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10 Secrets to Improve Your Health – The Best Guide

IGG Avadhut

In this guide, I will share the secrets to improve your health.

Begin loving yourself unconditionally and follow your feelings.

Health is Wealth.

But the million dollar question is how to be healthy forever ?

Love yourself unconditionally and be happy.

Once in a while hug yourself, give a pat on your back, take enough rest and eat well.

Wash your face with cool water minimum five times a day and feel your serenity of being.

10 Secrets to Improve Your Health

Secrets to Improve Your Health

The solution is simplest. Go back to your origin and natural state:

  1. Eat when hungry.( avoid non-veg, it poisons you with death energy and bringing you close to death)
  2. Drink water when thirsty.( avoid alcohol and all chemical drinks). Water detoxifies, fruit juice energises, lemon juice and any natural juice can be taken when thirsty.
  3. Breathe from your belly fresh air( quit smoking, if you are a smoker).No use of this question if you smoke.
  4. Sleep when sleepy every night for the rest of your life. Complete your sleep. If your sleep get disturbed for any reason , do complete your sleep quota immediate next day. Sleep disorder is fatal for life.
  5. Make love when you feel. Don’t love out of obligation. Love because you feel good by sharing love. Don’t expect love in return.
  6. Remove toxins from your body , excrete well. Detoxify by eating consciously and removing all toxins- gases, sweat, stool, urine, toxic air by properly breathing and clearing your bowel regularly. Exercise and yoga helps a lot.
  7. Take sunlight daily and spend some time with nature and natural beings(dogs, cats, observe eagles soaring high up in the sky, listen to the bird chirping and feel nature around you)
  8. Love yourself unconditionally .
  9. Do what you are passionate about (Work hard, party harder)
  10. Choose awareness(intelligence) over patterns (mind).

Do what you love and keep laughing.Don’t take life so seriously.

Follow your Heart (Feelings) over Mind(Patterns).


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