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How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Last?

IGG Avadhut

How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Lasts?

Before you meet a Guru, your resistance happens primarily due to the following question:

How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Last?

When you take Shaktipat from your Guru, the intensity of its impact may last from a few hours to a few days or months or years.

How much the intensity of Shaktipat lasts depends on your receptivity and the power of Shakti transmitted from your Guru.


You are standing in front of the Gangotri Glacier with an empty water bottle of 1 litre.

How much volume of Ganga water will you collect from the Gangotri Glacier melting into the Ganga river?

Answer: 1 litre

Now you visit there with a 5 litres bottle next time, naturally you will come home with 5 litres of Ganga water.

Similarly, your receptivity determines how long the impact of Shaktipat will remain or last.

When you take my Inner GPS Activation – Shaktipat, I give it 100% powerfully from my side.

But how much you are receptive will give you that much benefit. You too need to be 100% receptive to have the highest value from the Shaktipat.

How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Last? Practical Eligibility

How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Last?

How Long Does Shaktipat from a Guru Last?

Here are some IGG Practical Secrets to increase your receptivity:

  1. Come to me with a clean slate, a blank screen, an empty vessel.
  2. Keep your identification with who you are as an ego- the personality, outside my door.
  3. Unlearn everything that you have learnt so far or gathered knowledge from different sources.
  4. Don’t come to me to gain something, come to me to lose everything.
  5. Come to me with a beginner’s mindset and a learner’s attitude.
  6. Come to me with a pure heart and trust in your soul.
  7. Come to me with the receptivity to get healed and not to teach me back any modalities that you have applied but it didn’t work for you.
  8. Come to me for total transformation and respect for the Master/ Guru element in me.
  9. Have gratitude towards the divine powers flowing from me to you during Shaktipat.
  10. Come to me to get the diamond that is available only with me and no one else.
  11. Come to me to drop your baggage of being who you think you are and merge with the infinite energy through me – Moksha.

IGG Avadhut Shaktipat – Even the Wild is in Bliss

An Inner GPS Gurus Documentary- IGG Avadhut Shaktipat

Here is a video of a dog receiving Shaktipat from me.

From this video you can see how beautiful the dog surrendered to the Guru, because it has the power to sense the Guru.

IGG Avadhut Shaktipat – Even the Wild is in Bliss

The story about this wild dog is interesting. He remained with us in our Energy Vortex for 3 hours and he repeatedly kept on receiving Shaktipat Sessions one after another.

After the end of the Sessions, he came with us, to go along with us till the main road.

If that is not unconditional trust then what else is it!

Shaktipat empowers you to be yourself and forget your egoic or mind’s identity.

The wild dog shades off its identity as the wild, as the limited being who is meant to remain in the wild.

He shifted to the Soul in him, the energy in him that finds its union with the Guru, and begins radiating with the same energy.

He surrendered completely from the moment he sensed the Guru, you can see the sniffing in the beginning of the video.

I am glad that the real receivers of Shaktipat do not question the Guru- they are simply available and seek love and compassion from the Guru, to heal them.

The magic about this dog is throughout the Sessions, he kept on crying and the purging of his blocked energies happened in flow.

I love the way they surrender, it’s unmatchable.

My only advice to you if you are going through Kundalini Awakening is to surrender like this dog, you will get the maximum from the Guru, that’s me.

An Inner GPS Gurus Documentary- IGG Avadhut Shaktipat

An Inner GPS Gurus Documentary- IGG Avadhut Shaktipat

Here is a Dog’s expression of the experience:

“This video is about me, a wild dog whom IGG Avadhut gave Shaktipat, and I went into the Bliss of Samadhi, unable to come out of the Energy Vortex created by the Divine Powerful Energies of IGG Avadhut.

If you too are abandoned and not getting love, then watch this video completely and get healed with me. I cannot speak your language, but the language that we spoke during the healing Shaktipat session can be understood only when you surrender to the Guru, IGG Avadhut.

I have the power to sense the Guru’s energy, through my Inner GPS.

What power do you have to find the Guru?”

If you have any specific questions before initiation, Inner GPS ActivationShaktipat from me, you can ask me.

For Shaktipat Sessions, email me.


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