How Much Water Should I Drink in Kundalini Awakening?

IGG Avadhut

I often get asked this question: How Much Water Should I Drink in Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini awakening demands a lot of nutrition from food and water intake because the energy produced by the cells is the fuel to push the Kundalini energy upwards along your spine.

You should drink enough water, a minimum of 5-10 liters and at times 20 liters, that is needed by your body.

How Much Water Should I Drink in Kundalini Awakening?

You will feel dryness in your mouth and heat in your stomach. Also, you will feel dehydrated frequently.

Whenever you get the above signals, drink water in enough volume.

What is that enough volume?

Take water in a glass and drink sip by sip until you feel that your stomach is full.

Why drink from a glass of water and not from a bottle?

When you drink water from a bottle, along with water molecules, air molecules fill up the gap/space in your mouth and restrict the volume of water entering your stomach.

Though you may feel that your stomach is filled with water, in reality, your stomach is filled with both gas and water.

As a result, your body gets less water than needed to produce the volume of energy needed for Kundalini processing.

Therefore, I advise you to make it a habit to drink water from a glass, no matter water.

You will notice the difference. Also, you will feel less bloated throughout the day.


  1. Drink only pure filtered or mineral water from your home or external sources.
  2. Urinate whenever you feel the urge to do so without holding it.
  3. Notice any challenges during this cleansing journey.
  4. Note down any questions and ask me for clarity


  1. Do not replace water with juices or other liquids
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol and any intoxicated artificial drinks during and after the Kundalini Awakening journey. Drinking alcohol makes the Kundalini work worse. You will suffer more.

Follow the above for the best Kundalini Awakening cleansing journey.

For further questions, you can ask me.


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