Kundalini Awakening and Shaktipat Workshop in Bangalore, India

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini and Shaktipat Workshop in Bangalore (India)

Kundalini and Shaktipat Workshop in Bangalore (India) Announcement!

Hello Students, Here’s an announcement: We (Team IGG) have been in Bangalore, India for some time. Email us to know the details like date, time, place, and fees. To book the session, Email: team@innergpsgurus.com Here’s the complete video on Kundalini Awakening and Shaktipat Workshop:

Stages of Kundalini Awakening

10 Stages of Kundalini Awakening to Moksha – The Best Guide

Are you experiencing the confusing stage of the Kundalini Awakening journey? In this guide, I have shared my realizations, and you will learn to explore the challenges that arise during Kundalini Awakening. Kundalini Awakening is a transformative process that clears Karmas and brings about profound changes in your physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects.  However, this process can accompany various difficulties and hardships that must be navigated with care and understanding.  This guide will add value to you regarding ...

Being Vs. Doing IGG Practical Consciousness Secret

Being Vs. Doing- IGG Practical Consciousness Secret Guide

When people meet you, what they ask you- what’s the first question they ask you, they ask you-  What do you do? It means-  “You are not a Human-Being. You are Human-Doing.”  That means they get an opportunity to judge you based on your actions. When you use the mind, it judges and has limited information and analytical role. IGG Avadhut’s Powerful Explosive Awakening Teachings- Being Vs. Doing Being Vs. Doing- IGG Practical Consciousness Secret What is being and doing- ...

The Reality of Indian Professionals

The Reality of Indian Professionals -Save Yourself Guide!

What is wrong with Indian doctors, yoga therapists, and health professionals? In my experience, after meeting 500+ yoga therapists, doctors, and health professionals, I can say that they underdiagnosed you. The reason is that they need to be equipped with the depth of cases in their experience. They are not seasoned ones.  You can also say that they are not professionals. They have yet to work on themselves. “They have not worked on themselves” means that after every case, they ...

Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms- The Best Guide

Are you constantly struggling in decision-making, whether to listen to your heart or mind? In this guide, you will learn about Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra symptoms. Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms Suppose you are on your Kundalini Awakening journey, and you are at Third Eye Chakra, and then there will be blockages in terms of thinking versus feeling. That struggle will always be there. If that Chakra is blocked, you will mostly think you cannot take any action ...

Kundalini Awakening and Happy Hormones

Kundalini awakening or spiritual awakening journey is the darkest phase of human evolution. The “Dark Night of the Soul” is nothing but the Kundalini Awakening phase where you are sad and lost. You are in constant stress due to the high intensity of Kundalini energy moving across your energy channels, that also puts pressure on your nervous system. Your brain perceives the electrified energy movements as a danger and it activates the fight, flight and freeze mode. In this mode, ...

Kundalini Awakening Combustion - Prana Vs Apana

Kundalini Awakening Combustion – Prana Vs Apana Secrets

Are you tired of the health issues and sufferings during your Spiritual Awakening or Kundalini Awakening journey?  Suppose you are going through the Kundalini Awakening and are already experiencing the suffering of your physical health. In that case, I assure you that this is the best guide for you.  In this guide, I will share with you the deepest secrets of the Prana combustion process that leads to the accumulation of Apana, which you will not find anywhere else.  This ...

How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Lasts?

How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Last?

Before you meet a Guru, your resistance happens primarily due to the following question: How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Last? When you take Shaktipat from your Guru, the intensity of its impact may last from a few hours to a few days or months or years. How much the intensity of Shaktipat lasts depends on your receptivity and the power of Shakti transmitted from your Guru. Analogy You are standing in front of the Gangotri Glacier with an ...

Kundalini Awakening Nice Guys and Relationships

Kundalini Awakening Nice Guys and Relationships: Power Guide

Are you a ‘Nice Guy’ suffering due to relationships in the Kundalini journey? As a nice guy, you must be feeling crushed in relationships when the powerful force within, the Kundalini, starts awakening in you.  In this guide, I will help you explore the dynamics of managing attention, embracing your true power, and honoring the guidance of Kundalini awakening at different stages in managing relationships. Read the guide attentively to navigate your transformative path together. Kundalini Awakening Nice Guys and ...

IGG Freedom Model Part 4 Remote Work AI : The Best Guide

Have you been searching for a solution to your roller coaster exposure to the AI world?  After deciding on your new exploration into the unknown—the Work-from-Anywhere life choice—the next level of challenge that you face is to keep yourself updated with AI skills.  As the world of technology races forward, it’s becoming more difficult to keep track of AI skills, which also means the value of understanding how AI can be used in a typical work environment is increasing. Therefore, ...