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How to Deal With Body Shaming? The Best Action Guide

IGG Sanju

Often, you have told it to other people unconsciously: 

  • You have become fat like an elephant 

  • You are becoming darker 

  • You are becoming thin, you are losing your hair 

  • You are growing old 

  • Your belly has become like tires 

You must understand that nothing is perfect. 

Everything is imperfection; what you consider perfect from your judgmental mind is not the truth. 

What is body shaming?

Body shaming is when you humiliate a person based on his body’s shape, size, or color and criticize that person, using body shaming or negative comments, that create a feeling of guilt in that person.

I will address this question from the perspective of you being the victim who is going through phases in your life where people on various social media platforms are body-shaming you.

I can give many examples from the cases that I get.

If that resonates with you, then you can contact me and talk to me personally to help you deal with the situation mental health problems that you are facing in your life.

How to Deal With Body Shaming- Understanding the Body

How to Deal With Body Shaming

You were born as a human being, and the human species is not similar or homogeneous in this world.

The human species has developed over an evolutionary journey in different environmental conditions.

Due to that, the Sapiens living in different parts of this world in different terrains and conditions have developed different shape sizes, colors, textures of their body hair, and how they express themselves today.

For instance, 

  • People live in the African continent, near the equator, than in the Arctic region. 

  • They are prone to more heat than the people who are living in the Arctic region of the planet due to the heat of the Sun.

  • The skin color gets darker because the melanin formation on the skin layer is more than in people living in the colder regions.

This is common sense. 

This is a fact.

Action Steps to Deal with Body Shaming

Action Steps to Deal with Body Shaming

Here are some practical action steps to deal with body shaming:

Step 1. Cultivate self-love

Focus on appreciating your body for its strengths and uniqueness. Practice self-love by acknowledging and celebrating what your body can do rather than fixating on societal ideals.

Step 2. Surround yourself with positivity 

Build a supportive network of friends and family who promote body positivity. Engage in conversations and activities that uplift and encourage self-acceptance.

Step 3. Media awareness

Be mindful of social media influences and their impact on body image. Consciously choose media that promotes diverse body types and challenges unrealistic standards. Unfollow or mute accounts that contribute to negative body perceptions.

Step 4. Practice mindful self-talk 

Monitor your internal dialogue closely. Swap out negative thoughts with positive affirmations, and extend to yourself the same kindness and encouragement you would readily give to a friend.

Step 5. Focus on health, not appearance

Shift your mindset towards overall well-being rather than just physical appearance. Emphasize habits that contribute to your health, such as nutritious eating, regular exercise, and sufficient rest, without fixating solely on weight or appearance.

Practical Secrets to Deal with Body Shaming

If you are body shaming someone or you are getting body shaming by someone due to comments like your skin color experience body, then the first thing you need to do is laugh.

For example

I have dusky skin, and someone says you are so dark, like the crow, or any animal.

What do I do in such situations? 

I simply laugh because why take seriously something that is not true.

It is a joke for me.

Body Shame- My Perspectives

First, I did not create this color or this human form.

My advantage as a human life form is that I am being born and blessed as a human being.

  • I should celebrate myself as a human rather than be confined to the limited mindset of people who mean nothing to me.

  • Likewise, when someone’s body shames you based on your color, just ignore it. Ignore it.

There are two types of attention that you give:

1. Ignoring body shaming 

When someone shames you, that is when they speak positively about you in negative comments and negative self-talk in front of you.

If you do not give attention to them and just walk away from them or laugh at them, they will not dare to speak anything next time.

And they will get their answer. That is one thing.

2. Suppressing body shaming comments

Another thing is that somebody has told you something. 

  • But you did not revolt, express, or respond to that comment then and there.

  • You suppress that emotion, and later, in your solitude, when you are alone, you believe that or thought to be true. 

  • If you believe that comment to be valid, then your mind shows that you are lacking something due to your poor body image and color, and you start believing in it.

This belief, over time, creates an image about yourself that is very limiting in all senses and makes you feel bad.

For example 

If you are invited for an interview, you will feel rejected because your body weight and physical appearance are not up to the standard or the acceptable body weight and color.

This limiting belief of body positivity will make you feel less confident in your professional and personal life because you will think that the other person will accept you based on your body color.

Why Do We Need to Stop Body Shaming?

Why Do We Need to Stop Body Shaming
Body Shaming – Vitiligo


I’m grappling with my vitiligo, withdrawing from others, and experiencing deep pangs of jealousy towards those close to me. I am seeking your support and solutions for body shaming, as self-acceptance feels like an urgent necessity for my well-being.

Here is the solution for the above case as well as anyone who is suffering from body shaming.

Body shaming has negative repercussions on mental and physical health.

1. Low self-esteem 

Body shaming often results in individuals feeling inadequate and having a negative perception of their own bodies, leading to low self-esteem.

2. Mental health issues

It contributes to the development of anxiety and depression, as individuals may internalize criticism and experience heightened stress.

3. Eating disorders 

Body shaming and weight stigma are linked to an increased risk of developing eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia, as individuals may resort to extreme measures to lose weight or to conform to societal standards.

4. Unhealthy behaviors 

It can prompt unhealthy weight gain or loss strategies, excessive exercise, or extreme diets, jeopardizing physical and even mental health and well-being.

5. Social isolation

Those who experience body shaming may withdraw socially, fearing judgment and criticism, leading to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

6. Impact on relationships

Negative body image can strain relationships as individuals may struggle with intimacy and connection due to insecurities about their appearance.

7. Perpetuation of stereotypes 

Body shaming contributes to the perpetuation of unrealistic beauty standards, fostering a culture where appearance is prioritized over individual well-being and achievements.

8. Long-term consequences

The effects of body shaming can extend into adulthood, affecting career choices, confidence, and overall life satisfaction.

Likewise, when it comes to your own body, size, shape, skin color, height, and sometimes financial status, these are negative energies and thoughts that keep you dense and heavy.

These energies do not allow you to be yourself.

For example,

You are having less hair or being bald. 

If someone says that you have become bald or anything which they can shame on you, you can tell them that: 

“I love baldness.I am flaunting my baldness because I love that.”

Tell me comments and things like that, or you can laugh and ignore them.

How to Overcome Body Shaming from Social Media? 

All these responses will change your body dissatisfaction and how you think about yourself and keep them away.

  • I am not telling you to change the world because it is their limitations to think this way, not yours.

  • If someone is telling you about your perfect body shape, ignore that time.

But if you are unhealthy, if you are obese, then you have all the reason to work on yourself.

Not based on their comment but on how you are concerned about your body image, neutrality losing weight, mental health, obesity, and how to reduce your weight and become a fit person.

Stay away from the social media platforms and addictions that contribute to your body shaming.

How to Save Your Child from Body Shaming? 

In teenagers and young children, body shaming has a significant impact.

  • If you are the parent of a child, watch and share. Give the space to your children that nobody is body shaming or fat shaming them in school or among friends and family members.

  • Be friendly to them to know that they are not in trauma or depression because whatever a young child believes in his or her childhood remains in his or her subconscious till they grows as an adult.

In adulthood, they face the problem differently.

The suppression of emotion of body positive image challenges body shaming remains in the body and subconscious, which becomes a disease later in life.

How to Heal Yourself from Body Shaming? 

How to Heal Yourself from Body Shaming

Constant exposure to body shaming can compel you to internalize those beliefs and view your own appearance as defective.

If you are an adult and have felt that suppression in your own self-love life in your childhood, come to me.

People judge you based on external things like those which they feel are right or the best.

Not only these people can body shame you because they are jealous of you or they are insecure about your very presence. Have a body-positive feed, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

1. Smart ways to reply

The most common cases that I come across are when people tell them that you are anemic.

They cannot accept that the Universe has gifted them with beautiful, fair, and glowing skin because they do not have it in the same place.

Someone body-shame online about your height or body hair shaming.

Tell them there are multiple benefits of being short or becoming or being too tall.

There are practical ways to deal with unwanted people who mean nothing to you, add nothing of value, and have no value to you.

2. Love yourself

Nobody has a perfect body. You should focus your life on yourself and not on body shame and lost weight either. In the present moment, you should be concerned about your good qualities and how you can nurture those qualities.

How can you grow as a human being and apply those qualities in your daily life so that you live the happiest, wealthiest, and perfect life based on what you and your intelligence are?

How Can I Help You? 

I guide you personally by teaching you the secrets of remaining fit and energetic and fighting body and fat shaming.

  • You can ask me and share your problems. 

  • I will guide you to become fit, which involves a few sessions.

  • It may take a month or two or three.

Based on your eating disorder, how much weight you are, or how overweight you feel better.

IGG Secrets on Body Shaming 

But first of all, notice that every problem has a solution. Replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk. Practice body neutrality and embrace body positivity.

  • The problem is created by the mind, and the solution is with the Consciousness- the intelligence which has made you.

  • The intelligence of the Universe is perfect; it has given you this birth with a purpose.

  • It knows how to make the best use of your form (with positive body talk) to express as a life force to create a beautiful life.

  • So, challenge body shaming comments.

For personal coaching to combat body shaming, get back to me, ask questions, and invest in yourself to be confident and practical enough to handle yourself in this world. 

Stay tuned for more IGG Secret insights. 


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