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How Does Kundalini Awaken?

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini awakens from the base of the spine at the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra) in the following circumstances:

  1. Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening
  2. Intense Yoga practices
  3. Deep meditative practices
  4. Specific breathing practices/ Pranayama
  5. Shaktipat from the Guru

Kundalini awakens only when the maturity time of the Divine Shakti energy comes.

In the above five circumstances, Kundalini is most likely to awaken when the fructition time of the Soul based on Prarabdha comes.

Learn how does kundalini awaken through an example:

Your Soul (Individual Consciousness/ Kundalini) has travelled millions of birth and now it’s time to burn all your Karmas stored in the Causal Body (Karan Sharira).

The Causal Body takes the formation of the Subtle Body (Sthula Sharira), your Mind-Ego- Memory-Intellect complex with Vikaras and Vasanas carried forward from the previous lives.

Also whatever Karma you created in this birth gets accumulated in the Chakras, that keep on manifesting in the Mind/ Subtle Body.

You must know that Kundalini needs the required pressure for it to awaken that is manifested during the above five circumstances.

Kundalini itself may after being saturated at the Root Chakra erupt like a Volcanic Eruption, leading to a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening.

Sometimes, Kundalini in order to awaken requires certain energy channels to be unlocked or unblocking of certain Chakras.

Similarly, Kundalini Awakening may happen during deep meditation or breathing practices.

Among all these the most powerful Kundalini Awakening circumstance is the Shaktipat from your Spiritual Guru/ Master.

How Does Kundalini Awaken? What happens through Guru’s Shaktipat on Kundalini?

When Kundalini Shakti in you receives my powerful Shaktipat, the Divine Universal Kundalini Shakti Energy from me, pulls your Kundalini from the Root Chakra – this phenomenon of Shaktipat is called “Descend of Grace” from the Guru that leads to “Kundalini Ascension” upwards towards the spine.

Through my Inner GPS ActivationShaktipat, whatever blockages your Kundalini is facing in its rising will be cleared and it will flow towards the Sushumna Nadi to ascend further up to clear all Karmic blockages in you.

If you have any complications in your Kundalini Awakening process, then taking Shaktipat from me will help your Kundalini to flow through your Energy Channels/ Nadis uninterruptedly.

Depending on the intensity of the blockages in your Energy Channels, the number of Inner GPS Activation- Shaktipat Sessions will vary.


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