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Why Is Kundalini Awakening Challenging? The Best Guide

IGG Avadhut

Why Is Kundalini Awakening Challenging?

In this guide, you will learn why the Kundalini Awakening journey is challenging and adventurous. 

Let me tell you, it is the most difficult, adventurous, or challenging journey you have ever taken. 

If you feel that climbing Mount Everest is going to be the most challenging journey, no, it’s not. 

Ask anyone who has completed or done the Kundalini Awakening journey, and that person will tell you how difficult it is. 

Why Is Kundalini Awakening Challenging?

Why Is Kundalini Awakening Challenging?

Why Is Kundalini Awakening Challenging or Adventurous? 

1. Adventurous than climbing Mount Everest

The preparation for that is actually beyond the body and mind.

Why do you need it? Let’s say, for example, you are going to climb Mount Everest

You first need to complete the base camp, right? 

Even for that, you need training guides who can take you to the base camp. 

There are specific preparations and precautions required to complete that journey. 

Here, you need a guru, a spiritual guru, a master who has completed that journey or knows the way. Only he can show you the path; he can be a torchbearer for you. 

Why is it difficult? 

Because your mind has not died yet. 

There is an Ego aspect of the mind that says, “Yes, I’ve done that, I will complete the journey.” 

2. Beyond body and mind preparations

You will not complete the journey; the Kundalini itself will complete the journey. 

You need to be really powerful or prepared to take care of your body and mind. 

That’s it. 

You don’t need to do anything extra. 

Keep your body and mind healthy to complete the journey and support your Kundalini.

3. Guidance from a Spiritual Guru

We at Inner GPS Gurus are powerful enough to be on our team. Our Co-Founder is Clairvoyant, so we will be able to tell you:

  • What precautions do you need to take?
  • What should be in your bag when you are going on a journey?
  • What do you need to do?
  • How powerful or energetic? 
  • How strong do you need to be from the body and mind’s perspective to complete this journey?

4. Unique paths and self-expression

We will tell you that it’s complicated because there are there is I would say each one’s Kundalini is actually guiding the person differently because it wants to express, after completion, 

  1. Self-realization 
  2. Self-stabilization, and then 
  3. Self-expression 

Kundalini wants to express the third stage uniquely. 

  1. In some cases, that person will be a businessman. 
  2. In other cases, that person will be a healer, yoga guru, musician, artist, or spiritual teacher.

So, the path will be different, but taking care of your body and mind is Paramount here. 

You need to take care of your body and mind to support this journey; otherwise, you will suffer. 

There will be lots of elements, there will be lots of problems you will be going through, and those will be for years, and there will be no nobody in the world to help you.

IGG Secret- Live Your Energetic Reality 

Why Is Kundalini Awakening Challenging or Adventurous? 

To support the journey, you need to live your energetic reality. 

Now, what do I mean by energetic reality? 

Energetic reality means, at the moment, every moment, what you feel from inside. Do that. 

Right now, my Kundalini wants me to express, to speak on this topic, to give you the solution. 

Your Kundalini may ask you to eat a fruit, drink water, or just relax. 

Do that. 

Usually, in your 20s or 30s, when your Kundalini might have started its journey, in your teens, you become aware that you’re going through the Kundalini Awakening journey. 

If you want to know whether you are going through Kundalini Awakening, contact us, and we will help you.

Overcoming Ego as the Primary Obstacle

Once you know that you are on the journey, the mind, the Ego, the ignorant mind, is unable to understand even the concept of the Kundalini Awakening journey. 

Many yoga masters have asked me, “What is Kundalini?” 

When we tell them that they are going through the Kundalini Awakening journey, they ask us, 

What is Kundalini?

So we tell them Kundalini is actually you, the person, the energy in everyone. 

In some cases, it’s awakened; in other people, it’s not awakened yet to the point where the journey starts. 

Your Ego is the obstacle. 

  • First, you need to surrender. 
  • Surrender doesn’t mean lying down on the bed for 24 hours. 
  • No, surrender means you need to accept that you are going through the journey. 
  • You need to take care of yourself, just like when you accept that you are going to the mountains, to the base camp of Everest, and you need to take precautions.

Challenges and Obstacles Along the Kundalini Awakening Journey

Those will be for years, and there will be nobody in the world to help you because you need to live your energetic reality. 

You need to understand what your energy is telling you to follow.

At the last stage, in Samadhi, if you are in Samadhi for many months or years, you will understand that it’s challenging to come back to the world. 

  • You will lose the sense of everything around you. You need someone strong. It’s tough. 
  • Understand that your Ego is not going to help you complete that journey. So keep your Ego at home and listen to the guide or Guru who has made that journey. Your Ego has not made that journey. 
  • The people around you, your relatives, your parents, and your spouse have not completed that journey. 

So go for the one who has done many tricks on Mount Everest. Check what the experience of this particular guide is.

He has done many treks, maybe 20 or 25 treks, and after that, you will trust and be with that team.

How Can I Help You?

Suppose you are going through this challenging journey and feel lost, thinking there is no one to help. In that case, we have started a specific service called Kundalini Awakening Journey Diagnosis and Coaching

In the process of the Kundalini Awakening, having a Spiritual Guru or master who has successfully undergone the journey is essential.

The Guru serves as a guiding light, leading you through the intricate stages of this transformative experience.

Both I(IGG Avadhut)and my Co-founder, IGG Sanju, a Clairvoyant, are ready to assist you with Kundalini Diangosis and provide guidance at each step of the awakening journey.

You can take that coaching and bring clarity to your life. 

You can also take our life coaching, which covers all areas of your life. 

Our purpose is to help you dissolve your problems. 

In this challenging journey, trust yourself, trust your energy, trust your energetic reality. With that, I wish you all the best, and have a great day ahead.


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