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Being Vs. Doing- IGG Practical Consciousness Secret Guide

IGG Avadhut

Being Vs. Doing IGG Practical Consciousness Secret

When people meet you, what they ask you- what’s the first question they ask you, they ask you- 

What do you do?

It means- 

“You are not a Human-Being. You are Human-Doing.” 

That means they get an opportunity to judge you based on your actions.

When you use the mind, it judges and has limited information and analytical role.

IGG Avadhut’s Powerful Explosive Awakening Teachings- Being Vs. Doing

Being Vs. Doing- IGG Practical Consciousness Secret

What is being and doing- the difference between being and doing?

Being is who you are.

Doing is what you do.

Now, why, today, more than ever, is it essential to know who you are because everyone is asking everyone- what do you do?

Nobody asks about- how are you? Or who are you? 

The most important question is- who are you?

The one who knows himself doesn’t need to know what the other person is, who the other person is, or what the other person is doing.

Suppose you feel -“the need” to ask the other person-“What do you do”?

Then understand that you suffer from an “Identity Crisis“.

It is expected and accepted both that you ask- 

  • How are you?
  • What do you do? 

Is it customary? or 

Is it as per etiquettes?

Have you ever asked anyone – 

Who are you?

Not from the perspective of profession but from the standpoint of real energy. 

Everyone is a real energy.

Consciousness, soul, spirit.

People don’t experience themselves as Consciousness, so they experience themselves as a mind-ego-collection of belief- patterns.

That’s why they also ask other people what they do.

If you say I am a software engineer, then it’s easy for them to decide:

  • How much do you earn?
  • Your bank balance 
  • Your car 
  • Your house 
  • Your stress level 
  • Your enjoyment level 
  • Your family 
  • Your network 
  • Everything else

But who you are, you are the one who is that being, and being is always in the present.

Mind is always in the past and future.

But the one, the masculine man who wants independence and freedom gets irritated.

Being Vs. Doing- IGG Practical Consciousness Secret Revealed

Being Vs. Doing IGG Practical Consciousness Secret

Being Vs. Doing- IGG Practical Consciousness Secret

The real question you should ask yourself is – 

Who am I? 

Beyond any role, Beyond any form-matter. 

The things that I own are beyond anything, which is form.

For Example

Ask yourself if you are a software engineer professionally- 

Do you feel like a software engineer when you visit a washroom while sleeping? or

Do you feel like a software engineer? or 

Do you feel yourself “an energy”?

A software engineer has the responsibility of the body to go to the washroom, or you as an energy do that. 

It’s the same about eating food.

While eating food, pay attention to your feelings if you are alone.

If you are eating a sandwich, do you really feel that:

A software engineer is eating a sandwich or 

A rich man is eating a sandwich or 

You really feel that you are the energy that is feeding the body.

Next time you eat anything, pay attention to what you are feeling. 

The key word is Feeling—if you can feel this, I guarantee it will be a realization that changes you.

Soon, you will see that doing anything is not enough —you will see yourself as just an energy. At the same time, you can play roles in family, society, and business.

For example

If you’re a businessman, you need to play that role in the transaction, but deep inside, you should know who you are.

Deep inside, if you know who you are, that means 

“You are that Energy, Consciousness- Spirit.”

Then life will be easier. 

You can live a simple, strong, powerful life based on energy.

As long as you live a life of energy, you will feel that things are easy because the weight of being someone or doing something is automatically lifted off.” 

-IGG Avadhut

What you feel- you need to express.

Do you feel you are a father, mother, or sister? 

You don’t feel that.

That is in your mind.

Mind-made patterns and mindmade identity are taking a toll on your health.

Your mind is taking lots of your Consciousness- the energy of Consciousness.

You can be in the role when it is required.

For example

If you are a husband and discussing something with your wife, if it is required to play the role, play that role.

But once that transaction and communication are complete, immediately come out of that role and be yourself.

Being yourself means being that Consciousness- be that energy immediately.

Think about it when you go outside:

  • Are you your name?
  • Are you your personality?
  • Are you your profession?

No, you are not.

You are just an energy that goes out, does the work, and returns.

If you feel anything beyond that—if you consider yourself a software engineer and transact with the world—it means you are filled with misery.

You are still a human being- small ego.

You can never be the unlimited Consciousness that can do anything.

When do you get happiness?

You get mental peace only when you are Consciousness.

Once you do that, things will be easier.

Next time if someone asks you- what do you do then ask him back- 

What is it regarding?

Because what you do depends.

Many things you do.

The answer should not be that which comes from mental patterns- 

“I’m a software engineer.” 

“I’m a businessman.”

“I’m a content creator.”


Are you “a content creator”?

Are you “that small role”? or 

Are you beyond that unlimited, which flows all the time?

Your role in society is just, I would say, not even 1%; you have unlimited potential.

So wake up! 

When the Awakening happens, you understand that:

  • Whatever people are telling you, that’s not reality. 
  • Whatever your mind is telling you, that’s not the reality. 

What is the reality?

Sit in meditation 

Start witnessing your roles 

Start witnessing your thoughts 

Start witnessing everything around you and 

You will feel that you are always detached- always one with yourself! 

Doing is what you do all the time. 

Being is who you are. 

Why are people interested in what you do?


Because they have a certain self-interest. 

If they know that you are someone, let’s say you are a businessman, then they want to make a transaction with you.

People are constantly marketing, or you are marketing yourself, which is your role.

You are marketing “your role.”

Is it necessary?

Once you know your Inner GPS, you don’t need to market yourself. 

You don’t need always to tell people -Who are you?

Because that actually makes you contracted. 

Why is that ego fulfilment required? 

If someone tells you that he is a businessman or you tell the other people you are a businessman- what happens exactly?

You are actually strengthening the ego. 

So next time someone asks you- 

What do you do?

Ask him- 

  • What is it regarding?
  • Why are you asking this question?

Don’t answer mental patterns.

Because you are many things, you do many things.


You live life- you are that life! 

Ask the person back, and do not take anyone seriously.

Whoever is asking you this question- 

What do you do?

Take that person for granted.

That person has an ego and is not mature.

That person doesn’t have any role to play in your life.

So tell the person who is asking the question, say to the person that:

“I am living life. I live life, and then I see the expression on that person’s face.”

Because you have broken the mental pattern of that person. 

This is very much required. 

Take this liberty and start working in your life.

You will get freedom in life from today onwards.

Do it for 30 days and tell me what you feel about it.

The action will solve your problem of- Being Vs. doing- Who are You? Vs. What Do You Do?

So next time, build this habit. 

If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section.

The right questions will be approved and answered. 

With this, I wish you all the best. 

Have a great day!


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