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Kundalini Awakening Nice Guys and Relationships: Power Guide

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini Awakening Nice Guys and Relationships

Are you a ‘Nice Guy’ suffering due to relationships in the Kundalini journey?

As a nice guy, you must be feeling crushed in relationships when the powerful force within, the Kundalini, starts awakening in you. 

In this guide, I will help you explore the dynamics of managing attention, embracing your true power, and honoring the guidance of Kundalini awakening at different stages in managing relationships.

Read the guide attentively to navigate your transformative path together.

Kundalini Awakening Nice Guys and Relationships

When Kundalini awakens in you, and if you are a nice guy, then understand that a girl or your wife will not value you. 

  1. If you are single and having a relationship with your girlfriend then she is going to take lots of your attention, lots of your energy.
  2. If you are married, then your wife is going to take lots of your attention or energy.

For me, attention is direct energy.

Embracing Power: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Why are nice guys primarily crushed in relationships? 

Kundalini wants to awaken you

from the dream of being a nice guy. You are “No More Mr Nice Guy,” and who are you.

You are a potentially powerful man; you have a potential hero who does heroic acts. 

I am not calling you a Hollywood Hero or a movie star.

Yes, you will be a movie star also if that is in your Inner GPS.

For example, we know lots of actors whose Kundalini is awakened, and they are going through Kundalini Awakening.

We are not going to tell the names here because we are not here to entertain you, and our power does not allow us to do that. 

Managing Attention: Kundalini vs. Relationships

Kundalini Awakening Nice Guys and Relationships

If you are a nice guy, be very careful about whom you give attention to. 

  • Your Kundalini versus your wife. 
  • Your K versus your girlfriend.

Kundalini will demand lots of your attention.

Your girl will demand lots of your attention.

  • How will you manage it? 
  • How will you give attention to either Kundalini or your girlfriend or wife?
  • Whom should you give attention to? 

If you ask me, give your attention to Kundalini. You may call it Divine Mother, you may call it the universal energy, you may call it reality- what is happening in you.

But be very careful, attentive, and focused and give attention

to Kundalini only. 

Honoring Kundalini’s Guidance in Relationships

Why do you need to give attention to Kundalini?

Because anyways you do not have a choice.

You be prepared, and once you are ready, you will suffer less.

Attention is the energy that Kundalini is actually wanting from you. 

How will you give attention to Kundalini? 

You will give attention by doing Sadhana – by being aware that something in me is asking for my attention.

You need to live your energetic reality; there is no other choice.

For example, if your energy is asking you

  • to just rest and 
  • do not do work, 
  • do not give time to your girlfriend, 
  • do not do that, 
  • do not do not do this

Your Kundalini is telling you what to do, then honor it, respect it and just focus on what it is telling you.

It may ask you to just rest for the day.

There will be fights outside because if you are giving your attention to your girlfriend, she will sit on your head.

Kundalini will throw that relationship away because it is not suitable for you.

Suppose Kundalini feels the external relationships, whether your wife or your girlfriend, are going to be conducive, productive, and supportive for Kundalini’s journey. In that case, Kundalini will keep that relationship alive, and there will be fewer issues.

I will not say no issues, but there will be fewer issues in your relationship. 

Guidance and Coaching for Kundalini Journey

How will you know if this relationship is good for you or not?

You need a Guru, a Spiritual Master who has Clairvoyant abilities like we do have.

We will tell you whether this particular relationship is going to be there in your life or not.

So save yourself from the suffering.

You can contact us to know whether this particular relationship is going to be helpful for

you or not.

Our Co-Founder, IGG Sanju, is a powerful person who will tell you through our paid coaching.

You can contact us whether you are in any country; we have made this coaching service, especially for people:

  • who cannot meet us
  • who are away who are living in different countries

When you are in a relationship, it is the most delicate topic that you need to handle while going through Kundalini Awakening, and we are the most compassionate and responsible Masters who control this topic really lovingly.

It is going to be the most heart-wrenching topic, let me tell you.

If you are going through the issue of relationship and if you want to know:

  • whether you are going through Kundalini Awakening, 
  • whether this relationship is going to last or someone else is going to end in your life

Do contact us, and we will help you.


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