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Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing

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Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing

In this guide, you will learn about my:

Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing

In this fast-paced world, where you have lost connection with your roots, this documentary will slow you down, bring you close to yourself, and heal you from your core. 

Join me in this healing journey! 

What Is Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing?

Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing

Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing is an Inner GPS Healing Secret that I, IGG Sanju, apply to heal dogs, especially those abandoned by humans.

Dogs, for me, are synonymous with unconditional love and pure divine energy. But unfortunately, they are lost in the human world. 

They need the most required love and healing from their trauma of constant struggle for survival. 

Experience this musical documentary to make you FEEL the magic of healing and the power of unconditional love.

Facts: Tail-wagging is not always a sign of happiness. While a wagging tail can indicate joy, it can signal anxiety, fear, or aggression. It’s important to consider the context and other body language cues to accurately interpret a dog’s emotions.

How Will You Benefit from the Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing Documentary?

As an evolved human, I realized we are much more than we know about ourselves. One day when I recognized my gift of Inner GPS Power Healing, I began taking action.

Everything functional that I do as a human being is connected directly to a higher purpose.

Healing is beyond desires. I heal because I want to create a better place to live, a planet where I can thrive. 

I do that for myself and an amazing environment by connecting and healing many lovely species beyond human minds. Dogs are one of them.

If you are going through the Kundalini Awakening journey, lonely, undergoing trauma, missing love and healing in your life, watch this documentary alone to feel the difference in your energies after watching it. 

This documentary will shift something in you, and you will elevate from your current state. Witness and experience the transformation, feel the deeper life beyond human minds.

Facts: Dogs have a natural instinct to circle before lying down. This behavior stems from their wild ancestors, who would trample down grass or foliage to create a comfortable resting spot and remove any potential threats lurking in the area.

Stages of Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing

Stage 1: Diagnosing their State through Inner GPS Reading 

Stage 2: First Level Healing – Building Trust 

Stage 3: Second Level Healing – Love Energy

Stage 4: Third Level Healing – Feeding with Love 

Stage 5: Healing Results – Empowered Dogs

Stage 6: Success Stories- Zero to Hero

STAGE 1: Diagnosing their State through Inner GPS Reading

I read the Inner GPS of dogs to know exactly where they are. By navigating their Inner GPS, I know about their dominant energies holding them back. 

Sometimes it is trauma, fear, distrust, and feeling unsafe, or at times, it is loneliness and depression due to abandonment. In most cases, they are missing the love and care. 

Despite being the most sensitive species, they never got it from any human being until they met me. This diagnosis sometimes makes me speechless.

Facts: Dogs tilt their heads to gather more information. When a dog tilts its head to the side, it’s often trying to adjust the position of its ears to better hear and understand a sound or the source of a particular noise.

STAGE 2: First Level Healing – Building Trust

To build trust and to make them feel safe, I give them enough of my presence to feel me the way they want. They take their own time to feel me. 

I spend hours, days, weeks, and months to make them feel I am one with them. It takes me moments to connect to them, and somehow they sense me. It’s their unique power. 

They know the language of silence, and so do I, the moment when the miracle happens.

Facts: Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and use it to gather information about their surroundings. They can detect various scents humans can’t perceive, such as certain diseases or emotions.

STAGE 3: Second Level Healing – Love Energy

Love energy is the highest energy frequency in the universe, and its healing power is beyond the mind’s logic. 

I have that source of abundance, and love energy, filled with the highest compassion and strength. It flows from me to reach them as soon as I touch them.

I ensure that each dog gets the required sessions of healing till they are transformed into an empowered being.

Facts: Yawning can be contagious for dogs too. Like humans, dogs can yawn in response to seeing someone else yawn. This behavior is thought to be a form of social bonding and empathy.

STAGE 4: Third Level Healing – Feeding with Love 

Feeding is not only about satiating the hunger of dogs. Dogs are independent species to feed themselves naturally when they are hungry. 

In my healing journey, I discovered that they are simply like the most innocent kids who love to be fed by their mothers. Dogs want me to feed them in their mouth like a small kid, and they do not eat. 

Get hurt when you keep the food on the floor or dish. Dogs need the feeding energy of love flowing from me, and they express that very well.

Facts: Dogs experience REM sleep, just like humans. During this phase, dogs may twitch, paddle their paws, or even make noises while they dream. It’s a fascinating insight into their inner world.

STAGE 5: Healing Results – Empowered Dogs

After my Inner GPS Power Healing, dogs become happy, bold, and courageous. They display that with their energies by showing different attributes. 

Dogs are natural healers, they love you unconditionally, and when they are healed, they radiate love and abundance. One such dog healed one of my clients, who was highly depressed and lost.

Many street dogs I healed became so lovable that some great souls adopted them. I heal them in their space, where they enjoy their freedom. 

I unblock their stagnant energies and elevate them to reach their highest potential. They become independently powerful and filled with Prana, the life force.

Facts: Dogs communicate through their body language. Attention to subtle cues like ear position, tail carriage, and facial expressions can provide valuable insights into a dog’s emotions and intentions.

STAGE 6: Success Stories- Zero to Hero

After receiving my healing sessions, some dogs became so impressed that they brought their other dog friends to meet me and get the healing. 

One of the dogs escorted us to board the cab. One dog jumped into the cab to take on a ride. Some chased pigs, bulls, and cows to display their empowered self. 

There are endless stories of their elevated energy. I have captured and documented some for you to witness and experience the magic! 

Facts: Dogs can recognize and remember familiar faces. They can remember people they have met before, even if it’s been a long time. This is why dogs can be so excited to see their owners after being separated.

CASE STUDY : Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing: Himalayan Shepherd Dogs

Himalayan Shepherd Dogs, also known as Himalayan Mastiffs or Gaddi Kutta, are a large breed of dog indigenous to the Himalayan regions of India. 

These dogs are known for their strength, endurance, and loyalty. They are prized for their ability to adapt to the harsh mountain environments of the Himalayas. 

Local tribes and communities traditionally use them as guard dogs, livestock protectors, and hunting dogs. They are often used to protect flocks of sheep and goats from predators such as wolves and snow leopards.

These dogs are highly valued by the communities that use them for their working ability rather than appearance. 

But what they miss in life is pure unconditional love and touch from someone who loves them. They are as innocent as a child. They are exhausted and need rejuvenation to live their “life” and not just be “used”.  

I healed them, and the results you can experience in this documentary.

Facts: Dogs may lick their lips as a sign of anxiety or stress. It’s a self-soothing behavior that dogs employ when they feel uncomfortable or uncertain about a situation.

My Exclusive Insights for You

Whatever you witnessed in this documentary is the tip of the iceberg. Not all the healing sessions are recorded, which is not possible. But the action that I took a few years ago is worth it. 

So far, I have healed more than 5000 dogs with my Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing Secret, and my mission will continue. 

I feel that as a human being, I am the most powerful and wealthiest. I contribute from higher dimensions, shifts, and elevate energies from wherever you are.  

If you feel your Inner GPS is passionate about healing, you can learn IGG- Secret Healing to bring more love and joy to this planet. Remember, every dog is unique, and their behaviors can vary. Understanding these lesser-known secrets can help deepen your bond with your furry friend and enhance communication.

You can attend my Inner GPS Gurus Power Healing Workshops. You will get the details in the description. 

Facts: Dogs have a specific way of showing affection towards humans. Some dogs may gently lean their body weight against their owners, a sign of trust and a desire for closeness. 


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