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Kundalini Awakening and the IGG Freedom Model

IGG Avadhut

IGG Freedom Model is my invention of the way of living life in ultimate freedom.

IGG Freedom Model is exclusively for those who are going through the Kundalini Awakening journey.

Kundalini Awakening and the IGG Freedom Model
IGG Freedom Model

IGG Freedom Model is the most challenging yet the most powerful way of living life in your way without depending on anyone personally.

Suppose you are going through the Kundalini Awakening journey and you do not want to be part of the Matrix, then the good news for you is that you can create your life with the IGG Freedom Model and have this understanding: Kundalini Awakening and the IGG Freedom Model.

Kundalini Awakening and the IGG Freedom Model

What Is the Freedom Model?

Freedom Model – The New Secret

I invented the Freedom Model for myself first to live the life I wanted to live in my way.

Thereafter with its success, I began teaching you, especially those who are going through the Kundalini Awakening journey, through my Inner GPS Freedom Model Workshops.

This guide is an introduction to the IGG Freedom Model and you will learn about the basic understanding of the IGG Freedom Model.

What Is the Freedom Model?

Freedom Model is the way of living where you:

Kundalini Awakening and the IGG Freedom Model-Freedom Model Vs Matrix Model

Freedom Model is the opposite of the Matrix Model (Samsara) created by the society, for the society and of the society to keep prisoners in jail and die in the jail.

The Freedom Model is all about “YOU”- the “Life Force”, “Consciousness”, “Energy (Kundalini)” and living your authentic energetic reality based on your Inner GPS.

You live your life, not somebody else’s life.

  • You create your life, the way you want.
  • Your life is created by you.
  • You live life for you.

In my further guides, I will also teach you in detail how to adopt the Freedom Model as well as you can take my Consulting directly through online or offline Workshops.

How Does the Freedom Model Work?

Freedom Model

Freedom Model is your personal way of living life where you live anywhere on this planet earth, your way and not permanently settled in one place.

You choose different destinations to stay and do not own any permanent place to live.

Freedom Model is not only the freedom to live and work anywhere, but also the freedom from your mind-ego bondages that do not allow you to be free.

In the Freedom Model, you live as a digital nomad Entrepreneur.

So, you can stay in as many homes as you wish to stay on rental basis for the period of duration you want to stay.

It is more about business deals with the house owners who happily accomodate you- you get a place to live, they get money!

Win-Win situation.

50- 500, or more is just a number where you can stay throughout your life.

You don’t need to own your house, car or material things, that keeps you stuck in one place.

You own a huge bank balance though through your business venture and investments.

Why the IGG Freedom Model?

Freedom Model is not for everyone and the reasons for you choosing to live in the Freedom Model should be extreme suffering from living in one place and getting rotten in the negative energies of the place.

Consciousness is the foundation of the Freedom Model and how you will learn through me in my Workshops.

Here are the possible reasons that will help you to decide, why to live in the Freedom Model:

  1. You are going through Kundalini Awakening and nobody understands you and your sufferings wherever you live.
  2. You have become extremely sensitive to energies and the negative energies around you make you suffer the worst.
  3. You cannot stay at home, because your spouse or family members do not understand your conditions and it leads to more suffering.
  4. You cannot stay in the society where there are already noisy neighbors and sick people in the society radiating negativity through lower and darker energies of their Vikaras and Vasanas.
  5. Even if you are single, due to the Kundalini Awakening, you suffer from insomnia, fibromyalgia, multiple scheloris, bipolar disorder, IBS, neurological disorders and many other symptoms that remain undetected by the solutions in the world. So you are declared a mentally retarded patient who is left alone to die.
  6. You no longer want to live the mediocre life that you have been living so far and you want to break free from all that is limiting you to grow and evolve.
  7. You don’t want to own anything and yet enjoy the benefits of the resources available on the Earth, your way.
  8. You don’t want to do a job and be in the routine work and rat race of the existing world and the prison called office and society.
  9. You don’t want to share your energies and space with anyone in the shitty society.
  10. You don’t want to be in the company of people who judge you day and night for being who you are.
  11. Your Kundalini demands to live in Positive Energy Vortexes or positive energy fields for Karmic settlements and further growth.
  12. You no longer want to be the clone of the society who is creating sad, sick and depressive people with demonic energies to kill you in the Negative Energy Vortexes.

Apart from the above, there are many other personal reasons that you may have to choose the Freedom Model.

You can mention those reasons in the “Comments Section” below, so that you gain clarity on why you are choosing the Freedom Model.

How Is the IGG Freedom Model Different From Remote Work?

Freedom Model is the ultimate freedom from the compulsion to live at a fixed place that you own.

Remote work means you are working remotely, not from the office but from home or any other location.

Remote work is related to jobs or business that at times need to visit the office or meet other people physically for work occasionally.

Freedom Model is about having your Digital Entrepreneurship Venture or Exclusive Freelancing Projects or Consulting Services that you can conduct online without having the need to do a job- it is not freedom.

Freedom Model is more about freedom to do work your way professionally yet in freedom to choose when to work, how to work.

You will know the in-depth importance of the Freedom Model from my IGG- Verified Energy Vortexes Project.

How Can I Help You?

The basic premise of the Freedom Model is “Freedom, Happiness and Power”. You can create your way of living life authentically without adopting the patterned way of living life due to civilization.

I can help you with living in the Freedom Model by teaching you exclusively how it works for you by:

  • Reading/ Diagnosing your Inner GPS – whether the Freedom Model is for you or not?
  • If the Freedom Model is for you then educating you through actionable plans as to how you can start living in the Freedom Model.
  • Empowering you to live in the Freedom Model through my Inner GPS Activation- Shaktipat.
  • Facilitating your Kundalini Awakening journey in tune with your Freedom Model.
  • Guiding you throughout for every challenge that you face while living in the Freedom Model.

For more information and questions on the Freedom Model, you can contact me.


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