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Why Does Kundalini Get Stuck on Top of Head?

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini Shakti Energy pierces and travels through all your Chakras and reaches Crown Chakra – your top of head.

Here are the reasons why Kundalini gets stuck on top of head:

  1. Your Mind that is identified with the Ego-Personality does not surrender.
  2. Your identification with the Ego is extremely heavy energy that creates a barrier for Kundalini to dissolve.
  3. It requires too much effort and force for Kundalini to transmute your energy of Ego – identification from millions of births.
  4. Kundalini’s journey began to merge with the ultimate unlimited Universal Consciousness and your Ego-identification restricts Kundalini’s flow by being attached to the limited roles.
  5. The identification with the human being itself is the biggest Egos attachment.
  6. Kundalini finds it challenging to break the human being and make the Egoic energy realise that ego is an illusion and the Absolute Intelligence, Consciousness is the Divine You.
  7. Kundalini finds it challenging to transmute the dense energy of Ego in every human being because, the density of ego’s energy is the highest at the Crown Chakra.
  8. Crown Chakra cannot be pierced through without grace and the presence of a “Strong Powerful Guru”.
  9. You suffer due to Kundalini Awakening the highest at the Crown Chakra level because it is the most difficult phase of the whole process of the Kundalini Awakening journey.
  10. The evolutionary journey of Kundalini from a small ameoba to the highest human being at the Crown Chakra is the longest evolutionary process.
  11. Kundalini at this stage requires divine support from Universal Divine Powers and it creates great pressure at this stage.

To remove or help Kundalini move out from your top of head is to surrender completely to its power and accept that your life is no longer in your control.

The more you surrender to Kundalini, the Guru within and to your outside Guru, you will be free from the stuckness of the Samsara and achieve Enlightenment – Moksha- Liberation- Nirvana.


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