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Does Yoga Originate from Kundalini and Chakras or Vice Versa?

IGG Avadhut

Yoga (Kriyas) have originated from Kundalini Awakening.

During Kundalini Awakening journey, Kundalini Shakti opens the blockages in your energy channels that leads to certain weird twisting and turning movements of your body.

Ancient Rishi Munies who reached Moksha realised that Kundalini causes certain Yoga postures that facilitates the movement of Kundalini energy in its awakened state.

Patanjali, a Rishi Muni invented the Yoga known to the world today, though modified by many to fool the public.

Similarly, Kundalini unblocks the Karmic blockages in the Chakras and that requires certain kind of breath practices.

Those who have gone through the highest Kundalini Awakening like we Inner GPS Gurus, have known the truth about how Kundalini creates Yoga and the Chakra movements create certain Pranayama outside.

If you want to have authentic guidance for your spontaneous Kundalini Awakening journey then attend our Inner GPS Kundalini Awakening Workshops.

Through my Inner GPS Activation and IGG Secret Techniques, you can facilitate your Kundalini Awakening journey with confidence and pride, and not necessarily suffer.

We address your specific issues with highly customised IGG Secret Techniques for you exclusively.

We do not bombard you with unnecessary Yoga postures that are more like physical exercises than the real essence of it.

My Personal Experiences with Kundalini

During my Kundalini Awakening journey, I have experienced many Yoga postures like Balakasana, all poses of Surya Namaskar, Vajrasana and 100 plus more Kriyas happened spontaneously.

I observed and knowing came from the source that Kundalini energy is an electrified energy that leads to movement of the body in certain Yoga postures, already discovered by Patanjali.

Similarly, intense Bhastrika used to happen at Bramhamuhurat throughout my Kundalini Awakening journey keeping me awake at night.

There are thousands of deep Yogas and Pranayama that emerged from me during my own Kundalini Awakening journey. That’s what makes me the Guru to help you with Kundalini Awakening processing.

Similarly, all my students and clients share their experiences of spontaneous Kundalini Kriyas that leads to formation of the body in some Yoga postures or certain kinds of alterations in breathing patterns.

If you have any more questions, you can ask me.


  • IGG Avadhut

    IGG Avadhut is the Founder of Inner GPS Gurus. He is a Life Coach and Kundalini Master. He helps only action-takers. He enjoys dissolving your problems through action-based energy work. Get Solutions to your Life Problems (Career, Wealth, Productivity, Relationship, Spirituality, Kundalini, Shaktipat, and Health).

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