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Why Is Gratitude Important? The Best Kundalini Healing Guide

IGG Sanju

Why Is Gratitude Important?

Gratitude is one of the most potent energies that transforms you.

I have written this guide for you if you have the following burning issues: 

  1.  Are you a seeker of powerful Kundalini healing energies?
  2.  Are you tired of your Kundalini Awakening exhaustion symptoms? 
  3.  Do you find being in the negative loop of cosmic energy downloads overwhelming?

Let us explore the importance of Gratitude Energy, which has the power to do miracles for you in energetic ways.

Why Is Gratitude Important? Exploring the Benefits

I am often asked this question:

Why is Gratitude important?

The direct answer is: 

Gratitude is one of the most positive energies that you experience as a human being. Gratitude Energy is highly vibrating; its frequency is so great that it travels in the Universal Energy field.

For example:

If you want to feel Gratitude or pay Gratitude towards someone and in your heart, if you bring that feeling of Gratitude, the Energy of Gratitude will reach that person, even if that person is miles away.

If you do not believe it, then apply it.

How Does Gratitude Energy Travel in the Universe?

Gratitude Energy travels in the universe because the entire universe you experience is nothing but a field of Energy.

Different Energy frequencies and vibrations are the reality of this universe.

Everything is connected.

Everything is Energy.

Whatever Energy you feel is transmitted from you and radiated in the universe through you.

You live on Earth at a particular place, but the Energy of Gratitude can reach miles and lives.

Why Is Gratitude important? Power of Gratitude Energy

The power of Gratitude Energy is immense. The benefits or importance of Gratitude Energy are:

1. Self-healing through Gratitude Energy

 Its importance lies in the fact that the power of Gratitude Energy is self-healing.

 The healing power of Gratitude Energy can help you be free from diseases.

 If you are suffering in your life due to any problem related to your 

  • physical health 
  • emotional health 
  • mental health or 
  • spiritual health 

Just create the feeling of Gratitude towards everything for which you are grateful this life is given to you so you can live in abundance.

When you pay Gratitude towards the blessings in your life, you attract abundance.

You do not need anything to create this feeling of Gratitude; just surrender to Kundalini Energy and try to develop a sense of appreciation for all the good things in your life.

Gradually, you will start healing from all the diseases and suffering.

The most crucial power of Gratitude Energy is to heal, nourish, and make you happy with the abundance of joy and peace of life.

Kundalini is the life force in you, the highest vibration Energy, and that highly vibrating Energy is because of the:

  • Gratitude Energy 
  • Love Energy 
  • The Energy of Peace 
  • The Energy of Bliss 
  • The Energy of joy

Which emanates from the core of your spirit to make you feel that this life is valuable and create something meaningful from this life that is given to you as a gift from the universe.

2. Healing others through Gratitude Energy

The second significant power of Gratitude Energy is to heal others.

How can you heal others?

Step 1: The first step is to heal yourself. Once you heal yourself and are empowered, you automatically radiate higher and with the highest force of Love Energy.

Step 2: The second step is to heal others with that Energy.


It is straightforward to understand the way if you have money power.

If you have financial wealth and after fulfilling your requirements, you need to help others with that money and Energy.

So that you attract abundance and a sense of service towards others and people 

So when you are filled with Gratitude Energy, you are filled with the power of the universal force of nature.

You need to heal others if you have an abundance of Gratitude Energy to create a positive and beautiful environment around you.

Do I need to be a professional healer to heal through Gratitude Energy?

You don’t need to be a professional healer or doctor to heal others.

You, as an individual, can heal your:

  • family members 
  • spouse 
  • children 
  • parents 
  • siblings 
  • friends 
  • relatives 
  • colleagues or 
  • anyone who is part of your life’s ecosystem 

Why do that?

Healing others through Gratitude Energy is the human Godly nature of helping and healing others to create a positive, livable environment.

If there is no one in your life, then start healing dogs, animals and attract strangers(through your Gratitude Energy), who are waiting for your energy to heal.

Powerful Kundalini Healing in a Cow

How Can I Become a Professional Healer?

When you want to broaden your horizon, then you can heal other people on this planet through Professional Services:

  • If you want to learn how to heal others, I will guide you to become a professional healer by reading the inner GPS of other people. 
  • You can help them with their diseases and other issues the way you were facing.
  • Your Inner GPS signals the power of Gratitude Energy.
  • When you learn to listen to your inner GPS, you will know when you feel Gratitude towards something as you leave life.

It could be the most straightforward act of getting help from a stranger on the road or a helper in any form of your daily life.

If you want more clarity, you can connect with me and learn how to heal yourself through the Energy of Gratitude.

Success Story of Online Powerful Online Shaktipat from IGG Sanju

Here is the success story of my powerful healing transformative energy:

How Can I Help You?

So, if you want to feel abundant, wealthy, and healthy from your stuckness, diseases, and blocked energies due to your lower energies, you can connect to me.

There are many applications of energetic healing, and you can help others, heal from their suffering, and bounce back in life.

When you understand the applications well, you are eligible to be a “Professional Energy Holder.” 

Wherever you are in your Kundalini Awakening journey, a potential future career as an expression of your power helps.

I will help you heal yourself from the power of Gratitude Energy; once you do that, you can help others, too.

For more insights and clarity on learning the art of healing through Gratitude Energy, you can contact me for personal coaching. I will guide you in the same way.


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