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Kundalini Awakening and Unsociety- The Best Freedom Guide

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini and Unsociety

Are you going through the most challenging phase of your life? 

Are you lost and abandoned by your own people, family, friends, and society? 

According to an NSLC Report, in the United States approximately 1.5 million children and adolescents, constituting nearly 7% of youth, run away annually, primarily driven by family conflicts, abuse, or neglect. In at least 19 states, the term “runaway” is explicitly defined in both criminal and civil statutes.

Source: NSDL Youth Homelessness Overview

If the answer to both questions is a big “Yes,” then you are 100% going through the Kundalini Awakening journey, not knowing what to do next?  

Do not worry! 

Kundalini Awakening and Unsociety” is the solution.

I have a permanent solution to make you free and independent from the clutches of society and the world that, instead of contributing to your growth, is contributing to your problems. 

This guide is all about how to free yourself from the limiting society and how to free yourself from the jail mates in society. 

You will feel empowered intellectually at the end of the guide. For an energetic shift, you can contact us to help you – “Unsociety.”  

Stay blessed and excited to listen to your inner voice through me! 

Kundalini and “Unsociety”- Why? 

You must be wondering: 

What is Kundalini and “Unociety”? 

I have covered this in detail in my guide: “Kundalini Vs Matrix,” which you can read later.

You can pay attention to what I am sharing here by giving a different perspective.

When Kundalini awakens in you, it’s a long journey ahead, and you will come to know that you won’t be able to stay in society.

Challenges of Living in Society During Kundalini Awakening

Now, society is actually full of people who actually want you to be in society.

While Kundalini wants you to be away from society.

In this situation, there will be a struggle.

There will be lots of clashes.

Let me warn you.

Let me prepare you for future struggles or friction.

You will have fights, or you will have issues with your own people, so-called own people, relatives, spouse, family, relatives, and society in general.

Among all these frictions, who will win? 

Kundalini will win.

  • Society won’t win because society doesn’t have the power to keep you in jail.
  • Society is a jail for people who are going through the Kundalini Awakening, and they come to know this.
  • You will come to know this.
  • You will not be able to stay in society, and society will throw you away sooner or later.

Kundalini and Unsociety- Impact on Relationships, Career, and Health

Kundalini Awakening and Unsociety

Kundalini Awakening and Unsociety

One thing you must remember is that whatever comes, you will be going through lots of financial, physical, mental, and emotional issues.

You will be having issues like:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraine
  • multiple sclerosis 
  • colitis 
  • full body pain 
  • insomnia 

These are the issues that the medical fraternity does not have any solution for.

So there will not be anyone outside to help you.

You need a caretaker. Nobody from your relatives or anybody from your family will support you, including your spouse.

Let me tell you this.

Your spouse won’t understand that you’re going through a spiritual awakening, and then there will be friction.

Ultimately, it will be turned into separation like oil and water.

In the building or the society or apartment where you are staying, whatever happens outside, you will have a kind of confidence or kind of awareness.

Consciousness inside because Kundalini will give you that Consciousness away from the mind, and you will have causeless happiness on your face all the time.

Whatever happens now, society won’t like it.

The reason is you may be married or unmarried; nothing will go well in your life, which society will take credit for.

That due to our efforts, you are doing well.”

No, nothing will be going well- your relationships, career, or health.

If you’re going through Kundalini Awakening, then in that case, you will lose your job.

Your job and your career won’t go as you had planned.

There will also be a period of no income.

In this case, society only rewards people who follow their


Rule of getting an education, then getting married, giving birth to kids, and then being a responsible citizen in society.

All these things are not applicable to you.

There will be no one to support you. 

  • Your parents won’t be proud of you.
  • Your sisters won’t be proud of you.
  • Your society, in general friends, won’t be proud of you.

Because you are not a successful person in general.

  • in a relationship, you will fail
  • in career, you will fail 
  • in health, you will fail 

“Success has many fathers, and failure is always an orphan.”

You’ll be an orphan in this case.

You’ll be abandoned by society. 

People won’t trust you with what you are going through:

  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Fatigue 
  • Pain 
  • Colitis 

You are not healthy.

People won’t trust you because outside, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Even medical reports won’t show anything wrong with you.

What is the solution?

The solution is “Unsociety.”

Kundalini and Unsociety- The Role of IGG Freedom Model

Kundalini Awakening and Unsociety- IGG Freedom Model

Kundalini Awakening and Unsociety- IGG Freedom Model

Unsociety” is the term I coined a few years ago when I precisely understood what should be done for the person who is going through the Kundalini Awakening Journey.

This unsociety thing is like the way my IGG Freedom Model has stemmed out of these issues.

You won’t be able to be in the society, live in the society then

  • Where will you stay?  
  • How will you survive?

I created the IGG Freedom model for the same thing.

I have covered the IGG Freedom model in these guides, which you can refer to after reading this article: 

  1. IGG Freedom Model Part 1- Your Life is a Trip on Planet Earth 🌎
  2. IGG Freedom Model Part 2: Work from Anywhere
  3. IGG Freedom Model Part 3: Work from Anywhere- Practical Guide
  4. IGG Freedom Model Part 4 Remote Work AI : The Best Guide
  5. Kundalini Awakening and the IGG Freedom Model

“Unsociety” is more about what you can do.

  • Take an initiative 
  • Be prepared for the challenges 
  • Inside, be prepared that you are not going to stay in the society.
  • You’re not going to be dependent on society.
  •  You will be independent.

Independent in what?

Independent in everything.

  • Health
  • Wealth means career, earning money
  • Relationships – you will have a deeper relationship with yourself

You can have a connection with you.

You cannot have communication with parents or family if your Kundalini allows you to do so.

But I doubt that.

Kundalini and Unsociety- Preparing for Independence

So society is- so far, you have lived in jail.

Kundalini comes to free you from the jail.

That’s why Kundalini Awakening and unsociety are related.

Come out of jail anyway and celebrate.

Celebrate to yourself that you are going to be free from the clutches of the society you are out of the Matrix.

You come out of the rut.

Unociety is the term for when you stop living as per society.

You will come to know when you leave society.

I don’t mean that you start living in the Jungle.

No. You live in the same city or maybe a different city. Still, you will stop being dependent on society for anything.

For health, wealth, and relationships, you will be supporting Kundalini.

You will start living your energetic reality. It means:

You will stay at the place:

  • where high Prana is there,
  • high oxygen is there.
  • Where good water is there
  • where the excellent surroundings are, there 
  • nature is there 

You will not be surrounded by relatives like in jail because all are jail mates, even society people, your relatives, and your parents are in prison.

They are jailmates.

But once you come out of jail, it will be more of an individual journey or, I would say, a lonely journey for some time.

Kundalini wants you to be independent in this case because it wants to infuse power in you.

Whatever power it infuses in you, you need to start expressing and start acting on it.

Keep in mind that it will be difficult for you to get married.

If you’re married, there will be separation; most probably, there will be separation.

Be ready for it.

Diagnosis and Support for Kundalini Awakening and Unsociety

How Can We Help You? 

How will you know whether you’re going through Kundalini Awakening or not?

  • You can contact us.
  • We will diagnose you.
  • Also, we’ll provide you with a solution. 

What to do? 

We will give you clarity so we can tell you the truth.

Our team is equipped to help you if you are going through Spiritual Awakening.

Alright, so with that, I wish you all the best.

Have a great day ahead. 


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