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What are the Blockages Am I Encountering in the Kundalini’s Path of My Awakening?

IGG Avadhut

Blockages are the Karmic blockages that remain stuck in your energy channels in the form of Vasanas and Vikaras.

Vasanas and Vikaras are the mental blockages that:

  • Block the flow of your divine Kundalini Shakti energy in the energy channels.
  • Creates obstacles on your path of Kundalini Awakening and spiritual growth.

Vikaras are negative emotions or mental disturbances.

Vasanas means tendencies or desires.

Vikaras – Negative Emotions have densest energy vibrations that create hindrance in the smooth flow of Kundalini energy through your energy channels.

  1. Kama: Desire, especially uncontrolled or excessive desire blocks your Third Eye and Crown Chakra.
  2. Krodha: Anger, wrath, or rage blocks your Solar Plexus.
  3. Lobha: Greed or avarice, an excessive attachment to material wealth blocks your Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus.
  4. Moha: Delusion or attachment, clouding of judgment due to emotional attachment blocks your Heart Chakra.
  5. Mada: Pride or arrogance, an inflated sense of one’s own importance blocks your Heart Chakra.
  6. Matsarya: Envy or jealousy, resentment of others’ success or good fortune blocks your Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra.
  7. Bhaya: Fear of death of your body and ego, and the unknown blocks your Root Chakra.

Vasanas – Tendencies and Desires have distracting energy vibrations that always bring unwanted thoughts and keep you obsessed in the materialistic world not allowing your Kundalini to flow uninterruptedly in your energy channels to cleanse your system.

  1. Bhoga Vasana: Desire for sensory pleasures and material enjoyments keeps your energy blocked in the lower three Chakras, not allowing Kundalini to move up
  2. Svarga Vasana: Desire for heavenly pleasures and a good afterlife blocks your Third Eye and Crown Chakra.
  3. Anitya Vasana : Desire for impermanent things, not realizing the transient nature of the world blocks your Heart Chakra.
  4. Laukika Vasana : Mundane desires related to worldly achievements and social status blocks your Solar Plexus, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra.
  5. Para Loka Vasana : Desire for the benefits in the afterlife or the next incarnation blocks your Third Eye and Crown Chakra.
  6. Deha Vasana : Attachment to the physical body and bodily pleasures blocks your all Chakras.

The above are some of the prime Vikaras and Vasanas. Based on your Karmic blockages, you may have more denser blocked energies creating hurdles in the Kundalini flow.

Both Vikaras and Vasanas are Maya that restrict the flow of Kundalini energy through your Energy Channels (Nadis).

If you want to overcome these obstacles then you need to get rid of your Vasanas and Vikaras by taking actions, completing your desires and working on your fears.

If you have any further questions, you can ask me.


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