisdom to live a life aligned with what matters most.

In the following sections, you will explore how embracing your individual vibration is critical for:

  • Connecting with intuition

  • Achieving your purpose in life

  • Conquering fear 

So that you may freely utilize such knowledge to create without holding back.

1. Embracing your unique vibrational frequency

By attuning to your vibrational frequency, the energetic signature that radiates from your core being, you can access more significant levels of intuition and find clarity toward your life purpose.

To better understand this unique frequency within yourself, you need to incorporate: 

  • Mindfulness techniques into practice, such as meditation, or 

  • Becoming more aware of body movements.

As a result, not only will brain health have improved insight, but positive experiences will become easier and ultimately enrich your well-being overall.

2. Overcoming comfort zones and fear

Stepping outside of comfort zones and tackling big things without fear can provide insight and life purpose. Doing so paves the way for: 

  • Growth

  • Improved

  • Self-understanding

  • Personal development

To help with this process:

  • Break down goals into manageable chunks

  • While learning from any mistakes made along the way

By confronting fears ahead, you will be better positioned to tune into your inner wisdom and live what feels meaningful in life.

Step 5. Taking intuitive actions

Taking Intuitive Actions

To better illustrate the impressive strength of intuition, let us look a moment further at your true stories. These success stories demonstrate how to use them to shape your lives and world. 

These inspiring examples are a testament to how powerful this form of intuitive wisdom truly is.

1. Inspiring personal journeys

IGG Avadhut
IGG Avadhut- Meditation at an Energy Vortex

After more than two decades of deep meditative practices, IGG Avadhut is exemplary because he followed his intuition in creating Inner GPS Gurus for you.

He is a great Master and Inner GPS Guru himself who founded Inner GPS Gurus with the sole aim of teaching you to get access to your intuitive powers.

You, too, can access this profound gift by learning to access your Inner GPS through his Inner GPS Activation. Moreover, he will teach you how to practice regular meditation and yoga to increase your intuitive abilities. 

IGG Sanju
IGG Sanju- Meditation at an Energy Vortex

The next exemplary figure is I, IGG Sanju, myself. After dedicating more than two decades of my life to deep meditative practices, I am uniquely gifted to read your Inner GPS, your energies beyond your physical body.

I will heal you and coach you to get access to your Inner GPS with regular implementation of the signals coming from your Inner GPS.

The co-founding of Inner GPS Gurus for you, with IGG Avadhut, is not just a coincidence but proof of how magically intuition weaves into reality, into manifestation. 

Through Inner GPS Activation and Inner GPS Coaching, you can have the opportunity to connect to your intuitive intelligence and apply it in your life for more incredible benefits. 

“Inner GPS Gurus”- prove that trusting our inner guidance can lead to incredible success and personal development with a substantial effect on the world we live in today.

Following your intuition will make you surmount seemingly insurmountable difficulties so you will realize they could reach your full potential.

  • It will inspire you all simultaneously to go by your own unique voice instead of following the words of others blindly.

  • Listening closely to this excellent internal call for help will take you toward your ultimate goals.

  • It will prove again how important it is to recognize and listen carefully to your inner wisdom!

2. Intuition in action

We have coached and healed over 10,000 clients to tap their Inner GPS and become happy and wealthy. Professionally, many vibrant individuals are pursuing their higher purpose and following their passion as Actors, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Scientists, Investment Bankers, Management Consultants, Singers, and Life Coaches, to name a few. 

The power of intuition has been demonstrated throughout history in numerous inspiring cases. 

Here are some successful people in history who, according to me, followed their intuition and inner guidance to achieve success:

Famous Successful Personalities Who Followed Their Intution

PersonalitiesFamous For
Steve JobsThe co-founder of Apple trusted his intuition in product design, leading to iconic innovations like the iPhone and MacBook.
Albert EinsteinThe renowned physicist often emphasized the importance of intuition in his scientific discoveries.
Elon MuskThe entrepreneur and innovator trusted his intuition in pursuing ambitious ventures like SpaceX and Tesla, reshaping industries.
Thomas EdisonThe light bulb inventor relied on his intuition and relentless experimentation to make groundbreaking discoveries in electricity and technology.
Amelia EarhartThe pioneering aviator trusted her intuition and passion for flying, becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and inspiring generations of women in aviation.

These stories show you that opening your heart and mind to intuitive ideas and listening to your intuition can guide you through difficult times. These enable life-changing decisions while helping you attain your aspirations, too. 

  • So what are you waiting for?

  • What’s stopping you in life? 

Take the plunge in life to follow your intuition and move towards success and growth in life, guided by your Internal GPS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the intuition of the brain or the Brain’s Inner GPS?

The Brain's Inner GPS, a concept honored with the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the work of Dr. John M. O'Keefe, Dr. May-Britt Moser, and Dr. Edvard I. Moser, sheds light on how our brains develop a sense of place and navigation.

Intuition in the brain is a cognitive process in which our brains rely on past experiences and inner signs from the environment to make decisions fast, without you consciously registering it. It’s often referred to as having an instinctive “gut feeling” about something or someone that directs your thoughts, words, and behaviors. Primarily, it is connected to the neural pathways of your brain that function involuntarily in the present based on trails already created. 

Is intuition the same as instinct?

While they share similarities, intuition and instinct are distinct concepts. Instincts are innate, automatic behaviors or reactions often related to survival. Intuition involves a more subtle, learned, and nuanced form of knowing that draws on your experiences and energies. 

For instance, think of your intuition as a chef’s taste buds – it helps you know when the recipe of life needs a slight adjustment and your instincts as the body’s instinctive survival signals. 

Can intuition be improved or trained?

Yes, intuition can be enhanced and honed over time. Mindfulness, meditation, and self-reflection can help you become more attuned to your inner voice and better use intuitive insights. Learning from your energetic signals and seeking feedback can enhance your intuitive decision-making skills.

Can intuition be wrong? 

Intuition can be harmful or misguided, primarily influenced by biases, fears, or irrational beliefs. Cultivating self-awareness is essential to distinguish between genuine intuition and other mental processes.

Are some people naturally more intuitive than others? 

Intuitive abilities are deeply connected to your Kundalini Awakening. When your Kundalini reaches the Third Eye Chakra, you usually get evolutionary access to your intuitive intelligence. 

In that case, you may have a more pronounced natural inclination toward intuition. Most Siddhas have access to psychic powers- intuitive intelligence, Siddhis to diagnose others beyond what a human logical mind can imagine. 

Still, everyone can develop and enhance their intuitive abilities based on their individual Inner GPS through mindfulness, self-awareness, and practice.

How Can I Help You? 

You can strengthen your internal guidance system by tapping into the unique vibrations of life. 

Meditation and mindfulness exercises allow you to do just that, giving you access to intuition to make sound decisions and align with what your lives are meant for. 

  • Take a second and pay attention when your heart speaks. Remember to tap into your intuition daily.

  • Rely on this small voice from within instead of being shackled down in complacency or fearfulness. 

  • By relying on a small voice inside inner power, you will have clarity about the path ahead of you in every facet of your existence. 

  • Integrating intuitiveness daily is crucial if you wish your life to prosper because it helps you handle crises more effectively. 

Intuitive leaps lead to unforeseen solutions unknown before. 

Suppose you want to learn how to use your intuition in life or are going through a Spiritual Awakening or Kundalini Awakening. In that case, connect to us for Inner GPS Workshops– that will help you know your Inner GPS and activate your Inner GPS. 

Hope my guidance and insights added unlimited value to you. 

Through listening carefully and learning how your body reacts to specific situations, you ultimately unlock your intuitions’ strength, which enables you to unearth your true purpose in life. 

Keep exploring your intuition -Inner GPS. 

All the best! 


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