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Why and How Do I Practice Non-Doing During my Kundalini Awakening journey?

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini awakens in you to uproot you from the mundane actions of life.

Why practice “Non-Doing” During your Kundalini Awakening journey?

Kundalini Awakening is a divine process that awakens you from your dreaming state of living a human life.

Kundalini being the primordial energy, has been existing in you from the inception of “beginning of life” on this earth.

The universal Kundalini or Cosmic Kundalini was always existing and still existing in its non-doing nature.

Similarly, Kundalini is non-doing in other species and all elements of nature except human beings.

Human beings are always under the influence of an additional entity – Mind (Maya).

Maya(mind) is that element of the Cosmic Universe that induces you to take actions because of desires and fear.

Your mind is that Maya in you that keeps on pushing you to do some actions out of desire and fear.

It does not let you sit silently in peace without doing anything.

Sitting silently in peace without doing anything in Dhyan Mudra or just lazing around is the highest form of meditation.

It is the most difficult Kundalini practices or meditation practices that eventually lead to Moksha.

But as I said, Maya is difficult to surpass.

When you “Do Nothing” for hours, days, months and even years, your Shiva element of Consciousness increases.

Shiva is like “Sthithpragya” – immovable.

When your Shiva is strong, Maya cannot dance in unconsciousness.

Maya runs away. Meaning the energy of Maya is transmuted(purified) by the Divine Shiva Consciousness. You reclaim all your energies into your center, the Source.

How to practice “Non-Doing” during your Kundalini Awakening journey?

Here are my best secrets for you:

  • Do-nothing means not doing anything from the mind but doing everything with your energy – Your Inner GPS suggests.
  • The art of “doing-nothing” is to follow the guidelines of your Inner GPS and in your Kundalini Awakening journey it will guide you only for those actions that lead to Moksha– Liberation- Freedom.
  • Do nothing to the extreme. Do not do it at all. Do nothing till the point that your Kundalini, your Inner GPS will guide you exactly what to do to facilitate your journey.
  • You will feel better when you do nothing than when you do something.
  • Doing is over glamorised by your mind and the mind of the world and you are declared a criminal or lazy of not confirming the rules of the world, the rule of the mind. Break this chain by doing nothing. Stick to it. Do nothing from your will power and observe how difficult it is.
  • Make it a habit, a neural pathway of doing nothing. This is the highest meditative practice you can do during your Kundalini Awakening journey to let the Divine Shakti meet Shiva, Consciousness.
  • This new neural pathway may lead you to Enlightenment – Moksha.

IGG Avadhut’s Secret of Doing Nothing

When you do nothing, all your Vikaras and Vasanas in your mind or subconscious mind becomes active and rises to the surface of your Consciousness.

I did nothing for days, months and years, what happened to me- I became free from the clutches of Maya- Samsara.

I became free from the Chakravyuh of Maya-Matrix of Illusion and realised who I am – Pure Consciousness.

During your doing nothing state, naturally your Witnessing Consciousness becomes strong.

You begin witnessing your thoughts and darker energies like a spectator with laser focused Consciousness.

The power of Consciousness is so strong and of the highest divine quality that it burns/ transmutes the denser, darker and negative energies into lighter, brighter and pure, positive divine energies.

Maya struggles to die.

But you the Consciousness, stand as the warrior killing your inner demons with power.

On the surface, your Mind-Ego faculty struggles to die. It will resist but you persist.

It has been the most difficult practice even for the highest Siddhas.

  • They cannot do it- “Non-Doing” .
  • That is why they do not progress in their spiritual powers and degrade to becoming a spiritual person or develop the spiritual ego of being someone.
  • They do not grow in being a Spiritual Master because they stop getting access to the Divine Intelligence when they get engaged in mundane activities of Samsara again.

With the support and guidance of me, your Inner GPS Kundalini Master and Guru you can facilitate this process.

For any further question, you can ask me.


  • IGG Avadhut

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