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How to Start Intuitive Eating?

IGG Avadhut

How to Start Intuitive Eating – Intuitive eating means listening to your Inner GPS to eat food rather than following your mind’s patterns based on the desires and tendencies of your mind.

Intuitive Eating is synonymous with Conscious Eating and I will teach you in this guide, how to start Intuitive Eating or Conscious Eating.

Note: Intuitive Eating or Conscious Eating is a must for you going through the Kundalini Awakening or Spiritual Awakening process throughout your life.

If you continue with your unconscious eating patterns from the mind, Kundalini will throw away all unwanted food through vomiting and by creating other health issues.

In this guide, you will learn about:

  1. Why practice Conscious/ Intuitive Eating?
  2. What to eat for Conscious/ Intuitive Eating?
  3. How to practice Conscious/ Intuitive Eating?

Out of all the three stages, the third stage- How to eat is more essential than why and what.

IGG Secret Technique- How to Start Intuitive Eating

How to Start Intuitive Eating

You can start Intuitive Eating/ Conscious Eating by listening to your body’s instinctive signals, that your brain gives at the appropriate time and then eat the food.

There are different stages of how to start intuitive eating that I have explained to you:

Why Practice Conscious/ Intuitive Eating?

Stage 1: How to listen to the body’s signal that you are hungry


When you are hungry, your brain produces hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which you feel as a hunger sign since childhood.

In recent times, if you have lost that signal then to activate that signal of hunger, don’t eat for at least 3-4 hours anything except water.

Wait for the perfect signal to come when you know for sure that you are hungry.

Do this for the next meal as well.

Repeat this process for a week at first. After that for one month at least.


Don’t eat because it is 9:00 am, 2: 00 pm, 6:00 pm, or 8:00 pm


Your body and brain do not know the mind clock invented by human minds.

Your brain knows that to produce energy, your cells need, food, water, and oxygen as raw material that is absorbed by cells as glucose and oxygen to produce energy and release carbon dioxide and water wastes.

The brain manages all the cellular functions in the body along with the emotional turmoil/ stress that you go through.

You don’t feel hungry at the same time every day because of hormonal changes and emotional blockages.

For example, your body will feel hungry when you are happy when you are sad.

So you need to know the signals really well.

What to eat for Conscious/ Intuitive Eating?

Stage 2: What to eat for Intuitive Eating


Initially eat whatever you feel at that moment and also what is available for the food option to you at that point in time.

Choose a healthy option.

You can choose among the following as your total food consumption for a day based on your feelings:

  • Cereals
  • Legumes
  • Pulses
  • Rice
  • Millets
  • Green vegetables, including spinach
  • Potatoes, onions, ginger, garlic tomatoes, coriander leaves (common)
  • Herbs, mints
  • Fruits
  • Root vegetables
  • Dry fruits
  • Indian Spices
  • Black salt, and rock salt
  • Jaggery
  • Milk
  • Curd
  • Ghee
  • Natural Coconut water, sugarcane juice, fruit juices.
  • Sunflower or Soyabean oil
  • Biscuits, Wheat Breads, non-fried Snacks
  • Soybean or eggs (optional)
  • Tea, coffee, herbal beverages.
  • Freshly cooked food
  • Drink plenty of normal drinking water.


  • Non-vegetarian food – meat, chicken, beef, fish, pork, or killed animals (they have 0% Prana and contain dead energy that makes you sluggish and dead).
  • Stale food with excessive oil and spices
  • Alcohol, beers and wines, and artificial beverages.
  • Smoking
  • Drugs
  • DMT, weeds, any kind of intoxication.


Your instinctive brain has evolved to eat only vegetarian food because your gut is originally designed to eat what grows in nature naturally after cooking to digest the food.

You are not an instinctive carnivore. Your brain first of all rejects the above-listed food in “Don’ts”.

Still, if you eat the food, your brain has to process the food using all the Prana in the body which affects other regular bodily functions. This leads to diseases, decay, and death.

Your immunity is reduced and you fall sick too often.

How to practice Conscious/ Intuitive Eating?

Stage 3: How to start Intuitive Eating/ Conscious Eating

Today I’m going to tell you a secret, the best secret for your health

That is – “Intuitive Eating/ Conscious Eating.”

Many times I see that 90% of people, I would say 99% of the people, are actually eating in the wrong way. 

And that’s why the fat is stored in their body. 

They’re eating too much. 

They are not interested in the eating part. 

Most of the time have you seen people actually eating and doing some tasks together? 

For example,

  • They keep checking their phone.
  • They keep talking to their friends or relatives while eating. 
  • They watch TV endlessly.

So the activity that they are doing while eating is actually taking the preference, priority. 

And what you’re eating is the secondary aspect it becomes.

What happens in this case is unconsciousness. 

When you are unconscious while eating, your mind is eating. 

Your mind patterns are eating. 

They are also called neural pathways or muscle memory. 

More and more, you’re building this neural pathway. 

Every day you are adding to your old neural pathway, and old habits and not creating new habits. 

Now your brain knows the old pattern and it keeps playing the old pattern. 

The result? 

You’re not getting good nutrition. There is a lot of storage of fat in your body and you carry that all the time. 

I’ve seen people going to the gym. 

Doing workouts, heavy workouts. But the result is zero. 

They don’t get the required result. 

The reason is they keep eating unconsciously. 

Now this unconsciousness is taking its toll on their health. 

Apart from the other issues, health issues that you get due to increased weight, you’re also losing self-confidence. 

Self-confidence is something that is inherent to you and comes naturally to you. 

But when you are unable to carry your weight, the health problems themselves bring anxiety to your face. 

The social issues, the body shaming part actually start entering your life this way. 

Wherever you go, people will start bullying you. 

They will start giving you the advice, like: 

  • Go for a morning walk.
  • Start going to the gym. 
  • Start eating less. 
  • Do diet, do fasting. 

Let me tell you, through my experience, none of these things actually are good for the long term. 

They deliver less or I would say substandard results. 

There’s only one thing which is common sense that you need to eat less to reduce your weight. 

By eating less, I don’t mean that you need to do fasting or dieting or curb what you love to eat.

You totally keep eating that out of your system, don’t you? 

I’ve seen people doing intermittent fasting

Why do you need to do intermittent fasting?

And the same people who are doing intermittent fasting, eat a lot at one time. 

Now, if they eat consciously by paying attention to what they are doing, mindfulness, they don’t have to go to the limits, the extreme limits of fasting, or dieting. 

These are exaggerated ways of keeping health under your control. 

What works is conscious eating.  

I’m going to tell you the exact steps that will change your life. 

Steps for Intutive Eating/ Conscious Eating

#1. Number one, only eat when you are hungry. 

Don’t eat as per your Standard Time. 

By 8:00 o’clock I will have my breakfast.

By 2:00, I will have my lunch.

By 8:00, o’clock in the evening I will have my dinner. 


Just make sure that whenever you are going to eat, you are hungry at that time. 

If you are not hungry, you can skip one or two meals or all meals in a day. 

#2. The second important thing is while eating, just eat, don’t do any other activity

Switch off your TV, keep your mobile phone away. 

And tell your relatives or friends whoever you are eating with, tell them that you would like to taste the food really well. 

You would like to indulge in the eating part. That’s number two. 

#3. The third point is to take small morsels, take small chunks of the food. 

And chew it so well that saliva should be formed in your mouth. 

Don’t swallow the food. 

The food will be swallowed automatically. 

So chew it so well that it becomes watery or soupy. 

The texture should be like soup. 

And the food that you are eating this way, the taste will be absorbed. 

So only swallow when your taste is completely gone. And then you can swallow it. 

#4. When you are completely done, automatically you will experience a small burp or big burp. 

Stop eating.

 Whatever food is left in the dish? 

Just let it be. 

Don’t go as per beliefs that I don’t waste my food? 


Next time onwards, keep in mind that you will take a small chunk in your dish. 

So it won’t go to waste. 

Start doing these activities while eating. 

Taste the food really well. 

The number one thing for you for eating food should be only tasting the food.

The taste has to be so good.

You need to taste it really well. Give your tongue the absolute taste of the food. 

Follow this for 30 days. 

And you will be surprised by the benefits. 

Automatically your weight will start going down. 

You will see a reduction in your weight. 

The reason you are automatically eating less is because your focus is more on testing the food. 

Rather than watching or giving your attention to some other activity. 

You will feel lighter. 

Doing this, you will feel lighter and there will be lots of energy in your body. 

So that is the added advantage. 

So this is the best secret I’m sharing with you, if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comments below.  

So with that, I wish you all the best and start enjoying the food. 


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