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Do I Miss Periods Sometimes Due to Experiencing Spiritual Changes Within Me or Even Kundalini Powers Going Upward?

IGG Sanju

Yes, you miss your periods sometimes because during Kundalini Awakening your Apana, responsible for the downward flow of toxic blood from the body moves upward.


There are five Pranas in the body that function uniquely. Apana is the Vayu responsible for taking waste materials away from your energy channels to outside.

Apana flows in an outward and downward direction. Both are unique functions that are responsible for moving toxicity out of your body from energy level to physical level.

Your breathing out – exhalation is the result of Apana moving outward.

Your removing stool produced in the body, through downward movement in your large intestine is the result of function of Apana.

Movement of toxic and waste blood extracted from the cells move downward and get released from your body during periods due to Kundalini.

When your Apana is moved upward due to Kundalini processing your cleansing process, the normal functioning in your body is disrupted.

You miss periods because there is not new Apana in the body due to all the Bandas– happening in your system that blocks the flow of Prana too.

Whatever Prana comes in your body, it is consumed in the process of creating fuel for Kundalini Rising.

To correct your periodical cycle, here are some IGG Secrets that will help you with the journey:

  1. Do Kumbhak Pranayama upto 30 seconds breath hold for 50-100 times in a day for a month.
  2. Do belly breathing 24/7 with long exhalation with Om chanting as many times as possible.
  3. Do not focus on inhalation, only on exhalation.
  4. Do Child Pose for 10 mins for 10- 15 times a day.
  5. Repeat the above for 30 days and notice the changes in your periods.
  6. Notice for a few months and if you have more questions, you can ask me.

The above is the basic understanding, there may be more complications in your individual Kundalini Awakening journey. For that you need to personally ask me questions.


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