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What Is Spiritual Awareness? Learn to Be Spiritual Aware

IGG Sanju

What Is Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness is your opportunity to know the reason for who are you and what you are doing here. Your sense of spirituality and conscious connection with your spirit(soul) are the signs that you need to meditate on your existence.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is spiritual awareness?
  • What are the benefits of spiritual awareness or knowledge about the spiritual journey?
  • Reality check of your spiritual journey.
  • Why is this journey of spiritual evolution happening? 
  • How can you become spiritually aware? 
  • How do you get energetic signals from your Inner GPS?
  • How to use spiritual awareness to improve your life?

What Is Spiritual Awareness?

The most important purpose of becoming spiritually aware is to know about the following:

  • Who are you? 
  • Why are you here?
  • What are you doing here? 

1. Existential reality:

Spirituality is about seeking and knowing your existential reality as a spirit(soul) and energy. 

  • Everything is energy, and you are an energetic being. 
  • You are a spiritual being having a human existence.
  • The human existence you experience as a unit of body, mind, and spirit results from the spiritual journey you are in to attain permanent happiness, peace, and joy.

2. Beyond personality:

Without you, the consciousness, the personality knows nothing about it. 

  • You are supplied with limited knowledge about your previous births. 
  • Because all the memories of the spirit in that birth are wiped off after the body’s death. 
  • Forgetting about your previous birth is a boon gifted to you. 

3. Establish individuality:

Spiritual awareness is required for you so that when you take this birth, you become awake and can live as an individual who is renewed and who has the possibility to create everything.

The energy in you wants to create and manifest in the physical world. Respect the deeper answer and signs of the spiritual journey happening in you.

What are the benefits of spiritual awareness or knowledge about the spiritual journey?

Spiritual awareness is rewarding for you in many ways. The benefits of spiritual awareness are:

1. Practical:

Spiritual awareness makes you practical, intelligent, and bold to function in this world. 

  • You no longer live in ignorance, dependent on others telling you how to live life
  • Others are making you the clone of the society or your surroundings into which you are born. 

2. Individual Choice:

When you are spiritually aware:

  • You have an individual choice 
  • You are free
  • You have the courage to execute whatever you want to do

3. Emotionally Wise:

With spiritual awareness, no one can fool you with emotions, beliefs, or conditioning and limit you: 

  • By creating fear in you 
  • By creating your limited mind

4. Integrated Individual:

No one can mislead you when you are spiritually aware. You become an integrated, energetic individual:

  • Who is here to create possibilities? 
  • Who is where to create opportunities? 
  • Who is here to reach his highest potential?  

5. Potential Self:

Only with spiritual awareness about your reality: 

  • You can reach the pinnacle of your potential self 
  • This potential self is unlimited(conscious awareness)

6. Creator:

When you reach the pinnacle of your highest potential self through spiritual awareness, you get connected to the light of creation to know that: 

  • You can create anything you want to develop as a human being 
  • With that creation, you can celebrate yourself as a life
  • It would be best if you had nothing outside of yourself to make you happy

7. Self-realization:

Spiritual awareness introduces you to yourself. You may assume yourself only as a limited individual. But when you become spiritually aware, you could have self-realization and you know that: 

  • You are not only the form or the matter of human existence you believe yourself to be
  • But you are the force, the point, and the true source of life in this human form

8. Formless Awareness:

Spiritual awareness enlightens you that you are the true unlimited formless awareness working through this body and mind:

  • To have an experience
  • To grow from that experience
  • To become evolved in your intelligence
  • To discover your true essence as a spirit (soul)

Reality check of your spiritual journey

You are on a spiritual journey whether you know it or not. It is like you the spirit(soul) waking up from a deep sleep when you become spiritually aware.

Without your notice, this journey has been going on for millions of birth. You have taken many births to reach the stage you are in right now. 


It is like you are on a travel journey throughout the world. 

  • You started your journey from the United States of America, and now you are in India
  • You will next go to Australia or the Arctic Ocean, or anywhere you want to go 

Likewise, the spirit travels from birth to birth in different human forms. 

How can you become spiritually aware? 

What Is Spiritual Awareness

You are on a long journey traveling from many births to realize and know your:

1. Life Purpose:

This journey of spiritual evolution is happening to fulfill the purpose of evolving as a spirit, as a consciousness. 

  • The consciousness wants to experience itself as consciousness
  • The human form is the most evolved form to experience that reality
  • Only as a human being do you have the possibility to know yourself as consciousness and to know yourself as the infinite source of energy

2. Knowing the Truth:

With spiritual awareness, you come to know about the truth of your existence from deep energetic wisdom and dimension.

How can you become spiritually aware?

You can become spiritually aware by walking on the following path:

1. Having a Master or an Enlightened Guru:

It would be best if you had a Master or an Enlightened Guru who would guide you toward the truth and the spiritual reality. 

With a Satsang from the Guru, you come to know from the Guru or the Master about your existential truth. 

When you know who you are, you are able to act powerfully in this world. 


You are a lion by birth. But in your childhood, you have spent your life with a herd of sheep.

Since you have been conditioned to remain like a sheep following the crowd, you have forgotten your identity as a lion. 

Now you have grown up, and you have come to your den where other lions are residing. 

You suddenly have the knowledge and insights into your reality, and you come to know that:

  • You can roar 
  • You can fight
  • You can be like the king 

Your Spiritual Master or Spiritual Guru is the torch-bearer to you to make you aware of your reality as the lion king and the process of your inner transformation

2. Invest in Yourself:

In your spiritual journey, you have assumed yourself to be a limited mind and a limited human body that is here to do only the essential functions of life- eat, drink, and be merry. 

This has become your lifestyle. 

You need to begin doing something extra and invest in yourself on a daily basis to feel and know the course of your spiritual reality. You are conditioned to be limited in nature. 

3. Introspect on Your Spiritual Reality :

When you get acquainted with your spiritual reality:

  • You know that you are unlimited 
  • You are a part of nature and universal power (God)
  • You have more to offer to this world 
  • You have more to take pleasure from this process of human birth 
  • You have unlimited connections still waiting for you
  • You no longer need to spend your time in toxic relationships or with people who are not contributing anything to your life
  • You can break your barriers as a person
  • You can do anything you want to do from this space within 

4. Know Your Inner Space:

The inner space in you is the ultimate source of happiness and energy in you as a person:

  • Which will give you guidance? 
  • Which will answer your questions?
  • Which will provide you with signals on what to do next?
  • What actions will provide you with more happiness? 
  • How to protect and defend yourself from negative energies and influences around you?

5. Detect Your Limitations:

Without spiritual awareness, you are a mess. 

  • You are living a robotic life with the same kind of activities and having a limited sense of self
  • You do everything which the other person is doing or which is followed by the crowd, society, and the world and not with conscious awareness
  • You spend your weekend going to the shopping mall, watching a movie, doing some social activities, and come back and find that you are the same limited physical material being
  • You are in the same rut and the same cage

When there is no possibility, you lose hope in life if you are not spiritually aware of the process. Your brain stops growing and makes you age faster.

4. Spiritual Awareness Is Enlightening Your Mind:

To be spiritually aware means to enlighten your mind and nourish your brain with the correct information, wisdom, and knowledge to live a better life as a human being.

  • You can learn how to become spiritually aware by tapping your Inner GPS. 
  • Your Inner GPS is the signal installed to let you know what is good and bad for you. 
  • When you make a connection with a human being, you get energetic signals from your Inner GPS (your inner senses), that you feel as vibes.
  • You need to drop your belief in the limitations of your mind.

For example:

Like the beep sound in some machines, you will get signals from your system from the moment you wake up in the morning.

Whenever someone is hostile towards you or you are doing something that is not good for you or harmful to you, you will get connected with the signal from your Inner GPS in the form of energetic disturbance. 

Who is giving this energetic disturbance to you? 

Stop for a while and listen to the different energy frequencies.

How do you get energetic signals from your Inner GPS?

It is your spiritual reality, your Inner GPS giving you disturbing signals.

1. Constrictive Signals:

Your energy is in the form of Inner GPS signaling you like a divine Guru- 

 Do not do this; you will be in danger.” 

It makes you feel constrictive and limited, by creating stress in your gut region.

2. Expansive Signals:

Similarly, when you do something positive that will bring prosperity to you and others, your inner Guru, your Inner GPS, will signal you by making you feel expanded and happy in your heart region. 

Your Inner GPS is your “soul” alarming you to follow your energetic signals.

This is your spiritual reality, and to become spiritually aware, is your power. You are the light, the invisible source of infinite energy.

How to use spiritual awareness to improve your life?

I can teach you how to get access to this power by making you learn how to tap your Inner GPS through energetic meditation and related practices.

1. Learn the Art or Secret:

For one-to-one coaching and learning this art or the secret:

  • You can connect with me
  • I will answer specific questions about your divine spiritual journey.
  • I will guide you and facilitate your spiritual path with the universal power (God) to take you beyond limitations
  • I make you the highest spiritually aware who is a boon and a gift to this mortal world 
  • I will empower you to raise your ability to go beyond your emotions and emotional blockages
  • Through healing, I will clear your energetic remnants and toxicities.

2. Self-realization:

I will enlighten you on the most important purpose of becoming spiritually aware, that is:

  • Who are you? 
  • Why are you here?
  • What are you doing here?  

Keep reading, and keep investing in yourself for greater spiritual awareness and evolution.


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