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Where Is Prana Stored in the Body?

IGG Avadhut

Where Is Prana Stored in the Body?

Prana is not stored in the body but circulates in the Subtle Energy Channels called Nadis.

Prana flows in the Nadis through the Central NadiSushumna that is responsible for infusing Cosmic Prana in the energy channels.

Along with that Prana flow in the Ida and Pingla Nadis are responsible for controlling the Lunar and Solar energy in the body.

The Lunar Pranic Energy is responsible for bringing calmness and soothing effect to the body.

The Solar Pranic Energy is responsible for bringing dynamism and action effect to the body.

When both the lunar and solar energy are balanced, means when energy flowing through both Ida and Pingla are balanced, then the body gets access to the Cosmic Prana flowing through the Sushusma.

Since the Prana is not stored in the body, for continuous access to Prana, you need to keep breathing in the natural instinctive way – belly breathing.

Through involuntary belly breathing 24/7, the natural flow of Prana is maintained and you can experience the best health.

For any reason, if your belly breathing is altered to chest breathing or when sympathetic breathing is on, you cannot get continuous flow of Prana that may affect your health adversely.

To maintain your Prana flow, you need to continuously practice Conscious Belly Breathing so that you can maintain the storage/ circulation of Prana in your body.

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