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What Are the Effects of Kundalini Rising through Sushumna Nadi during Meditation or While Doing Yoga Postures?

IGG Avadhut

The prime effect of Kundalini energy rising through Sushumna Nadi during meditation practices or doing Yoga postures are:

  • Activation of Sushumna Nadi: Your Sushusma Nadi, your central energy channel gets activated that is responsible for your best spiritual health.
  • Activation of Vagus Nerve: Your central nerve – Vagus Nerve gets activated that is responsible for your best physical health.

Sushumna Nadi when activated raises your level of consciousness and you mostly operate as Consciousness. When your Sushusma Nadi is activated:

  • Prana moves in flow in your energy channels
  • Your energy channels get access to Cosmic Prana energy that purifies your energy channels from any impurities in your subtle energy body – mind.

Vagus Nerve when activated cures many ailments in your body.

  • It balances your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system
  • Belly breathing and all the functions in the body start happening uninterruptedly
  • You get good sleep, digestion begins along with other metabolic functions of your body.
  • Your physical health improves.

Note: The above happens when you do meditation or yoga to balance Kundalini energy which has already Awakened in you.

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