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Does Sweating at Night While Sleeping Mean My Kundalini is Awakened?

IGG Avadhut

Sweating may be for different reasons in your body.

But during the Kundalini Awakening, due to the fiery nature of Kundalini, it produces a lot of heat in the body to burn your Karmic blockages.

The nature of the heat energy arising from your subtle energy channels may lead to inflammation on the physical body leading to excessive sweating.

I suggest you get diagnosed through our Inner GPS Kundalini Diagnosis whether you are actually having Kundalini Awakening or the sweating is from your other physical issues.

Here are the solutions for you to deal with excessive sweating:

  • Wear comfortable cotton or warm clothes at night that absorb sweating.
  • Make sure you do not get disturbed by excessive sweating during sleep because Kundalini mostly work on your system in your sleeping state.
  • Use blankets while sleeping to enable Kundalini to do its task without disturbance from the physical body.
  • Keep an extra pair of wearables in case you cannot sleep with the wet clothes.
  • Change your clothes in the morning because it may smell too and you won’t feel comfortable.
  • Take a good shower and feel fresh.
  • If during the day time too you experience more heat and sweating then you can take a bath as many times as you please based on your health and weather conditions.

Apart from the above if you have any more symptoms or issues, you can ask me.


  • IGG Avadhut

    IGG Avadhut is the Founder of Inner GPS Gurus. He is a Life Coach and Kundalini Master. He helps only action-takers. He enjoys dissolving your problems through action-based energy work. Get Solutions to your Life Problems (Career, Wealth, Productivity, Relationship, Spirituality, Kundalini, Shaktipat, and Health).

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