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Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms- The Best Guide

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

Are you constantly struggling in decision-making, whether to listen to your heart or mind?

In this guide, you will learn about Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra symptoms.

Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

Suppose you are on your Kundalini Awakening journey, and you are at Third Eye Chakra, and then there will be blockages in terms of thinking versus feeling.

That struggle will always be there. If that Chakra is blocked, you will mostly think you cannot take any action using your feelings.

For example

Meeting a girl is always a part of thinking when you are single.

So you will keep on thinking.

Even if you want to and feel like meeting her, the thinking part will always be there.

That fear of rejection will be.

Now, this is one of the things that that fear is of the thinking part.

Why are you afraid to meet the girl?

You are not feeling that fear, but it is about the societal conditioning you will feel during this part.

  • The thoughts will always bring you down.
  • There will not be any intuitive signal working for you.
  • The feeling is primarily intuitive, and the Third Eye is mostly about intuitions and intuitive powers.

If you do not feel intuitive or are always in mind, you are in the Third Eye Chakra, blocked evolutionarily.

As per evolution, you are at that stage right now.

There will be physical, mental, and brain fog.

You will be unable to think.

“You will feel that I am unable to think, and I am unable to feel, too.”

If you want to decide on a business, you cannot take action. 

What we say is gut feeling or intuition, the sixth sense.

You will not be able to use your sixth sense or intuition.

Your mind, the societal mind, or whatever you have built so far will always nudge you.

It will always be an obstacle, so blocking is essential.

Unblocking Your Third Eye Chakra During Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

Kundalini Awakening Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

What should you do if you want to unblock that Third Eye Chakra?

1. Living an intuitive life

The main thing you should do is to become more intuitive.

Live more about a feeling-based life.

For example

If you feel you should go and meet a girl on a date, you should meet that girl.

Then, it would be best if you initiated that conversation.

Once you initiate that conversation, things will happen.

Then you will meet the people, the girl, people in general.

2. Decision-making

If you feel that you need to invest in some software, let’s say you work, you have your own business, and you feel that it is a feeling based you want to invest in that software, that software is going to help you to reduce your expenses then you will go and invest.

I am telling you the activities that will help you unblock this chakra.

If it is blocked, you need to do these activities.

To unblock the Third Eye Chakra, do everything on a feeling basis.

For example: 

It is as simple as going to a cafe and eating a burger, then going and eating a burger for yourself.

It is feeling-based. Don’t think that:

“How can I go alone? There should be some partner in the cafe, 

My friend and I should go there and only then eat it”. 

No, if you are feeling good, then if you are on your bike or car, take it, go out and eat it, and pay whatever amount is required.

The more and more you start doing it for yourself based on your feelings, it has to be feeling based more and more you will see that the intuitive signals will start coming, and you will unblock your Third Eye Chakra.

Getting Intuitive Signals from Third Eye Chakra

Societal conditioning is that you should do something. It would help if you still need to do something.

If you follow more rules, you will feel that this chakra is blocked, but if you break those rules and do it yourself, you will feel that my Third Eye Chakra is getting open, and I am feeling much better.

So, start doing these things in your life, and you will get intuitive signals.

For example 

If someone is going to come and meet you one month or two months from now, you will start getting some intuitive signals- that this person will meet you.

In business decisions, if you are going to do one project or if the connection with some person meeting with some person is not going to be fruitful in the future, then you will feel that you will get intuitive signals that this particular thing is not profitable for you.

So you should not do that thing.

Likewise, you will get many more signals in life; based on that, you can take action and make decisions.

My Exclusive Insights for You

Take decisions and take actions based on your feelings and not based on your thoughts or mind.

It is my direct suggestion to you:

  • If your Third Eye is blocked 
  • If you feel that you need to take our coaching for Third Eye Chakra blockage,

Then contact us. Our team is here.

My team will help guide you, check you, and diagnose which chakra and at which stage you are in the Kundalini Awakening journey and what you should do to unblock those energies and unblock those Chakras.

If you have a simple question, you can contact us. You can ask questions in the comment section; we will approve and answer them if they are genuine.

All right, so with this understanding, I wish you all the best and hope you have an intuitive life ahead. 


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