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What Is the Sixth Sense?

IGG Avadhut

Sixth Sense is your sense of perception of energies beyond your five senses.

Sixth sense is your intuitive intelligence that operates on your Inner GPS signals.

Your five senses of perception help you perceive the world of matter whereas your Sixth Sense helps you perceive the universe of energies.

Through your Sixth Sense you know about energies much ahead of when they actually take place in the physical world.

When your Sixth Sense is strong even your five senses operate on a higher level than a normal human being.

For example

Dogs have a sixth sense of smelling energies beyond a normal human being. Dogs can perceive positive and negative energies.

That is why, dogs in the street or at home start barking when they sense a person with negative energies is around the house like a thief or any other narcissist with criminal instincts.

Dogs show their lovely gestures towards lovable and pure souls even if that person is a stranger.

Similarly, when you have access to your Sixth Sense, you can sense the energies of people around you and deal accordingly.

Also you know well in advance your intuitive signals towards decision-making through your Sixth Sense.

When you develop your Sixth Sense you can understand well that the signals are coming from your Inner GPS and not from your mental thought patterns.

The Sixth Sense is the most powerful power of a human being and those who have access to it are the most powerful.

If you want to get access to your Sixth Sense, you can connect to me.


  • IGG Avadhut

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