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Does Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening Cause Constant Dizziness?

IGG Avadhut

Yes, spontaneous Kundalini Awakening causes constant dizziness.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Spontaneous Kundalini Awakening leads to movement of high electrified volume of energy moving through your Energy Channels (Nadis).
  2. When the high intensity of energy moves through your subtle energy channels, the intensity of vibrations reaching your gross body (physical body) is high too.
  3. It is similar to volcanic eruptions taking place at a distance from where you are standing.
  4. Your brain finds these high energetic waves too heavy to process because your nervous system is not wired to process these energies.
  5. As a result, your head spins and you get out of balance.
  6. Also the energy vibrations are highest in the head region due to constant exchange of divine energies from the Cosmic Universe to your physical body via Energy Vortexes (Chakras).
  7. Moreover, your energy field (Aura) itself is so electrified with the high intensity energies that your body loses its feel of space and gravity.
  8. The impact of gravity also cannot keep your body in an erect position because your energy is constantly pulled by the higher energies in upward direction.
  9. Sometimes you feel you are levitated from the ground because most of your energy is transmuted into light energy due to Kundalini.
  10. You feel human because of your mind that is exclusively dense energy. But with the dissolving of your mind, nothing holds you towards gravity. You are light like a feather .

How to feel grounded and comfortable with spontaneous Kundalini Awakening?

Here are some secrets that work:

  1. Keep flowing your energy creatively in something that you love to do – work, hobby, traveling, cycling, swimming anything that makes you flow.
  2. Do not sit at one place and one posture for long. Remain engaged in activities of your daily basics- small walk, washing clothes, cleaning utensils, cooking, working on a laptop, brooming, gardening.
  3. Anything that keeps you engaged and gives you the opportunity to move your body in different ways works the best.
  4. Lie down in Savasan whenever you feel it is difficult for you to stand and walk.
  5. Do Belly Breathing 24/ 7.
  6. Do Kumbhak Pranayama.
  7. Do Child Pose.
  8. Visit Energy Vortexes.
  9. Practice earthing / grounding in nature.
  10. Hug a tree.
  11. Play with dogs, love them, heal them with your touch.
  12. Read books that enhance your seeking and satisfy your quest for the truth.
  13. Get your questions answered through me.
  14. Be open for uncertainty and possibilities.

If you have further questions, you can ask me.


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