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Is it Possible to Activate Chakras Without Awakening Kundalini?

IGG Avadhut

First of all, you cannot awaken Kundalini because it is already in an awakened state.

  • Kundalini lies dormant in your Root Chakra with each birth and gets awakened spontaneously.
  • Kundalini’s purpose is to clear Karmic energetic blockages in each Chakra and reach Moksha itself.
  • You cannot activate your Chakras without spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.
  • Any attempt to do so will have a negative impact in your life.
  • You can however balance the disturbance or imbalances in your Chakras once it is activated due to spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.

How can you balance activated Chakras?

  • For each Chakra and based on the imbalances we read your Inner GPS and suggest the action steps that you can do to balance it.
  • Through appropriate Yoga, Meditation, Sattvik lifestyle and a few secrets techniques that we suggest only after diagnosing your Inner GPS.

If you have further questions, you can ask me.


  • IGG Avadhut

    IGG Avadhut is the Founder of Inner GPS Gurus. He is a Life Coach and Kundalini Master. He helps only action-takers. He enjoys dissolving your problems through action-based energy work. Get Solutions to your Life Problems (Career, Wealth, Productivity, Relationship, Spirituality, Kundalini, Shaktipat, and Health).

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