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Why Do I Have a Gut Feeling Something Is Wrong?

IGG Avadhut

Gut feelings come from your Inner GPS in your gut region to warn you against some probable danger going to take place.

On your body level, the gut is the region where all the nerve endings of your Central Nervous System ends.

  • The brain gets the signals through these nerve endings for foreseeable danger, coming from your gut region.
  • The gut is often termed as the Second Brain because it functions like the brain to signal the dangers from the environment.
  • The human gut has been developed over millions of years of evolution in the jungles, when planet earth was a home of the early ancestors of human species.
  • When your gut gives you a signal about the existing environment, it comes from your gut functions.
  • But when you get signals in your gut about something not yet happening in the present but future events. That strongly suggests a bad event to take place, and you get signals coming from your Inner GPS.
  • Your Inner GPS gives you a signal through your “gut feeling” in the form of a “knot” and your breath holds for that moment.
  • You do not feel right about the present moment and in your head you get thoughts of something that is not good.
  • All these are intuitive signals processed by your Sixth Sense of Consciousness to save you from danger from negative circumstances or negative events going to take place.

If you understand these signals well, you can take precautionary measures. If not then bear the circumstances and repent later, thereby creating more Karmas from stuck energies.

If you have any further questions, you can ask me.


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