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What Does a Kundalini Awakening Feel Like?

IGG Avadhut

What does a kundalini awakening feel like

Are you experiencing weird symptoms such as eccentric behavior, mood swings, and panic attacks?

Thankfully, in the digital era, you took the first step to search for solutions on the internet. 

Dear, you’re not alone in this journey.

Every week, I connect with individuals like you, searching for answers in a world that often lacks understanding.

  • Do you feel worried about not knowing why you are experiencing them? 

  • Do you find yourself stuck in sharing your struggles with anyone?

  • But here’s the good news: You’ve found the right path, guided by your Inner GPS. 

I am a Kundalini Expert, IGG Avadhut, who has helped countless people on their Kundalini Awakening journey through Inner GPS Activation. I’m here to assist you, too.

The first step towards resolving your challenges is awareness.

  • You must be informed and self-aware to prepare yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for a Kundalini Awakening

  • Knowledge is your key to navigating your transformative Kundalini journey with greater ease.

In a recent Survey exploring Spiritual Awakening and transformation among scientists and academics, it was discovered that despite the Gallup Poll indicating that 41% of adults have experienced such Spiritual Awakenings themselves, this phenomenon paradoxically remains a deeply personal journey for most individuals and is rarely a topic of public discourse.

Don’t be surprised. I am here to help you through this guide with all your issues.

What Does a Kundalini Awakening Feel Like?

What Does a Kundalini Awakening Feel Like

Kundalini’s divine energy lies dormant at the base of your spine.

When it awakens, Kundalini unblocks all your Karmic remnants, and you can feel a powerful energy surge moving up your spine, activating your energy centers (Chakra points), lower chakras first.

What Does Kundalini Awakening Feel Like

StagesWhat You ExperienceHow You Feel
Stage 1ImbalancedFeeling lost, confused, and disconnected from life, leading to a solitary quest for purpose.
Stage 2Facing challengesConfronting physical and emotional symptoms, overcoming challenges, and seeking guidance.
Stage 3Following Inner GPSGaining awareness and observation skills, understanding life’s patterns and dynamics.
Stage 4“Dark night of the soul”Experiencing a spiritual and emotional crisis characterized by despair and emptiness.
Stage 5Hope of transformationEncountering a moment of transformation gaining the courage to take action.
Stage 6Spiritual depressionNavigating through spiritual depression and feeling lost, seeking direction.
Stage 7Birth of “Witnessing Consciousness”Cultivating the ability to witness life from a higher perspective.
Stage 8Finding hopeFinding a spark of hope amidst challenges and taking initiative.
Stage 9Taking actionsInitiating, changing perspectives, and seeking a Spiritual Guru or Spiritual Master.
Stage 10Finding yourselfDiscovering true purpose, realizing the oneness of Consciousness, and reaching a state of Moksha.

You will learn about these stages in the next segment of this guide.

What are the sensations during a Kundalini Awakening? 

Kundalini is like an electric current of energy flowing out from your own body, and through your Energy Vortexes. The awaken Kundalini energy flow makes you feel warm and vibrant.

You might feel a surge of spiritual energy, heightened senses, and a mixture of bliss and emotional challenges.

It’s like dancing between chaos and ecstasy, creating a deep and profound sense of unity and insight.

Is a Kundalini Awakening always pleasant? 

A Kundalini awakening symptoms can be overwhelming and challenging. It brings both positive and difficult intense emotions to the surface.

As Kundalini rises, without proper guidance and spiritual practices, it can lead to disturbance rather than spiritual growth and enlightenment.

More about your Kundalini Awakening experiences will be covered in the next segment of this guide.

Kundalini Energy- The Divine Feminine Energy

Kundalini Energy- The Divine Feminine Energy

Kundalini energy is the all-pervading energy of the universe and the Shakti element of existence. 

Kundalini is the Sanskrit word that translates to “coiled” or “serpentine.” This serpent represents the divine feminine energy that resides within all living things, bringing about a state of bliss, bodily pleasure, physical sensations, and harmony once awakened

Consciousness is the Shiva element (divine masculine energy) of the universe. Kundalini‘s energy in you is dormant in your journey of human evolution. 

Kundalini awakens from its dormant state on the base of your spine at the Root Chakra to meet the Consciousness at the Crown Chakra and become one. 

The Kundalini Awakenings or Spiritual Awakenings is the most challenging and most remarkably powerful spiritual experience journey of human evolution, and it happens to you when you are destined to be free from the Matrix and the Samsara.

Come with me to explore and experience the adventurous spiritual journey of Kundalini Awakenings till you reach Moksha.

How Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening Feels?

How Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening Feels

You must know that Kundalini Awakening and Spiritual Awakening are the same. Whenever you go through Spiritual Awakening, your Kundalini does the following functions for your evolutionary journey. 

1. Activation

During this initial stage, your dormant Kundalini energy begins to awaken and stir within the base of the spine, which can lead to:

  • Sensations of energy movement at your Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra). 

  • Tingling sensations are often characterized by intense pain (it can be equated with menstrual cycle pain in females or labor pain while giving birth to a child).  

  • Pressure along the spinal column as if your spine is squeezed from top to bottom. 

2. Purification

As the Kundalini energy rises, it often brings to the surface: 

  • Bring unresolved emotions

  • Past traumas

  • Deep-seated thought patterns

As you confront and process these experiences, the spiritual experience can be emotionally taxing for you, leading to inner turmoil as you work through these long-held issues.

3. Awakening of Chakras

The awakened Kundalini energy travels through the body’s energy centers (energy vortexes), known as Chakras.

As the energy passes through these chakras, you might experience:

  • Heightened awareness

  • Increased sensory perceptions

  • A more significant and deeper understanding of a more profound connection to your inner workings.

4. Ego dissolution

The Kundalini’s upward movement can dissolve your ego, the material and spiritual dimensions, and the sense of a separate self. 

In this stage, you may experience:

  • A profound sense of unity with the universe or

  • A feeling of interconnectedness with all living beings

The boundaries defining your identity might become less distinct, resulting in a more expansive and inclusive perspective.

In Indian Spirituality, this phase is termed Samadhi”, when you dissolve in nothingness.

5. Integration

The integration phase begins after experiencing Kundalini’s Awakening’s intense and transformative stages. In Indian Spirituality, this stage is called “Sahaj Samadhi“.  

In this stage, you work on:

  • Incorporating profound insights and realizations

  • Shifts in Consciousness from spiritual practice into your everyday life force

The integration can involve balancing the expanded awareness gained while practicing Kundalini or Hatha Yoga and the practical demands of your daily routines and relationships.

Stages:What Does a Kundalini Awakening Feel Like

Stage 1: Imbalanced 

If you are going through Kundalini Awakening or spiritual awakening, you are having the most challenging time on this planet. 

  • You are lost, confused, and lonely.

  • You do not know what to do with life.

  • You feel disconnected from your present life, and everything seems illusionary. 

  • And how do you go along with yourself? 

You decide to go out alone and find yourself and your true purpose. 

Stage 2: Facing the Challenges 

You go out on this lonely journey through a challenging, life-threatening Kundalini experience. 

  • You adopt all means to reach your destination.

  • Face all the challenges alone.

  • But you keep on moving relentlessly.

You are not guided by anyone other than your Inner GPS in your spiritual growth and awakening journey.

Stage 3: Following Your Inner GPS 

Following Your Inner GPS 

Your Inner GPS takes you through different routes. Makes you experience a different quality of life. You begin observing and becoming aware of your surroundings.

You, for the first time, experience life from a closer distance. 

You see that life is all about happening, and life is all about making it possible.

Stage 4: The Dark Night of the Soul

You cannot take even the small actions in life or wait for the miracle to happen. 

This pause is dangerous for you, and it feels like you are going through the “Dark Night of the Soul.” 

The waiting becomes so long that you cannot figure out how to overcome this phase of spiritual development and the Spiritual Awakening process itself.

You keep waiting, keep waiting, and keep waiting for something to happen. 

Some movement is to happen. 

Stage 5: Hope of Transformation 

Kundalini Hope of Transformation 

Then, suddenly, one day, the train of your destiny arrives. This is the moment of transformation. This is the moment to take some action.

You become aware of your being. 

When you come across people going through the same Kundalini Shakti Journey, you get a certain kind of hope of coming out of this passive zone.

Stage 6: Spiritual Depression 

You board one of the trains with other fellow beings also going through the same process of “Spiritual Depression”

The Spiritual Depression you are undergoing is the most challenging phase of human evolution.

  • You do not know which route to take.

  • Sometimes you go and move to a different country.

  • You are lost even if you change your country or place of residence.

  • What you see around you is the movement of people.

  • Life is moving on for everyone except you.

  • Everyone seems to be happy except you.

  • You notice that dynamic life force is moving around you without you being able to move.

  • You need to figure out in which direction to move.

  • You are waiting for the driver to take the initiative but not in the driver’s seat.

You need clarification and help.

You are trying to figure out in which direction to move. 

Stage 7: Birth of Witnessing Consciousness 

Birth of Witnessing Consciousness

On the journey with other fellow beings, you become aware that life is every day for everyone. 

  • Everyone is moving in patterns.

  • Everyone is doing the same basic chores of life.

  • Going out in the morning and returning from work in the evening, they are glued to their little gadget. 

  • This is life for them, but this is not the life for you.

The witnessing element and the “Witnessing Consciousness”, the ever-present presence and awareness in you, is taking birth. 

You start becoming a “Spectator” of life. Where you are watching the movie from the higher dimensions. 

You see that life is so dull from the mind’s perspective and the drama of the existing world.

Stage 8: Finding Hope 

Then you take the courage to find your purpose in life and go all along to find out your purpose, your meaning, and what are you doing here right now? 

  • This dark night of the soul will soon see the dawn, the morning sun, and the light of nature around.

  • It is also going to bring light into your life.

  • Though the night is darker, you find a spark of hope.

  • Because you have taken control in your hand for the first time to do something about your life. 

Stage 9: Taking Actions 

Your life will only change once you take the plunge and the initiative to do something

  • The clouds are going to be over.

  • You are going to see it from a different perspective. 

  • From a helicopter’s angle, you’re going to feel life.

  • You will travel a different path with this new attitude and a new perspective on living life. 

You become a genuine seeker, and your quest to find your Spiritual Teacher, Guru, or Master deepens.

You reach or come across many Masters who will guide you through Kundalini Yoga until you find the one for whom you were traveling so far. 

Stage 10: Finding Yourself 

Finding Yourself in Kundalini Journey

If you are lucky, you get a true Spiritual Master in human form or insights from your Inner Guru, your Inner GPS, about your true calling. 

  • You realize energetically that you are Consciousness, and you know this for the first time-

  • You are everywhere, and you are nothingness

  • You are the spaciousness beyond the world of forms, spiritual concepts, formless awareness, infinite abundance, and the invisible energy pervading this universe and beyond. 

  • You need to find out your true meaning, your true nature, and your true purpose

  • With a new dimension of witnessing everything which is you –You are here and now.

This happens in a flash of a moment. 

You are the Shiva, the Consciousness, and the Shakti Energy of this universe, the source divine essence of creation.

You become one with yourself, you reach your center – Moksha

Frequently Asked Questions – What Does a Kundalini Awakening Feel Like?

How do I know if I have had a Kundalini Awakening or health condition?

Suppose you feel you’re experiencing a Kundalini awakening.

In that case, it’s advisable to seek guidance from IGG Sanju.

She will diagnose your Kundalini Awakening symptoms by navigating your Inner GPS and coach you with some practicing Kundalini Yoga secrets.

Note: Kundalini awakening is a spiritual reality, not a medical condition.

  • However, you must rule out conditions like epilepsy or mental health issues, as these can have similar symptoms.

  • In that case, I suggest you consult a healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation if you’re unsure whether your experiences are related to Kundalini Awakening symptoms or a health condition.

What are the risks of a Kundalini awakening? 

A Kundalini awakening can lead to emotional, mental instability, and uncomfortable Kundalini Awakening symptoms without proper guidance.

Do not ever try to awaken Kundalini energy.

It’s essential for practicing Yogic Breathing, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini meditation, or spiritual practice to approach it cautiously and seek guidance from Kundalini Experts. 

How long does a Kundalini awakening last? 

The duration of Kundalini rising varies. Kundalini Awakening could be a short-lived experience or a gradual process that unfolds over the years. 

The dormant Kundalini energy rises spontaneuosly, without you knowing about it.

However, practicing Kundalini Yoga may help you with the process.

Can I stop a Kundalini Awakening once it starts? 

You cannot stop a Kundalini Awakening once it starts spontaneously. However, once Kundalini Awakening begins, the symptoms become overwhelming.

In that case, seeking professional help or guidance from Kundalini Experts is vital.

Is Kundalini Awakening dangerous?

Kundalini Awakening experience can be intense and potentially unsettling for you, leading to physical, emotional, spiritual practices or psychological challenges.

You experience Kundalini Awakening physical symptoms and intense waves that take a toll on your nervous system and activate your primary stress hormone.

However, with proper guidance and preparation, you can navigate the process safely and find it transformative.

How Can I Help You?

Congratulations! You have successfully traveled through the healing process of reading this guide

Suppose you are undergoing a rising Kundalini energy or Kundalini Awakening process. In that case, your healing begins when you read this article and watch my Videos. 

I have prepared this guide exclusively for you because:

Don’t hesitate to take that first step towards transformation Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-realization.

In my Inner GPS Activation process, I have discovered extreme ignorance about Kundalini‘s truth. 

That is why my attempt is to generate awareness about it.

If you have any questions, you can ask me through the comment section.

I will answer your questions. 

Happy Kundalini journey.



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