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Kundalini Awakening Stages – The Ultimate Guide

IGG Avadhut

Did you ever feel a mysterious, powerful force inside you pushing you towards something greater? 

If your answer is – “Yes,” then you are going through Kundalini Awakening, a deep spiritual journey filled with hidden potential.

Kundalini Awakening is an energetic phenomenon that lies dormant at the base of your spine, harnessing immense hidden power.

When Kundalini gets activated, you can experience life-changing benefits such as:

Is this journey something you are ready to explore in order to unlock these stages of Kundalini Awakening? 

Then, you have landed on the best platform.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How is Kundalini Awakening as a spiritual journey moves through the Seven Chakras to reach enlightenment and connection with the divine? 

  • How does it involve your physical, emotional, and psychological changes?

  • How can you navigate it by seeking guidance from experienced Spiritual Masters?

  • What are the potential benefits offered by Kundalini Awakening? 

Kundalini Awakening Stages- Demystified

Kundalini awakening stages

Kundalini Awakening takes place as a process or stages of spiritual transformation, involving the activation and ascending of energy originating from the base of your spine.

As Kundalini flows through each Chakra until it reaches its peak at the Crown Chakra in order to unite with the higher power, this journey offers you: 

  • An enlightening experience accompanied by extreme pain 

  • Death of the ego- the false sense of identity 

  • Brings you closer to Divinity 

The distinctiveness of a Kundalini Awakening lies in its energetic nature, which propels your life force through your Chakras (Energy Vortexes), specifically moving it from the base of the spine to the Crown Chakra of the head.

  • When you navigate through the final stages of the Kundalini Awakening, you reach a state of enlightenment, and your soul is fully awakened.

  • Moreover, all the negative Karma from your past lives is obliterated, and you break free from the cycle of birth and death. 

  • This means you won’t be reborn again.

Kundalini Awakening can drastically change your life for good – thus revealing both sides: exciting yet challenging nature, when linked to your delicate energetic system known as Chakras. 

Before you understand the stages of Kundalini Awakening, let’s have a brief understanding of the meaning of Kundalini

What is Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini energy is the divine feminine energy depicted in spiritual scriptures as a sleeping serpent at the base of your spine. 

As Kundalini Master, I facilitate your Kundalini Awakening journey in its awakened state

  • It cannot be awoken through spiritual practices such as Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Only it could be processed through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices suggested by your Kundalini Master. 

  • This Awakening process is a divine flow personal to each individual – connecting you more deeply with divine energy (Kundalini Shakti) and leading to liberation from spiritual and physical bondage.

  • You may experience profound states like even a near-death experience or experiences or an elevated consciousness in this journey towards understanding life itself.

Role of Chakras in Kundalini Awakening 

The Chakra system is composed of energy centers throughout the body, which are key components to Kundalini’s rising energy.

  • This powerful process that promotes spiritual evolution and transformation involves the Kundalini power flowing up from its base through the core channel called Sushumna while being released at each gate (Chakras). 

  • Your physical and mental health improves through your Sushusma activation. 

  • Your spiritual growth is directly connected to your Sushusma activation. 

Hence, becoming aware of these Chakra centers will help you tackle whatever experiences arise during the Kundalini process of rising more effectively.

Stages of Kundalini Awakening- From Bondage to Freedom

The Kundalini Awakening stage is an enlightening and transformative experience of spiritual growth. 

During the journey, you deepen your connection to your inner essence while clearing out psychological traumas that have hindered this progress up until now.

These powerful physical involuntary movements and mental experiences lead you towards a higher level of spiritual awareness known as the Kundalini Awakening.

In this segment, you will learn how each stage contributes toward complete ascendency on this life-transforming path. 

How many stages of Kundalini Awakening are there?

Kundalini Awakening is a process of transforming and transcending to connect with the divine, and it can be divided into three distinct stages: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

As these different levels are experienced in succession through Kundalini’s energy flow, you have access to great power for growth.

The process consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Preparation for activated Kundalini 

Kundalini, when awakened, is a spiritual journey that activates and cleanses your Root Chakra ( Muladhara Chakra) in order to open up for your transformation.

Once your Kundalini is awakened, you can prepare yourself mentally and physically with practices like:

  • Meditation,

  • Kundalini Yoga 

  • Breathwork or Pranayama

These practices allow you to become more sensitive towards the Kundalini energy during this first stage of the Awakening process.

As you adjust through it, physical sensations as well as emotional shifts may be experienced along the way.

Once these steps have been fulfilled adequately, you then stand ready to facilitate the actual divine Kundalini initiation ascent into full-blown activation in step two. 

Stage 2: Ascension and purification

As you move deeper into the Kundalini journey, this energy begins to travel through your Chakras. It helps heal you in terms of body, mind, and spirit.

On its path upward from one Chakra to another, some negative blockages may present themselves as hurdles to personal understanding.

Such stumbling blocks, constant mental chatter, and emotional pain are cleared with help from the purifying power of ascending Kundalini energy.

When flowing strongly at the Crown’s top of our head, this symbolizes completion – a sign that spiritual growth has taken place.

Thanks to the continued connection between yourself and the divine source/Kundalini Shakti.

Though challenging due to its intensity, the progression here represents major steps towards experiencing true liberation. 

Stage 3: Integration and enlightenment

At the culmination of the Kundalini Awakening, you will experience enlightenment- Moksha, and a powerful connection with Divinity will emerge.

  • You may have near-death experiences and emotional experiences in this third phase.

  • This can be seen as feeling at one with our innermost self, being more intuitive than ever before.

  • You will have a sense of unity within the universe while dissolving any ego-based notions.

  • This will allow you to transcend beyond what you thought was previously possible, uncovering your true divine nature in the process.

  • Your physical appearance will change totally. 

  • Your normal life is transformed.

  • A radiance in your aura will be heightened.

It’s through this journey that you come to appreciate fully how powerful the Kundalini‘s energy truly is once awakened from its dormant state.

Kundalini Awakening Stages Based on Chakras

The Kundalini Awakening process can be mapped out and understood based on the Chakras, with each stage indicating an activation or cleansing of a particular one.

By focusing closely on these phases in relation to this cosmic energy system, you have access to better comprehending the unique experiences that come along with Kundalini’s ascent.

It is beneficial for you to take a closer look at how those states link up individually with your understanding of various Chakra points during the Kundalini Awakening stages.

Every step forward unlocks new insights regarding which energies are being activated within you as part of your personal journey toward full enlightenment. 

Stage 1: Root Chakra (survival)

To ensure a safe and effective progression through the Kundalini Awakening stages: 

  • You must first be ready to facilitate Kundalini’s cleansing and activate your root Chakra.

  • It is essential as this energy center governs survival instincts along with grounding you for your spiritual journey ahead. 

By establishing a strong foundation at the base of Kundalini Awakening, Root Chakra cleansing allows you:

  • to optimally progress in all subsequent Kundalini Awakenings 

  • without any interruptions or hindrances on the way

Stage 2: Sacral Chakra (emotions and creativity)

In the second stage, the Kundalini’s attention moves to balancing and healing the Sacral Chakra.

  • This is connected with emotionality and artistry – helping you remove emotional barriers

  • It allows for successful expression of self as well as furthering personal growth.

  • It unlocks this potential in creativity to provide access to understanding every facet of human life experiences.

With a focused effort on restoring harmony within the Sacral Chakra, you are able to both:

  • Process emotions accurately 

  • Gaining inspiration from them through creative works that come alive only when properly balanced energies flow within it

Stage 3: Solar Plexus (ambition and self-assurance)

During the third stage of your spiritual journey, Kundalini focuses on finding balance in your Solar Plexus Chakra. 

  • This helps you to access and channel internal power as well as ambition.

  • Through developing self-assurance and perseverance, you can overcome any difficulties that may arise in both life’s paths and those walked spiritually.

The benefits of recognizing this are extensive. 

You become better equipped to reach objectives regardless of whether they relate directly or indirectly to spirituality.

Stage 4: Heart Chakra (feelings)

The fourth level of spiritual Kundalini advancement is associated with the Heart Chakra, an energy center responsible for inducing love, kindness, and forgiveness in you. 

  • Kundalini develops this Chakra to enable emotional healing to take place as your connection with yourself and others gets strengthened.

  • By encouraging unconditional love and affection, you can bring about a sense of peace within your lives as well as allow harmonious relationships around you to develop.

Stage 5: Throat Chakra (communication)

In stage 5, Kundalini’s focus is on balancing and opening your Throat Chakra.

  • This energetic center relates to communication and self-expression.

  • Kundalini works on it so that when you become open, you can speak the truth from an honest place while also uncovering the special gifts only we have to offer from your Source

  • Clearly, addressing this area of yourself supports you in creating healthy relationships as well as being able to express yourself authentically with those around you.

Stage 6: Third Eye Chakra (Intuition)

Kundalini then balances and activates the Third Eye Chakra, associated with intuition, access to your Inner GPS, and psychic powers. 

  • It allows you to gain an alternative viewpoint.

  • Through the Third Eye Awakening, you can sharpen your instinctive acumen, granting more understanding as you traverse along your spiritual voyage.

  • By this point, all your chakras have been purified, and your Third Eye Chakra, also associated with the Pineal Gland physically, is opened. 

  • You experience a state of pure bliss and achieve total mental clarity.

  • You receive greater sagacity that enables a clearer pathway in following the way forward on this path toward self-actualization.

Stage 7: Crown Chakra (dissolution of ego)

At the seventh stage of the journey, Kundalini focuses on the Crown Chakra, which opens you up to understanding a higher form of Divinity and deeper connection.

  • By working with this aspect and bringing balance to it, you can feel free in spirit while also attaining enlightenment.

  • Freeing yourself from your individual identity and connecting deeply with all things spiritually is what comes next. 

  • This gives you access to an awareness that there’s more than just one single entity operating within existence – instead, oneness resides throughout everything.

Stage 8: Eighth Chakra( Integration)

Reaching the last stage, Kundalini at the Eighth Stage corresponds to the Eighth Chakra or energy center. It brings your consciousness together with Kundalini power.

  • This entire process combination results in a state of harmony within you that then unlocks your full potential and leads to inner peace, higher awareness, and spiritual enlightenment.

  • The process of this merging through the Kundalini Awakening opens up all possibilities on multiple levels beyond physical reality at its culminating point.

Common Experiences During Kundalini Awakening Stages

The Kundalini Awakening process is an intensely personal and transformative experience that can manifest in:

  • A multitude of physical sensations 

  • Emotional pain and reactions

  • Psychological effects

These manifestations may vary from mild to extreme depending on your level (individual’s level) of spiritual evolution. 

During the initial stage, it’s common to encounter physical ailments, aches, and heightened emotional responses.

  • When the signs of Awakening start to show, it’s often referred to as the Kundalini syndrome, though Kundalini is not a syndrome but an energetic phenomena. 

  • This is when you can really feel the life force energy or the Kundalini rising within your body.

  • They are all part of this inner journey. 

In particular, some people have reported feeling:

  • Bodily aches or fever-like physical symptoms 

  • Mental distress, such as depression and anxiety, during their Kundalini Awakening process.

Regardless of what you encounter along your spiritual journey through Kundalini activation (whether it be palpable through physical body responses or hidden depths within the psyche), you emerge with expanded self-awareness after traveling upon its path towards higher consciousness. 

1. Physical sensations

Kundalini Awakening can be characterized by: 

  • Physical sensations, such as aching muscles or feeling feverish.

  • Energy channels in the body may cause twitches and out-of-body experiences that occur naturally during this process of spiritual growth.

IGG Advice 

Take care of yourself while Kundalini energy flows through your Chakras so that you remain balanced physically and emotionally along this journey of Awakening.

2. Emotional shifts

The Kundalini Awakening process brings about significant shifts:

  • In your emotions, such as anxiety, depression, and a heightened sensitivity to the outside world.

  • These fluctuations are different perspectives due to the same energy flowing out of Kundalini

  • The Kundalini works through any blocks or previous traumas, resulting in healing and transformation at an emotional level.

IGG Advice

By facing these feelings with openness, you can begin this journey toward self-discovery.

Uncover knowledge of yourselves that is ultimately beneficial for personal growth as well as understanding your own purpose in life more deeply.

3. Psychological effects

Kundalini Awakening can lead to 

  • Vivid dreams, shifts in consciousness, and enhanced intuition. 

  • The process of Kundalini Awakening leads to heightened cerebral blood circulation

  • This increased blood flow in the brain enhances memory and cognitive abilities.

IGG Advice 

To cope with these psychological influences effectively while engaging in Kundalini-Awakening experiences, stay grounded and seek my advice or from those who are experienced in this area or consult a therapist for proper guidance throughout the process.

Navigating Kundalini Awakening Challenges

Kundalini Awakening can present some difficult challenges.

With the help of experienced teachers and a regular practice of Kundalini yoga, one is able to better manage intense experiences associated with this process while working towards spiritual enlightenment and personal growth.

Seeking advice, self-care, and spiritual practices, as well as patience throughout, are all key elements that will assist in navigating through Kundalini Awakening successfully.

1. Seeking guidance

Kundalini Awakening can be a challenging process, and having my (IGG Avadhut) guidance, an experienced Kundalini Master, is essential to achieving it.

What do you need during this phase: 

  • My support

  • My helpful advice on preventing potential risks associated with Kundalini energy 

  • My presence and wisdom to navigate this path safer

In other words, seeking assistance from me, who has already been through it, makes your journey towards Kundalini Awakening smoother.

2. Practicing self-care

During a Kundalini Awakening, looking after yourself is paramount for preserving your physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Practices like yoga, meditation, and my secret Inner GPS Activation (healing therapy) can lend assistance to your journey while keeping you securely rooted in balance.

  • Self-care allows you to better manage the struggles that come with dormant Kundalini energy stirring up inside of you, which eventually will result in vast life transformations when embraced properly.

  • Looking out for your body, mind, and soul is vital during this spiritual experience.

  • Taking good care puts you on the path towards successful completion/ burning of all desires, Vasanas and Vikaras

3. Embracing patience and surrender

With a patient mindset and an attitude of acceptance, you can trust the Kundalini Awakening process to be effective in bringing about healing and transformation.

  • It allows you to experience the real power that comes from connecting with your innermost energy, Kundalini.

  • By submitting to this journey, I am not expecting too much yet yielding completely what it brings forth. 

  • Life gains balance as you embrace these results energetically.

The Benefits of Kundalini Awakening 

Kundalini Awakening can be a life-transforming journey, offering many advantageous results.

As you traverse through the various stages of Kundalini emerging, 

  • Your connection to spirituality develops and expands

  • Emotional healing happens

  • Physical health improves

What is more notable are its effects on self-reflection and enlightenment, which enables deeper insight into your true purpose in this universe, along with the personal growth and development that comes from it all.

Enhanced spiritual connection

When Kundalini’s energy is awakened, you will experience a powerful spiritual transformation.

  • This leads to an intense connection with the divine. 

  • It allows you to transcend your ego-centered existence by achieving profound enlightenment.

  • The intense suffering will lead you to the second phase, where you will move beyond physical and psychological experiences and enter deeper into the spiritual realm.

  • You will experience pure bliss and oneness with all that exists around you. 

  • It also offers you access to higher states of consciousness where inner wisdom is revealed, along with guidance from beyond this dimension. 

Emotional healing and transformation

Kundalini awakening acts like a divine healing process. Kundalini Energy offers you the following: 

  • An opportunity to work through your negative emotions and patterns, 

  • It enables your personal growth, greater understanding of yourself, and purposeful living.

  • As a result of this healing process, you can experience peace, joyfulness as well as fulfillment in life.

Physical health improvements

Through Kundalini Awakening, you can benefit from improved physical health.

  • This process reinforces the nervous system while also helping increase flexibility and overall well-being. 

  • Through effectively processing Kundalini energy, you can facilitate better vigor as well as longevity of life along with higher levels of vitality.

  • Such a Kundalini Awakening stage has numerous advantages when it comes to your holistic wellness, all thanks to harnessing the power that is within you through experiencing Kundalini Awakening. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I feel Kriyas when Kundalini Awakens?

Kundalini Awakening is powerful, and it involves sensations of extreme heat or cold, plus trembling movements in the body as well as spontaneous movement – Kriyas of yoga postures. These Kriyas are different from the yoga postures of practicing Kundalini Yoga. You experience the Kriyas because your energy channels( Nadis) twist and turn due to the Kundalini cleansing the energy channels.  

What happens when Kundalini is fully awakened?

The Kundalini is described as being fully awoken when a transformation of the whole self – mind, body, and spirit – happens, resulting in an enhanced perception of one’s own awareness.

Sushumna Nadi is the central Nadi out of the three nadis – Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, through which the Kundalini energy passes.

The cleansing of Sushumna becomes important to secure an unobstructed and free flow to the Kundalini energy.

Does the Kundalini Awakening lead to a new birth?

Kundalini Awakening can lead to extensive long-term advantages such as a better working nervous system, increased strength of will, and expanded creativity with the added bonus of an awakened intuition.

This process also enhances feelings like euphoria provides greater empathy and compassion, and deeper spiritual connection.

Alignment in daily life actions, all leading to improved mindfulness and communication without any Karmic debt associated. To these gains, you can observe boosts in clairvoyance skills, along with enhanced memory plus feeling younger!

Why is Kundalini Awakening regarded as Kundalini Syndrome?

Signs and symptoms of Kundalini Awakening include sensations of ‘energy’ moving or trapped within the body, usually involving the chakras.

You may experience shaking, jerking, or spasms and feel a spiritual connection with the Divine that transcends the ego.

People often confuse Kundalini Awakening with experiencing Kundalini Awakening syndrome, which refers to the peculiar phenomena one usually goes through prior to an actual Awakening of Kundalini itself (herself).

Blissful oneness is also common, as well as extrasensory abilities such as ESP and other extraordinary gifts.

Is Kundalini Awakening permanent?

Yes, the Kundalini Awakening process is a permanent spiritual Awakening. With the help of a true Yoga Teacher or Spiritual Master/ Guru, you can facilitate your journey.

How Can I Help You?

This article seeks to give guidance and support to those undergoing the Kundalini Awakening stage or who are interested in it.

  • Its purpose is to provide insight into the various stages, hardships, and rewards of this spiritual Awakening process so as to encourage you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

  • Kundalini Awakening is an intense, life-changing spiritual journey that has the potential to bring about strong emotional and physical healing along with deeper personal growth.

By knowing what can be expected during Kundalini activation – from its various stages right through to uncovering the power within – you will discover:

  • A special bond between yourself and something divine flow.

  • Enhanced self-knowledge plus wisdom regarding your place in this universe.

Let your exploration of Kundalini’s mysteries lead you towards enlightenment!

If you have any questions, you can ask me or book your Inner GPS Kundalini Awakening Workshop with us.


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