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Kundalini and Trauma- The Best Solutions Guide

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini and Trauma

Are you suffering significantly due to trauma and simultaneously having Kundalini Awakening challenges? 

I truly understand and empathize with your state, and I have solutions for you here. 

In this guide, you will learn how Kundalini Awakening aggravates your traumatic experiences due to your past Karmas. 

Be ready to get healed in the process or find clues to your healing journey. 

Kundalini and Trauma- Connection 

Kundalini and Trauma

Kundalini and Trauma

Today’s topic is Kundalini and Trauma

Trauma is something you experience in your life when you are a victim; you cannot do anything, and you have to witness that state. 

You have to experience that state for years together, and it has a profound impact on your mind, body, and soul. 

Now, that is called trauma, from my understanding. Now, the same understanding I want to give to you if you are going through trauma, if you have gone through trauma, and if your condition is awakened. Now, that’s a lethal combination. 

Significantly, few people have gone through trauma, plus the Kundalini Awakening at the same time; that is something I’m going to cover today.

The Impact of Trauma and Kundalini Awakening

Trauma takes your energy, and that will keep you in fight-and-flight mode all the time or a sympathetic system. 

Kundalini is actually taking all the energy from you for karmic settlements and to ascend. Both these are actually tiresome on the body. 

Physically, you will feel tired; you’ll be fatigued all the time. 

You will not have the energy to fight, and all the time mentally, at the memory level in the background, that humming sound will always be there of trauma. 

You will not be able to enjoy life.

Symptoms and Challenges

Now, this trauma can be of this birth or past birth as well. 

Suppose you are experiencing something in this birth that means which you have no clue about, especially if it is your last birth. 

In that case, the culmination of all the traumas in previous births will be there in this life, and you have to complete it. 

Now, that’s a very vast and horrible journey, but you have to complete it; there is no other way.

Solutions to Trauma

What are the solutions? The solution is one: catharsis. 

You remove all your, suppose it is childhood trauma; you energetically expel or release that from your system because it has to happen energetically. 

Trauma has to be removed energetically. 

Either you experience it, witness it, or do a particular action, you have to get it out of the system because you have suppressed it so far. 

Now, suppression creates depression. If you want to be in a depressed state, then that’s not going to be really healthy. 

If you feel that it will go someday, it won’t. It will be there in the system.

Demonstration to Heal Trauma- Take Actions

Kundalini and Trauma

Now, you have seen in the video the way this dog has taken action to remove trauma from the situation, the way he actually went after that dog. He actually made him run away from the situation, from the place. 

Since he is now an empowered dog and healed dog from us, he knows energetically what to do. 

If this dog can, just after listening to this particular session, energetically understand the intention of the energy that I’m giving you through this video, he also understood, and he actually took action. 

Now, if you see, he is peaceful because it is like switching on and switching off. 

He has now switched off from that situation, and he’s now cool about it.

The trauma solution for trauma is the same thing. 

You need to get it out of your system. 

He actually got it out of his system; he’s cool about it. 

So, you need to take action. 

Which actions do you need to take? 

We will tell you. 

So, trauma is something that you need to be careful of, and you need to make efforts to remove it from your system all the time. 

Kundalini will be the trauma, and Kundalini and trauma are a lethal combination, so be careful about it to remove it from your whole system.

Guidance and Healing Sessions

Now, traumatic situations are from:

  •  your family, your professional way, or 
  • it can happen in childhood; 
  • It can happen in adulthood as well. 

But the trauma is mainly the separation; it’s like a shock, and your entire nervous system is not really prepared for that. 

As I said, one is catharsis, the second is Shaktipat. 

You need to have a robust Shaktipat energy transmission, which, when I give Shaktipat, is mostly powerful Shaktipat. 

Suppose a person is going through trauma or has gone through childhood trauma and also Kundalini. In that case, I give a powerful Shaktipat.

Through the powerful Shaktipat, there is an integration of mind, body, and soul. 

Now, when mind, body, and soul are integrated, then it’s a good combination. 

Slowly, slowly, you will actually regain the energy that is lodged in the neural pathways or brain or your entire nervous system. 

It will be released, and slowly, you will start creating new neural pathways. We will tell you what sadhana you need to do after Shaktipat.

There will be a proper reading that is Clairvoyant. 

Through clairvoyance, my Co-Founder, IGG Sanju, will check; she will read you energetically where the trauma is captured or lodged in your body. 

  • Then she will heal you; she will coach you on what to do. 
  • We both will heal you, and I will give you Shaktipat.
  • After that, we will tell you how many Shaktipats you need and how many energy transfers are needed to release that energy from your system. 

I wish you all the best and for the release of trauma. If you really want to release your trauma, then do contact us. We will help you to release trauma from your system. With that, I wish you all the best, and have a great day ahead.


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