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IGG Freedom Model Part 1- Your Life is a Trip on Planet Earth 🌎

IGG Avadhut

1 IGG Freedom Model

The IGG Freedom Model is the most dynamic and powerful way of living your life on planet Earth as long as you are alive in this body.

You take birth in this body and leave this body when you die. What you spend in between is “Your Life”. 

How you spend “Your Life” is your right and choice. You do not own anything in this universe, and you cannot own it. 

But your ego identification and desires make you accumulate everything you do not need to impress those who mean nothing to you. 

The game of accumulation and impressing others keeps on continuing until one day – You wake up from the dream. 

  • Lighten up and leave all your baggage behind. 
  • Own nothing, use everything as long as you are alive. 
  • What you own, owns you. 

IGG Freedom Model -The Enlightening Moment

You are putting your valuable attention to waste your time, money and energy on living a life designed by others for their benefit. 

The rules or patterns of society to get a job, marry and have kids is a jail where most people live without questioning the same. 

As an individual, you have a choice regarding how you want to live on this planet like a traveller. 

Secret of IGG Freedom Model

You are never born. You never die as a Consciousness. You only change forms and experience the pleasures of different forms. One of the forms is the Human Being in different births. 

You cannot trace your other births. That’s the best gift to your human form. But you can curve your path “Now” when you wake up from the illusion. 

The IGG Freedom Model is exclusively the way of living for you if you are going through the Kundalini Awakening or Spiritual Awakening journey. This guide is #1 IGG Freedom Model Guide, to guide you step by step for the transition.

This is IGG Freedom Model Part 1, Guide and hereafter, you will get access to the next level guides on the Freedom Model. The links to those Guides are:

Read till the end to gain the basic insights on IGG Freedom Model.

IGG Freedom Model – Your Life is a Trip on Planet Earth 🌎

1 IGG Freedom Model

IGG Freedom Model

Consider the following to live the Best Life- 

Make sure you are living the best-balanced life in all the areas of your life. How to achieve the highest state is a part of your effort of Consciousness to channel your energy in the right direction. 

Your Freedom, Happiness and Power are your direct return on your investment in yourself. 

Living life in the IGG Freedom Model allows you to remain free, happy and powerful once you know how to manage your: 

1. Career and Wealth

2. Health and Well-being

3. Relationships and Connections

4. Spiritual Development

Your Daily DOSE of Happiness in IGG Freedom Model

Your brain releases the good hormones- Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin when you engage yourself every day in quality: 

  1. Food 
  2. Sex 
  3. Laughter 
  4. Creation 
  5. Bath 
  6. Stretching

Mantra for IGG Freedom Model: 

Be in the centre and operate as the Consciousness. Ensure that your Freedom, Happiness and Power remain intact in whatever you do. 

How to Create the IGG Freedom Model? 

IGG Avadhut- Inventor of IGG Freedom Model

I became the Digital Nomad Entrepreneur in 2007 and over the years, I became expert in guiding my students and clients in living as a digital nomad entrepreneur.

A few years back, I invented the IGG Freedom Model exclusively for those who are in their Kundalini/ Spiritual Awakening Journey, to live in the highest Freedom, that Kundalini demands.

Becoming a Digital Nomad Entrepreneur is one of the aspects of IGG Freedom Model.

However, IGG Freedom Model is not equivalent to Digital Nomads because, in the IGG Freedom Model, you are not working for anybody like an employee from a distance. 

A Digital Nomad Entrepreneur is conducting his entrepreneurial venture, living anywhere in this world, yet not becoming a part of the patterns of how people live their life. 

People in this world live a patterned life because they are not “free” enough, even if they have enough “money” for mobility. 

Mobility is not only required for your time, money and energy practically but also for your state of Consciousness, which is free from your limiting beliefs, conditioning and patterns of your mind. 

That is why you need to work on all four areas of your life:

1. Career and Wealth

2. Health and Well-being

3. Relationships and Connections

4. Spiritual Development

Reaching the most balanced state in all the above areas is challenging, but it is worth it. By doing so, you for the first time give importance to that for which you are born – “Living your Life Purpose.”

A person in jail cannot experience true freedom. You are in the cage as long as you are stuck in your mental reality. 

To experience the freedom of your existence, you have to live life in a way that makes your body, mind, and spirit enjoy the pleasures of being human. 

Reality Check for IGG Freedom Model

Human beings were born free at the beginning of their origin. With population growth and civilization, the present Human Beings, though civilized, are living the life of a prisoner. 

No one is free, except only 0.01 % of the entire population of the human species. 

You can be among the pioneers in living in the IGG Freedom Model, where your life will be a trip on this planet Earth. Your everyday life could be a trip once you invest your time, money and energy to create the IGG Freedom Model. 

From Where to Start the IGG Freedom Model? 

Begin from Today- Here and Now. 

1. Physically

Get rid of toxicity in your blood and become the fittest. Health is essential to living in the IGG Freedom Model because you have to do most of your daily chores yourself. 

You have to make optimum use of your body to manage your daily activities. 

2. Mentally

You must declutter your mind to operate from Consciousness. You have to use your empty mind to work for you and not otherwise. 

3. Emotionally

You must work on your emotional quotient to be emotionally free from anything that binds you. Sort out your emotional issues permanently before walking on the path of living life in the IGG Freedom Model. 

4. Energetically

You must be flexible, spontaneous and adventurous in your energetic strength because your life will become dynamic. No patterns or conditioned way of living is going to work for you.

IGG Freedom Model Is a Dynamic Way of Living 

The IGG Freedom Model is action-oriented and dynamic in that you have to decide and act based on the moment’s need. 

Because the beauty of the IGG Freedom Model is that once you are tuned into the way of living life like a trip, you are always on the go. 

You are adventurous and sail through life as it comes. You are courageous and bold to use your highest intelligence every moment, and your intuition drives you to show you the path. 

  1. Instinct: Your instinctive functions guide you to keep yourself fit and healthy.
  2. Intellect: Your intellect guides you to be practical in the world.
  3. Intuition: Your intuition guides your next move. 
  4. Intelligence: Your intelligence guides your Instinctive, intellectual and Intuitive Power.

Step by Step Process to Implement the IGG Freedom Model


Focus on becoming a successful digital nomad entrepreneur. 

  • How to become a digital nomad entrepreneur?
  • What skills are required to live life in the IGG Freedom Model? 

How to Become a Digital Nomad Entrepreneur? 

1 IGG Freedom Model

Digital Nomad Entrepreneur

To become a digital nomad entrepreneur, be the creator of your life and profession. Create a platform for yourself through which you can express your best. 

Be the inventor and the investor of your life. 

Invent a unique product or service for the world. Make it successful for you and then create values for the world to experience and be highly grateful to you. 

Become the biggest investor by investing in yourself in a way to make yourself the most powerful cash flow generating asset for lifetime. 

Make sure that you are digitally upgraded and your income source is coming through digital media. 

You can provide value to the world digitally: 

  • Content in digital assets- blog, YouTube videos. 
  • Direct online one-to-one video Coaching
  • Digital Books once you are established

You can earn digitally through: 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online Coaching Fees
  • Royalty from online books 

You can provide direct coaching or organise workshops in the place of your stay. For that you have to create your “Brand”. 

Either you become the “Brand” or your invention should become the “Brand”, to get the pricing power remains with you, wherever you go. 

What Skills are Required to Live Life in the IGG Freedom Model? 

You must work on your form to become the one who is in absolute freedom. You operate as consciousness and you make use of your body- mind as instruments to live the life you design for yourself.

Life Skills: 

  • Cooking, experimenting with food. 
  • Active routine where you do most of your daily chores yourself. 
  • Ability to communicate and negotiate when needed.
  • Flexibility and smartness in implementing. 

Professional Skills: 

  • Creator’s perspective
  • Entrepreneurial skills – Digital skills, Nomadic attitude and entrepreneurial acumen. 
  • Language proficiency – English, being the international language, one national language of the country(when you travelling in your country) and one native language of the region where you are moving(if possible) 
  • Educated attitude 
  • Learner’s attitude 


When you are already living in your existing set-up, as an experiment, live life in the IGG Freedom Model for at least 6 months to 1 year. 


You will get enough opportunity to test the water in the first six months. In the next six months, you will know whether you are fit for the water. 


Based on your investment and experience in the first six months and one-year duration, you can take the plunge to live life like a trip in the IGG Freedom Model. 

Practical Challenges in the IGG Freedom Model: 

“You” are choosing to live life in the IGG Freedom Model to experience the best life as a human being. You are not doing it for anyone else other than you. 

1. Unsociety

Since the IGG Freedom Model is not meant for the worldly people and the people who live in the cage of society, both physically and mentally, you will not get acceptance from anyone. Be prepared for it. 

You cannot choose places in the typical societal area because you will not feel “Free”. If you are not feeling “Free”, it is not meant for you. 

2. Smartness and Intelligence

You must become brilliant.

  • Man: If you are a man, you will have unique challenges. 
  • Woman: If you are a woman, you will have unique challenges.
  • Partners: If you are partners, then you will have unique challenges. 

3. Availability:

You have to find intelligent and unique ways primarily to find places for living for the duration you want to live, a peaceful and private environment, and access to daily needs. 

4. Resources:

Your assets – your time, money and energy should be the best to serve you as per need. 

1. Time

Your time is your asset. Make sure you are utilizing every moment from the wisdom of Consciousness and not giving control to your mind to work in patterns.

Do not waste time by connecting unnecessarily to people either online or offline. People with minds are time wasters. 

Adopt discipline in your life to do your daily activities without anyone’s help. This habit will help you to remain physically fit and healthy. Your time saved can be utilized for more creative pursuits regularly. 

2. Money

Make sure you earn enough and have the tremendous financial strength to serve you for your IGG Freedom Model and emergencies. If you are financially free, then work on improving your cushioning. 

If you are not financially free, work towards financial freedom and then on the cushioning. The IGG Freedom Model is not a cheap way of living. 

It would be best if you had the highest money support to sponsor your Freedom, Happiness and Power. 

3. Energy

Energy is everything. You can experience the best life in the IGG Freedom Model because of energy. 

You- the Consciousness is the perception of the freedom, happiness and power that comes with living life like a trip. 

Your energetic voltage will determine your quotient of how successfully you are living in the IGG Freedom Model.

Besides, it would be best if you had tremendous energy to run the IGG Freedom Model and venture into new dimensions of creativity through this model. 

5. Communication

The role of intelligent communication is immense for running the IGG Freedom Model successfully.

Since you are not living in one place for a longer duration of time, you cannot create relationships and connections based on traditional methods or styles. 

You have to create more practical and innovative ways to communicate with people for any transaction you do daily. 

Whether buying things from a local grocery shop where you live or booking homestays, studio apartments or hotels, or booking vehicles, you stand apart from the crowd. 

It would be best to find intelligent ways to communicate so that you sail through with fewer hustles and more rewarding experiences as you live.  

Do’s for IGG Freedom Model

  1. Talk practically to people for specific work.  
  2. Do your research first, and then ask for validation if that is required. 
  3. Remain away from past friends, relatives, colleagues and known people online. 
  4. Become offline for people in general. 
  5. Set your boundaries and stick to them. 
  6. Share only official or relevant information to the authorities like owners of the property, reception of hotels and not more than that. 
  7. Keep your monetary transaction smooth and intelligent. 
  8. Share your terms clearly with the property owner and keep everything transparent. 

Don’t s for IGG Freedom Model

  1. Do not seek unnecessary information from people in general, that you do not need.
  2. Do not reveal your detailed information to anyone. You owe nothing to anyone. Your information sharing could create problems for you. 
  3. Do not become friends with people. Be friendly in your gestures with people and, more importantly, do your task and leave. 
  4. Do not fall prey to “sweet talkers” or “good people” in the world. It’s a trap. 
  5. Do not engage in pep talks or gossip, drama and politics with a gathering of strangers if you find yourself unfortunately in such a situation during your stay in some homestay. 

Brilliant Hacks for the IGG Freedom Model

  1. Always choose a place that gives you the highest peace and privacy. 
  2. Prefer travelling to a city, country or continent that will allow you to grow as a human being from your present state. 
  3. Travel through flights for domestic and international destinations.
  4. Avoid trains and shared taxis. You can travel through pre-booked taxis from professional or trusted cab drivers. 
  5. Keep your baggage lighter. One trolley bag or suitcase and one sack should be your ideal travel itinerary for life. 
  6. Be organized and minimalist. Buy things that you need and will use in one month. Use the best quality phones, laptops, trimmers and other required essentials for gadgets and infrastructure. 
  7. Be presentable and bright in your appearance but not phoney. Choose clothes and styles that discourage unnecessary attention from people. Be natural in public places. 
  8. Speak softly to the person you are interacting with and often unheard by others apart from that person. 
  9. Sort your life and keep implementing your unique life hacks as you live. Keep experimenting and experiencing innovative ways of doing things. 

Hacks: Be inventive and keep investing in the IGG Freedom Model to live a customized life for yourself. 

How to Create Your Travel Itinerary for Life in the IGG Freedom Model?

Divide your itinerary into three essential segments: 

  1. Clothes
  2. Gadgets
  3. Utilities


  1. Two pairs of jeans 
  2. Four T-shirts, two for external use and two for home use. 
  3. Two jerkins or jackets based on your preference or weather conditions.
  4. Four or six undergarments.
  5. A bed sheet, a towel, and 4-5 handkerchiefs.
  6. 3-4 pairs of socks.
  7. A pair of shoes 
  8. A pair of slippers. 
  9. Woollen garments – as per need. Winter wear inner sets, sweatshirts, sweaters, socks, caps, warm, full sleeves T-shirts.  


If you need anything extra:

  • Buy from where you have been living for a month or more. 
  • Use it.
  • Discard it when you leave or replace it with the old one. 
  • Sell, donate or trash before you leave the place. 


  1. Mobile phone
  2. Laptop 
  3. Charger 
  4. Powerbank 
  5. Camera, lenses and other photography-connected gadgets, if you happen to be a digital creator in videography or any other use.
  6. Socket connector 
  7. Electric kettle 
  8. Trimmer 
  9. Any other gadget specific to you, but keep it minimal. 


  1. A few utensils – one small and a big bowl, two plates, four spoons, two forks, a knife, a small and a big pair of scissors. 
  2. Essential Medicines – fever, vomiting, headache, and your specific medicines, if any. 
  3. A first aid kit 
  4. Your daily use of essentials– toothpaste, toothbrush, tooth cleaner, bathing soap, bathing sponge or foam, dishwasher cake or powder, cloth washer detergent cake or powder, facewash, handwash, sanitizer, tissue paper. 
  5. Snacks – biscuits, salty namkeens, fruits, dry fruits and other essential mobile food like packets of noodles, soup, and ready meals. 
  6. Basic spices, herbs and needs– salt, sugar, tea, milk powder. Rest you can purchase from the place where you are moving. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Human Life by Living the Best Way of Life – Life is a Trip – Freedom Model 

Mantras for Freedom Model

  • Be The Creator of Your Life.
  • Live Your Energetic Reality.
  • Live in the Highest Freedom, Happiness and Power.
  • Enjoy the pleasures of Being Human at its best.


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