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Is Kundalini Awakening Permanent?

IGG Avadhut

Yes, Kundalini Awakening is permanent.

Kundalini Awakening is an irreversible journey and it always happens in progression.

The Kundalini awakening journey begins from removing blockages at your Root Chakra.

It reaches the next Chakra only after the blockages are removed completely.

Step 1: First it clears your Karmic energies like fear, insecurity, shame, guilt, blame and grief blocked at your Root Chakra.

Step 2: Then it moves upward to the Sacral Chakra and clears emotional blockages like possessiveness, trauma from relationships, depression and creative blocks.

Step 3: Only after clearing the blockages at Sacral Chakra, it moves to the Solar Plexus to unblock your ambitious energy blockages, wealth and money connected issues.

Step 4: At Heart Chakra, it clears your Karmic energy blockages of exchanging love, compassion and empathy.

Step 5: Next, Kundalini removes your communication and expression blocks at the Throat Chakra.

Step 6: After that, it removes your Third Eye Chakra blockages and you get access to intuitive energies and your Inner GPS.

Step 7: At the Crown Chakra, it dissolves your ego and frees you from the identity game.

Step 8: Next at the Eighth Chakra it merges with the Consciousness permanently and you feel Moksha.

These all steps are permanent and without the first step, the second step does not take place.

Here are some secrets about the permanent journey of Kundalini:

  • Kundalini moves through your Energy Channels (Nadis) to clear the blockages and it keeps on repeating the process till you reach Moksha.
  • It may take Kundalini for clearing these blockages from one day to 25+ years in one lifetime, once it awakens spontaneously.
  • You cannot do Kundalini’s work of cleansing, purification, balancing and integration if Kundalini is not in awakened state in you through Kundalini Yoga or meditation practices.

If you have any more questions, you can ask me.


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