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What Is the Dark Night of the Soul?

IGG Avadhut

The Dark Night of the Soul is the phase of the Kundalini Awakening journey when you experience the most challenging time of your human evolution.

Why is the Kundalini Awakening phase called the Dark Night of the Soul?

Because Kundalini Awakening is a journey into the unknown universe of Consciousness and freedom.

Without a roadmap and pattern, Kundalini Awakening journey is an adventurous, dynamic journey that takes different twists and turns every moment.

You are often left alone in this journey and uprooted from the world you live in.

At times the night, means the process becomes so overwhelming that you feel there is no dawn to it.

You cannot see the end of suffering and you feel the highest loneliness and depression during this phase.

You develop suicidal tendencies too but you do not kill yourself.

Whenever you feel that you want to die, some divine forces, the Kundalini itself saves you and gives you power to move ahead.

However there are positive aspects of the “Dark Night of the Soul” because after this dark night, when you see the morning sun after completion of this journey:

  • You are a transformed new born individual
  • Your sense of ego dissolves and you feel the freedom of a being
  • Your consciousness merges with the universal consciousness and you get access to universal intelligence.
  • You finally get Moksha, freedom from the limited world of minds and Samsara
  • You become a free, happy and powerful individual with access to your Inner GPS, intuitive powers and divine energies.

The Dark Night of the Soul becomes easier with the presence of a Powerful Guru or Spiritual Master who stands by you like a rock to empower you, to guide you and make you that which you are at the core- Consciousness and Energy.


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