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The Greatest Secret to Wealth

IGG Avadhut

Today I am going to unravel the secrets of creating wealth.

What’s the biggest secret of utlimate wealth?

The biggest secret of ultimate wealth is investment in self.

From the traditional barter system to the latest Bitcoin, man has created the most powerful ways to be the wealthiest. The universe created man and man created money.

How to create that wealth?

The Greatest Secret to Wealth

The secret of being wealthy is to be healthy and professionally be a creator. Entrepreneurs are the biggest creator in this physical world.

For example, focus on increasing your Prana energy and live a conscious life balancing all your Chakras to be wealthy first.

When you are healthy, you have the best life to create wealth externally. Because from that space, you can get ideas to implement in your professional work.

The best way to decide your career is to find your passion and what you love. But apart from that you need to consider other aspects as well.

I am referring you to a concept called Ikigai which will help you know the best career for yourself.

The purpose of deciding the best career is to be the wealthiest. To understand how to equate your career with wealth, read the guide till the end.

Why an entrepreneur?

Wealth is created with the help of wealth creating assets.Because entrepreneurship gives the freedom to create the biggest wealth creating asset, i.e.You.

How could you become a wealth creating asset?

You can become a wealth creating asset by investing in yourself and also it gives you the opportunity to become 100% investor.

According to the four quadrants by Robert Kiyosaki,investors are the wealthiest in this world.

The worldy valuation for creation is money , which you as an entrepreneur can convert it into wealth.

Today I am going to introduce you to the wealth creating asset YOU and a new dimension of looking inwardly at yourself.

1.What is an Asset?

(Does the world need you/ your services/products created by you and its ready to pay for it?)

The world will consider you as an asset when you are a resource with an economic value with the expectation that it will provide a benefit.

Focus on creating growth wealth creating assets with positive cash flow.

You as an entrepreneur can become a valuable asset only when you invest in yourself to be a better version of yourself by working on your core competencies which will keep on generating positive cash flow for the venture.

For example: If your entrepreneurial venture is a service based like counselling or coaching then you should increase your public speaking and leadership skill to provide economic value to this world.

2. Does the asset appreciate in value?

(Are you good at it ?)

The next secret of being an asset is they are reported on a company’s balance sheet and are bought or created to increase a firm’s value or benefit the firm’s operations.

The asset should appreciate in value with time.

You as an asset should check your progress on a Kaizen basis. Kaizen means continuous improvement.

Complecency is fatal. Complecency means a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder.

Never be complecent as an entrepreneur. Aim for excellence and follow Kaizen.

For example: You can invest in new skills and spend your time in areas you need to work on based on the current and future growth.

3.Will the asset continue to generate cash flow, expenses and increase sales in the future?

(Do you love what you do? Are you passionate about it?)

An asset generates cash flow, reduce expenses, or improve sales in the future.

You as an asset will create good debt and be low on bad debt :

  • When you invest in yourself as an asset, and your value is increased at the end of investment, you turn into a wealth creating asset or a good debt.
  • When you don’t invest in yourself, no asset is created and you become an expense generating liability. In other words, all expenses on yourself is bad debt.

You as an asset will continue to generate cash flow, reduce expenses or improve sales only when you keeping on becoming valuable by integrating your energy on daily basis.

One who loves what he does and does what he loves can keep doing that will be the healthiest and wealthiest.

The healthy and happy person contributes more and is always the most valuable asset. Whatever amount you spend in learning new skills and become an asset is going to be converted into cash flow in future.

Money as a resource comes to whose who value themselves the most and invest in themselves.

You are the biggest resource and power.

The best investment is investment in self. You are the most precious asset.Value yourself the most and you will give the highest return.

Invest in yourself and become the wealthiest.

All the best for a wealthy life. Invest in the right asset and convert it into a wealth creating asset forever. Abundance and prosperity awaiting for you.


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