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What Is Kundalini? The Best Guide to Understand Kundalini

IGG Sanju

Kundalini is the Universal Divine Shakti Energy that is the power behind all the movements in this universe. Kundalini is referred as the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine in human beings, in the Root Chakra.

In this guide, I will enlighten you about all the deeper truths about Kundalini and will demystify all that has been your seeking till now.

What Is Kundalini?


I will explain Kundalini to you in the context of: 

  • how it exists in the universe and 
  • how it is concentrated in a human being 

1. Kundalini in the Universe 

When we talk about the universe, Kundalini is the ever present source of energy.

  • All the movements, all the actions,  all the dynamic functions of the energy is Kundalini.
  • The flowing water in the nature around, the blooming of flowers, the passing of wind, 
  • the existence of the energy itself is Kundalini

2. Kundalini in human beings

When you experience Kundalini energy in a human being then it is related to:

How to Understand Kundalini?

what is kundalini

To understand Kundalini, you need to understand 

  • How the life force in you- consciousness, the intake of breath, the awareness, the presence of all the five elements exists in you and
  • How they combine together to function as a unit called human beings.

You cannot experience Kundalini separately out of yourself.

  • The energy which you feel 
  • The life force which you feel is that part of the divine Shakti energy functioning in you, which is why you are here.

Origin of Kundalini

The origin of Kundalini – the origin of Shakti energy is since the beginning of time or since the beginning of this universe itself.

  • Whether it is a small organism
  • or the most evolved organism that is human being, you all are expressions of Kundalini.

How Does Kundalini Express Itself? 

All the forms are manifestations of the Kundalini in different ways.

  • The way animals express themselves or 
  • The way human beings express themselves, whether it is creating some sound or speaking some language or expressing as a human being by making use of all the five senses, is the expression of Kundalini.

IGG Secret Dimension of Kundalini 

I am expressing to you a very profound and new dimension of this Kundalini.

  • Kundalini exists everywhere.
  • The only difference is that no one is aware of this energy in its true sense
  • It is the truth of your existence.

Consciousness and Kundalini – Relation 

When you want to know about Kundalini, you must understand the other aspect of the same energy that is the Consciousness.

  • Consciousness is the Shiva element of the universe and 
  • Kundalini is the Shakti element of the universe 

To know more about Consciousness you can refer to my guide on: 

Where Is Kundalini Shakti Energy in Human Beings Located? 

Kundalini is the free flowing energy which is the source of this Universal source of infinite energy.

  • It lies dormant in you in the form of a condensed source of energy in the root of your spine.
  • In Indian scriptures, it is called Chakra in English. It is called Root Chakra( Muladhara Chakra) . 

Functions of Kundalini

Here I am addressing to you what the Shakti energy represents and how it functions in the evolution of your human self.

Kundalini lies dormant in the Root Chakra and it supplies energy for all the vital functions of our life on this planet by expressing it in different ways.

This is common for all human beings in their daily functions as a human being.

Stages of Kundalini Existence


There are different stages of Kundalini.

1. Dormant Kundalini 

In some individuals the Kundalini is dormant.

Most of the people in this world have dormant Kundalini where Kundalini supplies energy for only the basic functions of life.

  • To conduct all the normal function of a species the homo sapiens and 
  • Then basic functions like sleeping, eating, drinking, removing toxins, having reproduction and taking the pleasures of this existence itself.

2. Moving Kundalini 

In some individuals, it is in the form of moving Kundalini and that movement keeps on happening gradually throughout their life without much disturbance and performing similar functions like dormant Kundalini. Only difference is that moving Kundalini keeps progressing and evolving to higher Chakras

3. Awakened Kundalini

In some individuals, it is in a very drastic and dynamic form which I have covered under Kundalini Awakening.

In the Kundalini Awakening topic, I have shared in detail the insights separately that you can refer to after reading this guide. 

Benefits of Being Aware About Kundalini 

When you know that everything which is happening in you is for a reason, 

  • You want to discover what the truth is and 
  • how it functions so that you can come out of your limited mental reality and start diving deep in yourself.
  • To know how the Kundalini functions in you.

Kundalini Awakening – the Reason

If you are having some diseases and you are unable to locate what are the reasons in the medical field about that disease and you do not get any answer,

Kundalini – the Deep Reality different from Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is a deep topic and it is not to be understood from what is related to Kundalini Yoga alone.

Kundalini Yoga is totally a different phenomenon. 

I am speaking about Kundalini working in you in and every individual 24×7.

  • From the moment you take birth till you are alive in this body it functions in you.
  • Kundalini gives you the form, to work for you as a free expression. 
  • After your death this energy leaves your body and it merges with the universe and becomes part of the universal energy from where it has originally come.

How to Feel Kundalini Energy? 

Himalayas – Kundalini

If you want to understand and experience Kundalini then the best way is to meditate in places which are having high energy, Energy Vortexes especially a place like the Himalayas, where I am sitting in the video above. 

You can find the natural expression of the Kundalini energy there:

  • The listening of the sound of nature
  • The knowing when you listen carefully for hours this sound of nature
  • The sound of water

You will get connected to your sound of movement of Kundalini energy in your energy channels. 

It is called the internal sound of the universe and that you will get acquainted with when you go deep into yourself in meditation.

You will know that this sound resonates with the sound of Om.  

This Om is you when you go deep into your core, at the center lies the dormant force of the universe in the form of consciousness.

You as a human being is a balance of both Consciousness and Kundalini.

What’s Kundalini’s Purpose? 

The purpose of this Kundalini in a human form is to merge with the Consciousness at the Crown Chakra at the end of evolution.

After that this Kundalini energy leaves your human system and merges with the universal Kundalini.

Kundalini And Prana 

There are multi-dimensional aspects of understanding Kundalini.

One is from the Pranic perspective.

All the Prana and the Pranic energy existing in nature and in this universe which is the prime factor for living organisms is the result of Kundalini.

How Can I Help You? 

You cannot understand Kundalini from any logic or concept or information which you know about it till now.

In order to understand Kundalini you need to have personal seeking, personal inquiry and quest. 

If you are not knowing about Kundalini then you are 100 % ignorant.

To remove this ignorance,

  • You can connect to me personally.
  • Ask me questions or 
  • You can simply allow yourself to have a understanding about Kundalini from me

I will make you experience this energy in the present,  experiential in the session itself and thereafter it will hit you in the center of your heart to be free from:

  • All the bondages of the mind,  
  • All the limitations of the body and merge with this in energy in a new direction which is your inner calling and the purpose of taking this birth. 

Connect to me on one-on-one coaching and ask questions whatever you have.


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