What Is Consciousness? The Most Radical Guide

IGG Sanju

What Is Consciousness

Consciousness is who you are. Consciousness is the invisible perceiver, awareness, and witness. 

Though you are witnessing presence as consciousness, you experience life from the perspective of your limited mental conditioning and beliefs. You have to unlearn everything to learn the truth of who you are.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is consciousness?
  • What is human consciousness?
  • How does human consciousness emerge?
  • How can you experientially understand the existence of conscious awareness in you?

You will also get answers to the many questions in your mind about consciousness and the clarity of your confusion. 

You can take my further help to clear confusion in your mind about how you operate as consciousness through this body-mind-spirit(energy) complex as a human being through personal coaching. 

In the western world, the approach to knowing consciousness is more scientific. 

In the eastern world, the approach is more spiritual. My approach to understanding consciousness is realistic, energetic, and experiential. Truth is real and universal.

 You may be unaware of your consciousness because it is not the subject of study in the prime curriculum in the physical world. 

With the evolution of consciousness and awareness about consciousness in the present time, human beings are becoming more interested to know how consciousness emerges and evolves.

I have taken an effort to make you understand your energetic reality as an individual consciousness because you are closely related to total consciousness or the universal field of consciousness. 

What Is Consciousness?

What Is Consciousness?

Meaning of Consciousness:

Consciousness is the one who is reading this article right now.

  • Consciousness is the ever-present perceiver of everything happening or not happening in this universe.
  • Consciousness means you are fully present with all your awareness at this moment, and you are here and now.
  • The ultimate truth about this life is that everything is consciousness. This entire existence is consciousness.
  • Consciousness is the widest field of awareness you cannot imagine with your limited mind.
  • The infinite potential energy lies at the center of the universe and expands from there infinitely.
  • Consciousness is present in formless, this blankness which I am expressing to you.
  • It is the spaciousness of the universe that you cannot feel with your naked eyes or five senses. It is the consciousness that makes these five senses alive within you.
  • What you know about this world or this existence is through your mind, which operates in space, distance, and time- Consciousness is beyond all this.
  • Consciousness was present before the beginning of time and will be present after the end.

Understanding Consciousness:

What Is Consciousness?

What Is Consciousness?

Different theories of consciousness have explained consciousness in different contexts. In this article, you will get clarity on how you are experiencing your human reality as the condensed form of the absolute energetic truth as you exist as consciousness.

Philosophical discussions cannot make you understand and experience the conscious perception of your conscious state. Major theories of consciousness have tried to objectify conscious experiences as the product of the brain. 

Consciousness is not something produced by the brain. It is the presence of consciousness that enlivens everything.

You are the wave in the ocean, and at the same time, you are the ocean. Your subjective experience as consciousness emerges when you understand that you are a unique creation different from other animals. 

You consciously perceive sensory data through your conscious mind.

What Is Consciousness in Simple Words?

I explain consciousness most simply- The quality of being aware of your true absolute energetic reality is consciousness.

How consciousness creates phenomenal consciousness externally depends on human brains and brain science. Each consciousness experience created externally manifests the subtle energy in the world of forms- matter. 

Your life is nothing but the conscious content manifestation of your energetic consciousness.

What Is Human Consciousness?

Human consciousness is the result of the evolutionary journey of the energy in the universe, assuming different forms as it travels. The transformation of energy from its subtlest formless existence to the gross form- of human beings has given birth to human consciousness.

The emergent quality of the human form has resulted in conscious events inviting scientific study to delve deep into its origin.

A vast majority of studies on consciousness depend on observing conscious experiences as you live life. How consciousness operates in human beings is inquisitive because conscious experiences always evolve.

Each conscious experience is unique and qualitatively better than the previous conscious experiences. The very act of self-awareness differentiates human beings from other animals.

As a human consciousness, your subjective experience differs from the objective world. The physical world results from the mental states produced by your brain’s imagination. 

Your conscious states of self-awareness determine the quality of conscious experiences you create as a human being.

How Does Human Consciousness Emerge?

Human consciousness emerges in the form of individual consciousness. You, as a human being, appear as exhibiting physical processes. Still, you are in the energetic realm, a formless conscious awareness expressed as a human form.

1. Individual Consciousness:

Individual consciousness is the consciousness in you, in me, and everyone in every form.

Individual consciousness assumes a definite shape, or it assumes a definite form which you see in different individuals in different forms through conscious experience.

2. Consciousness- Existence:  

Suppose you talk about consciousness present in nature. In that case, existential consciousness is present in the water, flowing water, the rocks, the air around you, the mountains, the trees, and everywhere.

Specifically, to understand consciousness with your available knowledge, I will structure it in this way:

  • Consciousness is only existential consciousness when present in inanimate objects like rocks, trees, and plants.

3. Consciousness- Existence, and Bliss: 

Consciousness is living forms like animals – dogs, cats, cows, and other wild and domestic animals, which we know are present in the form of existence and bliss.

Consciousness is a living form, except human beings do the instinctive functions primarily, and the energy experienced by them is in the form of bliss.

4. Consciousness- Existence and Bliss- Love, Peace, and Joy and conscious about self:

When it comes to human form, then the element of love. Existence, bliss- love, peace, and joy signify what you are. The only human form has the potential to know about itself as consciousness through effort. 

Because you are born as an ignorant individual who has forgotten who he was before the beginning. 

You do not exist only as consciousness in this body.

In the spiritual context, the ancient sages describe the nature of Consciousness as Sat (Existence)- Chit (Consciousness)- Ananda (Bliss).

Your existence as an individual combines body, mind, and spirit (pure energy).

  • The body is your physical existence. 
  • Mind is your mental existence. 
  • Spirit is your energetic or spiritual existence. 

The more you get closer to your center, you experience yourself as a spirit (energy).

what is consciousness

What is consciousness made of?

Consciousness is invisible energy, but when it manifests in gross reality, we experience consciousness as perceptions, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Consciousness assumes different expressions and performs uniquely at each level of expression. Consciousness is made of :

  • Perceptions in the awareness sense (spirit)
  • Feelings in the energetic sense (spirit)
  • Thoughts in the mental sense (mind)
  • Emotions in the psychological sense (mind-body)
  • Sensations in the physical sense (body)

Why are humans aware of themselves?

Human beings are the only creatures in this universe aware of themselves. 

Consciousness in human beings is power because the quality of consciousness in human beings to be aware of themselves is a unique gift to the human species. 

Self-awareness in human beings means that you can know your true identity as consciousness. 

Apart from human beings, other creatures do not possess the power to know who they are. In other words, they are not aware of themselves as consciousness. 

How are you as a consciousness? 

  • You are the truth.
  • You are the presence.
  • You are here and now. 
  • You are intelligent. 
  • You operate only in the present.

Where did consciousness come from?

Consciousness exists beyond infinity and will exist beyond infinity. The origin of consciousness cannot be traced because consciousness is not a form that evolved from the formless. 

Consciousness is the formless, invisible energy source that exists everywhere before anything else comes into manifestation. 


You do not see water evaporating in the sky from the ocean. You see the formation of clouds in the sky. You also experience snowfall and the formation of glaciers in the mountains. The glaciers melt, the river flows from the mountains towards the plain, and finally, the river merges with the ocean. The water cycle continues seamlessly. 

In the entire process, you do not see the presence of energy that is the core of existence. Water is the condensed form of energy, and the water cycle is the transformation of energy from one form to another. 

Consciousness (energy), when condensed into matter, gives birth to the cosmos, galaxies, stars, the milky way, the sun, planets, satellites, and everything that we can perceive with our consciousness in this existence.

As a human being, you are a condensed form of formless energy, and to know about yourself as consciousness is the prime purpose of your birth in the human form.

What is the universal field of consciousness?

The universal field of consciousness is an all-encompassing and all-pervasive field of pure consciousness. This universal field of consciousness is the prime and total cause of all physical phenomena and manifestations. It includes within itself all individual human consciousnesses.


  • The universal field of consciousness is the ocean. Individual consciousness is the wave in the ocean. The ocean and each wave are made from the same component- water.
  • The universal field of consciousness is gold. Individual consciousness is the gold ornament. A gold ornament appears as an ornament but is made of the same metal gold.
  • The universal field of consciousness is carbon. Individual consciousness is the diamond or the coal made from the same element, carbon. 

The universal field of consciousness is the wide energy field in existence. When it is condensed or transformed to a definite form, it displays the specific function of the form.

For example:

The electricity produced by the powerhouse flows through different gadgets or instruments, and the function of electricity is displayed based on the function of each gadget. A bulb, a fan, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a geyser, a vacuum cleaner, or a laptop perform unique functions with the same electricity flowing through them.

Universal consciousness is the electricity flowing in different individual creations (gadgets). 

Is the consciousness in everyone 100% active?

The answer is -“No.” 

Everyone is operating at different levels of consciousness.

The highest potential of a human being is to reach 100% of consciousness. 

Consciousness is the highest level of intelligence existing in this universe. The individual consciousness can access this intelligence through the power of attention. 

It varies from individual to individual how much consciousness is present in them. 

Accordingly, they display their behavior based on their level of consciousness.

What are the four states of consciousness?

The way you experience consciousness differs throughout your living reality. Consciousness exists in four different states:

1. Waking state:

From the moment you open your eyes and experience your physical reality, your consciousness is waking, and your mind is outward-driven. In the waking state, your mind-body-spirit( energy) is in the functional state, giving you the human experience of voluntary actions.

2. Dreaming state:

When your body is at rest, your voluntary physical functions stop, your mind is inward-driven, and you experience consciousness as a dream when your mind-spirit( energy) functions.

3. Deep sleep state:

In your deep sleep, your body- mind goes to complete rest, and your spirit ( energy) absorbs itself into the center. The complete experience of deep sleep happens to you because the body- mind- spirit are all at rest. Energy is at rest means your body and mind do not voluntarily consume the energy of consciousness. The involuntary automatic functions of your human life continue even in a deep sleep state.

4. Turiya state:

Turiya is the fourth state of consciousness, the state in which you go beyond your three states of consciousness- waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. Turiya is the state of enlightenment when you know yourself as the consciousness which is aware of yourself permanently, and you experience absolute reality. You have reached the state of Moksha (ultimate liberation from the illusion). 

In everyday life, you do not know what Turiya is, though your consciousness reaches this state at the peak of deep sleep and before you wake up.

How do you interact with people on different levels of consciousness?

Sometimes when you come across people who do not understand how you live or do things, understand that their consciousness level differs from yours.

This understanding will free you.

They will expect less from you; naturally, you will feel happiness independent of them.

How does consciousness uplift and expand you? 

When you are high in consciousness, you feel lighter, divine, expanded, and uplifted. 

  • You are connected to this universe, and life becomes a flow.
  • I guide you from higher dimensions of consciousness beyond the three dimensions of the mind.
  • For the first time, you will know that there is much beyond your limited knowledge.
  • The existence, your existence, and the existence around you are not operating how you know this world.
  • You know how people around you operate based on their level of consciousness.

How can you experientially understand the existence of conscious awareness in you?

What Is Consciousness?

1. Power of Consciousness- Your attention: 

The attention which you are experiencing right now is the power of consciousness. This attention is your power.

  • With the power of attention, you can transform yourself.
  • You can transform your life. You can change everything you want to change intentionally because this attention is everything.
  • While reading this article, if you are attentive, you will suddenly find the connection to the energies of consciousness in you.

2. Conscious Experience – Illustrative steps to experience yourself as consciousness:  

Step 1:

You can focus your attention internally by closing your eyes in the space between two eyes.

Step 2:

After focusing on this point, say point B, you will connect to this energy.

Step 3:

Suddenly, you will feel a tingling between your two eyes, point B. 

Why are you feeling the tingling sensations?

You are feeling the tingling sensations because you are getting connected to your consciousness as energy.

Step 4:

Focusing more, you will find a center behind your eyes, somewhere in the center of your head region, or physically the invisible space where your brain is located. 

This center is the center of individual consciousness operating in you. It’s an invisible point of reference, let’s say point A.

Step 5:

Once you locate point A, it will be easier to understand how you operate as the witnessing consciousness through this physical form.

So do not miss this opportunity.

Step 6:

If you did not get what I said in this article, then read the article again.

Step 7:

This time, stay away from everything distracting you.

Step 8:

Start from the very beginning with step 1 and connect to your energies. 

What do you experience?

Suddenly, you will experience a shift in your energy, bringing you close to yourself.

For the first time, a question will arise-

Do I know anything about myself?

That is the real question.

And that question is the question of inquiry within yourself.

What you know is very limited. You do not know at all.

Getting the Answers:

When you ask the above question, the answer begins coming to you through different modes.

  • You will start connecting to all the resources discussing consciousness through different media.
  • You will start meeting people who are talking about consciousness. You will learn about consciousness while living life in consciousness.
  • Suddenly, you will see a different world where the people of this club are conscious and living a much more abundant life and more productive way.

Does the human brain create consciousness?

You are consciousness operating in the human body, and your human brain is the instrument through which consciousness expresses itself as a human being.

Apart from the instinctive functions performed by your brain like other non-human animals, your brain operates as an intelligence directly from the source, the consciousness.

At the center of your existence, you exist as consciousness and use your brain to function as a human being. 

Your brain functions uniquely for you based on your evolutionary journey and level of consciousness. 

  • Your brain activity is based on your individual life and your challenges.
  • Your brain not only performs the physical mechanisms of a human species but also acts in the present to follow your instructions as consciousness. 
  • When you do not guide your brain to function intelligently in the present, it begins operating in patterns or neural mechanisms already created by your mental states.

Can consciousness be created artificially? 

You cannot create consciousness artificially; therefore, artificial intelligence is a derivative of human consciousness.

Artificial intelligence is an extension of the information processing of the human brain regions.

You cannot create the creator. Consciousness is the creator and the source behind all creations in existence. Artificial intelligence manifests the universe’s intelligence with the help of science and technology.  

Science and technology are the manifestations of universal intelligence. Everything in this world created by human beings is an extension of the universal intelligence manifested as matter. 

How do highly conscious people live? 

Highly conscious people are the wealthiest in this world

  • All they have is their consciousness.
  • They are not wearing any specific clothes or driving any specific car so that you can identify them. To identify them, you need a special kind of perceiver in you.
  • They are not available to you on social media in a way celebrities or any other person are available or reach you through publicity.
  • They’re very much available and live their lives most beautifully.
  • They have all the secrets of living this life beautifully.

How can you get connected to highly conscious people?

If you have the quest to connect to them, you automatically get connected.

But this is a very challenging journey. It is not as simple as enrolling in a course, taking an examination, and passing out. It involves your total investment of time, money, and energy to know who you are.

  • Why do you need to know – Who are you? 
  • Are you a body, a mind, a consciousness, or a combination of all? 

Don’t you want to know? 

Only by knowing yourself can you operate happily in this world permanently. 

What is the consciousness of the mind?

Mind as an identity is unconscious but when you, with the power of your attention, direct the mind to a specific task or object, your mind, for a certain moment, assumes your quality of consciousness.

Your conscious mind comprises all the things you are presently aware of and are thinking about intentionally. It is similar to short-term memory and is limited in capacity because becoming conscious is not natural to your mind. 

The moment you withdraw your attention, your mind comes back to its original state of unconscious patterns. You, the consciousness, make possible your awareness of yourself and the world around you with your instrument – the conscious mind.

1. Understanding the mind: 

I will give you a brief mind outline to make you understand what consciousness is.

Mind is the unconscious form, and consciousness is the conscious formless.

Both exist together at different levels.

And the more you have consciousness, the more peace, the more joy, the more bliss, the more happiness you feel, and life becomes a flow rather than a hurdle.

When you are too much in mind, you feel heavy, lost, and dense because of the energy.

2. Preparation of the mind to understand consciousness: 

In the introduction, I have explained an overview of what consciousness is. However, to understand it deeply, you need a definite mind preparation.

It is a very structured approach to understanding consciousness. It is a step-by-step approach.

You cannot understand consciousness in just five minutes or ten minutes of reading this article. 

It is an experiential journey that begins from the level of consciousness you are at right now to reaching the highest level of consciousness.

100% of consciousness.

So you can ask me questions regarding consciousness.

You can connect to me to have one-on-one coaching where I can address your question by reading you at your level of consciousness or making you understand from your energy level by reading your GPS.

Because what you want is unique to you, and it is unique to each individual.

Any general guidance from me about consciousness or the truth will only mislead you and confuse you more.

You, the consciousness, are the truth of the universe, which I will share with you.

Remain connected to me, ask me questions as much as you want to know, and I will be here to guide you all through, addressing all your questions by reading your inner GPS.

Trust me, with each interaction, you will go ahead in your evolutionary journey as a consciousness, from a lower to a higher level.

How do you achieve consciousness?

You are consciousness, manifested as a human being. You can achieve something which is outside of you. You cannot achieve what you already are. What you already are but have forgotten, you have to realize.

You can experience yourself as consciousness by coming closer to reality and following a conscious approach to living life. 

The more you experience life as consciousness and drop the illusions created by your mind, the more you will reach your home- your center- the consciousness.

Do you believe everyone who reaches a higher state of consciousness will reach “higher levels” in the world as well?

The question is profound because the secret to this world lies in this question.

There are too many beliefs around every TRUTH which is veiling the truth from being expressed by itself.

I don’t believe in anything. Beliefs are the root reason for every conditioning in the mind. I only know the truth and I speak the TRUTH.

Everyone who reaches a higher state of Consciousness is in a better position to reach “higher levels” in the world as well.

The biggest belief is that if you are wealthy in Consciousness, you cannot be rich materialistically.

This is because spirituality is misused and misinterpreted.

Realising that you are Consciousness and everything emerges from you puts you in a better position to understand everything operating in this world.

You are Conscious enough to use your Consciousness practically by focusing on the areas which make you wealthy.

For example:

If you are conscious, you will engage yourself in areas or profession which makes you wealthy and invest that amount in a sensible way.

All the useless and unconscious activities from your life will be deleted with your conscious choice.

The first transformation which happens with “higher consciousness” is the change in perspective with which you look at the world.

There is nothing wrong in earning more money and being financially sound. Only a king can gift others. Remember this.

“You cannot pour from an empty vessel.”

You cannot be wealthy if you are not wealthy enough in Consciousness.

Only the Conscious Being can create a more conscious culture of earning money and building wealth. Power in worldly matters is not the result of being materialistic.

In fact Consciousness is the Secret of that Power in this World.

How can you facilitate your journey towards knowing yourself as a consciousness? 

Certain highly energetic places on the earth where you feel the oneness with the universal energies. 

The energies of the Himalayas are very supportive, and it aids the journey of anyone who wants to go ahead in this journey.

It is a very different journey that separates you from your mind.

I conduct many activities in personal one-on-one coaching with you to show you the experiential difference between mind and consciousness.

I will let you know more about this in future articles or in the coming coaching, which you may take where I will address your more specific questions related to you, your life, your health, wealth, and your relationship.


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