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How Do I Know that My Kundalini Is Awakened?

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini Awakening is an energetic phenomenon and it is not yet under the diagnosis of scientific evidence and instruments.

We at Inner GPS Gurus have invented the Inner GPS Kundalini Workshops where we help you diagnose your Kundalini Awakening as well as facilitate it through Inner GPS ActivationShaktipat.

Kundalini Awakening is an experiential energetic reality that has its own significance and signs.

Since the beginning of human evolution, human beings have experienced Kundalini Awakening in their lives.

Ancient Yogis, Rishi Munies, Spiritual Masters/ Gurus, and Siddhas have experienced Kundalini in its highest quality.

They have documented either verbally or in written form, their experiences with the Kundalini Awakening journey.

Whenever someone goes through a Kundalini Awakening journey there are some common signs and symptoms that each one goes through.

Since each individual is a unique form, the specific experiences of Kundalini Awakening are unique too for that individual.

Signs that Kundalini has Awakened in You

However, if you want to know whether Kundalini has awakened in you then you must be experiencing the following in various areas of your life:

  • Your insecurity as a human being will increase. You will feel unsafe and ungrounded in your home in the same living conditions. Even if the outside factors remain the same, you will be fearful towards the environment in which you are staying.
  • You will feel uncomfortable in your existing relationships with your spouse, parents, siblings, family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and society people. You will feel lonely among the known people and unsafe in the crowd.
  • You will feel imbalanced and uninterested in your present job or business. You will incur financial losses, go through a monetary crisis, make financial blunders, take loans or incur liabilities that you would not do in normal conditions. You will regret taking those haphazard decisions but cannot understand why you did that.
  • You will feel suppressed in expressing your true feelings to anyone. Either your anger or love, both are suppressed. You feel suffocated without having someone to be with you to understand you, to guide you, and to take you out of these difficult times. You feel like committing suicide but something in you stops you from doing that. Your seeking for Guru begins and you adopt all means to find him. You do a lot of spiritual shopping in the process. But you remain disappointed.
  • You cannot speak the truth even though you know the truth and want to speak. Your throat remains choked with heavy energy and your heart remains blocked with dense energies. You node your head in agreement with the false but you cannot take actions to stand up for your rights that you feel are true.
  • You cannot make intuition decisions and actions, though your Inner GPS strongly suggests to move in a specific direction. You take wrong actions guided by your unconscious mind and keep repenting for getting unexpected results. Though you know within that you shouldn’t have done it, still you do that unconscious action from your mind’s drive.
  • Your inclination towards spiritual knowledge and Kundalini Shakti’s esoteric aspects increases. You begin reading and learning more about spiritual scriptures and keeping stuffing your mind with spiritual knowledge. In the process you get fooled and misled by many duplicates or cheaters who portray themselves as Spiritual Masters/ Gurus.

In short, your suffering on physical, mental, emotional, social , economical, intellectual, spiritual and energetic levels increases.

You come on the verge of leaving the world and move towards reaching Moksha and become free from the Samsara – The Matrix.

If you have specific questions, you can ask me.


  • IGG Avadhut

    IGG Avadhut is the Founder of Inner GPS Gurus. He is a Life Coach and Kundalini Master. He helps only action-takers. He enjoys dissolving your problems through action-based energy work. Get Solutions to your Life Problems (Career, Wealth, Productivity, Relationship, Spirituality, Kundalini, Shaktipat, and Health).

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