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Why Do I Feel Energy in My Feet as I Go Through a Spiritual Awakening?

IGG Avadhut

Spiritual Awakening is your awakening of Kundalini energy.

When Kundalini awakens in you, it clears your energy channels and unblocks your Karmic energy in the Chakras carried forward from past lives.

Here is the direct answer to your question:

The energies that you feel in your feet during Kundalini Awakening are the excess energies that are released into the universal energy field through the openings at your feet.

At the opening of your feet are the openings or the Energy Channels called Nadis.

Not only in the feet, as the Kundalini cleansing process will progress in you, you will feel energies in your entire body and your nervous system will feel electrified all the time.


If you find the above experience of energies in your feet overwhelming, then cover your feet with good quality of a pair of cotton socks all the time.

This will not hamper your Kundalini processing as well as you will feel comfortable.


You may be questioned by people around you about your wearing socks all the time.

In that case, learn to be smart and reply to them:

“I love socks and you will have to form the habit of seeing me in socks!”

Don’t explain your Spiritual Awakening process, nobody will understand. They will make fun of you.

The above reply will make them talk to you henceforth carefully.

Leave the place if you find the environment toxic.

Take care of yourself.

If you have any more questions, you can ask me.


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