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Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix 

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix 

After going beyond Enlightenment, I realized that Kundalini Awakening, or Spiritual Awakening, is the most misguided and misunderstood phenomenon in the existing world. Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix is the most important clarity, that you must have to progress in your spiritual awakening journey.

Suppose you are going through Kundalini Awakening and looking for solutions worldwide. You are most likely to be portrayed as the esoteric or mystical explanation of Kundalini in various spiritual traditions across various cultures. 

In the quest for knowing the ultimate truth, Kundalini Awakening poses many challenges for you so that you evolve from your limited mind-ego-body identification and realize your true nature as Consciousness. But your suffering is intensified when you fall into the trap of the Matrix- the Samsara and the Chakravyuh of the Maya

Maya, in the most straightforward meaning, is the frictional energy restricting the flow of Kundalini energy, the divine life force in you. Prana is the fuel that Kundalini energy needs to flow in your energy channels. In the process of combustion of Ojas into Tejas and after that Prana creation, Apana, the toxic energy is also formed that remains trapped in your energy channels. 

Kundalini, when awakened, burns your Karmic remnants and frees you from the Matrix- the cycle of birth and death, leading to your Moksha- Enlightenment. 

Kundalini awakening, a spiritual journey, holds the potential to enlighten you from the perceived realities of your existence. 

This guide is for genuine spiritual seekers- Mumukshu, those going through the Kundalini Awakening journey. 

In this guide, you will find answers to your most prominent questions: 

  1. After a spiritual awakening, why is it so difficult to adjust to people or society? 
  2. What can I do for myself to feel like I belong?

In this exploration, I will explain the connection between Kundalini awakening and the Matrix and how Kundalini breaks the societal and worldly constructs that bind you.

Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix

Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix 

To understand the Kundalini and the Matrix, you must understand the Samsara and the Chakravyuh

Samsara” and “Chakravyuh” are terms rooted in Hindu philosophy and mythology, each with a distinct meaning. Let’s explore the meanings of both terms.

1. Samsara

Samsara is the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. It represents the continuous process of reincarnation, where the soul/spirit undergoes various life experiences in different forms until it achieves liberation or Enlightenment.

2. Chakravyuh

“Chakravyuh” is a term from ancient Indian epic literature, specifically from the Mahabharata. In Sanskrit, “Chakra” means circle or wheel, and “Vyuh” is a military formation. 

The Chakravyuh is a complex and advanced military formation used in warfare.

The most famous instance of the Chakravyuh occurred in Mahabharata during the Kurukshetra War. Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, knew how to enter the Chakravyuh but not how to exit it, as he had only heard about the formation from his mother, Subhadra when he was in her womb. 

Despite his valiant efforts, Abhimanyu was trapped in the Chakravyuh and met his demise in the battle.

Metaphorically, the term “Chakravyuh” is sometimes used to describe any challenging or difficult situation to navigate or escape. 

It has become a symbolic representation of a strategically intricate and formidable scenario, and you will learn how Samsara and Chakravyuh are connected in the next segment.

Connection between Samsara and Chakravyuh

Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix 

1. Endless cycle and complexity

Samsara, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, is considered an endless and often challenging soul journey. The complexities of life, with its joys and sorrows, are similar to the intricate structure of a Chakravyuh. In both cases, there is a sense of you being caught in a complex and often perplexing system.

2. Difficulties in escaping

Just as Abhimanyu faced challenges in navigating and escaping the Chakravyuh, you in Samsara may find it challenging to break free from the cycle of life and death. The entanglements of worldly desires and attachments can create a maze you struggle to navigate.

3. Cyclical nature

The circular formation of the Chakravyuh symbolizes the cyclical nature of life’s challenges and the Samsaric cycle. The repetition of experiences and the recurrence of challenges echo the continuous nature of existence within the Samsaric framework.

4. Spiritual liberation as a goal

The ultimate goal of human life is Moksha, which is liberation from the cycle of Samsara. Similarly, breaking through the Chakravyuh in the Mahabharata was a strategic goal in the context of the battle. Both represent the pursuit of transcendence and liberation from constraining patterns.

I have explained the comparison between Samsara and a Chakravyuh to draw upon life as a complex and cyclical journey filled with challenges and difficulties akin to navigating a maze. 

The above emphasizes the quest for spiritual liberation and your struggles within the intricate web of existence. So Kundalini, in your last birth, awakens from its dormant state to set you free forever, merging you into universal energy. 

In your present life, you play different roles in the Body-Mind-Ego identification. In this context, Samsara is the roles and relations, and Chakravyuh is the unconscious Mind, Ego, Vikaras, Vasanas, Karmas, and Maya.

1. Immediate Family

  •   Parents
  •   Siblings
  •   Spouse/partner
  •   Children

2. Extended Family/ Relatives

  • Grandparents
  • Aunts/Uncles
  • Cousins

3. Friends and Close Acquaintances

4. Community

  • Neighbors
  • Local community members

5. Society at Large

  • National and global communities
  • People in different regions or countries

Matrix Challenges for a Man that Kundalini Awakening Ends

Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix 

Kundalini leads to dissolving the problems you face by being in society and the existing world. Especially if you are a “Nice Guy” and raised in a decent family by females, the following limitations cause suffering to you the most. 

1. Social expectations

You often face societal pressures to conform to traditional masculine roles, limiting your emotional expression and well-being as a man. 

2. Workplace stress

The competitive nature of modern workplaces leads to high-stress levels, impacting your mental health and overall satisfaction.

3. Relationship strain

Changing relationship dynamics and expectations challenges you in navigating partnerships and family life.

4. Isolation

Despite connectivity, you experience social isolation, affecting your mental health and exacerbating feelings of loneliness.

5. Emotional repression

Cultural norms sometimes discourage you from expressing vulnerability, leading to emotional repression and internal struggles.

6. Education disparities

You may face challenges in education systems, impacting your career opportunities and contributing to feelings of inadequacy.

7. Media influence

Unrealistic standards portrayed in the media regarding appearance and success can contribute to insecurities and dissatisfaction.

8. Fatherhood pressures

Expectations and demands on you as a modern father can be overwhelming, impacting your work-life balance and overall well-being.

9. Health expectations

Societal expectations around physical appearance and fitness can contribute to body image issues and unhealthy behaviors.

10. Economic pressures

Economic uncertainties, job insecurity, and financial burdens can contribute to stress and mental health challenges for you in today’s world.

Kundalini Awakening Dissolves the Matrix 

Kundalini Awakening Vs. Matrix 

Kundalini awakening directly works on dissolving the Matrix by transmuting the energy stuck in the mind-body-ego identification into pure Consciousness. 

1.Breaking illusions

Kundalini awakening serves as a catalyst for dismantling the illusions woven by societal norms, encouraging you to question and transcend the limitations imposed by cultural conditioning.

For example

Imagine questioning the societal expectation that success is solely defined by a conventional career path due to the opening of the Crown Chakra. 

Kundalini awakening might prompt you to reassess your definition of success and break free from the illusion that a traditional job title is the only measure of fulfillment.

2. Shifting perspectives

The rise of Kundalini energy prompts a profound shift in your perception, allowing you to see beyond the conventional boundaries imposed by society, thus breaking free from the confined mindset of the collective mind. 

For example

You are experiencing Kundalini awakening, and suddenly, the challenges you face are seen as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles due to the opening of your Solar Plexus.

Your perspective shifts from viewing difficulties as setbacks to embracing them as integral parts of your evolution.

3. Awakening consciousness

Kundalini awakening is synonymous with awakening your consciousness, enabling you to rise above the mundane concerns dictated by societal expectations and embrace a higher, more expansive awareness.

For example

Through Kundalini awakening, you may find yourself more attuned to the interconnectedness of all living beings because your Heart Chakra opens. 

Your consciousness expands beyond the limited self-concerns dictated by societal norms, fostering a deep sense of unity with the world around you.

4. Transcending dualities

The Matrix of societal norms often thrives on dualities – good and evil, right and wrong. Kundalini awakening facilitates an integration of these polarities, leading to a harmonious understanding that transcends conventional moral binaries. 

For example

Consider the societal expectation that emotions are categorized as either positive or negative. 

Kundalini awakening allows you to embrace the full spectrum of emotions without judgment, breaking free from the societal duality that deems certain feelings undesirable due to the opening of the Throat Chakra. You start speaking the truth. 

5. Embracing authenticity

The Matrix created by society often compels you to conform to predefined roles. Kundalini Awakening encourages authenticity, allowing you to embrace your true self and break free from the societal molds that stifle personal expression.

For example

Envision shedding the societal mask that conforms to external expectations. 

Kundalini Awakening empowers you to embrace and express your authentic self, breaking free from the Matrix of societal conformity and allowing your true essence to shine due to the opening of the Third Eye. You start living life from your Inner GPS. 

6. Connection with universal energy

Kundalini awakening fosters a profound connection with universal energy, breaking the illusion of separateness created by societal structures. This interconnectedness dissolves the boundaries between yourself and the world, liberating you from the confines of societal isolation.

For example

Picture feeling deeply connected to nature, recognizing that you are an integral part of the universal energy flow due to the opening of the Heart Chakra. 

Kundalini awakening dissolves the illusion of separation, fostering a profound sense of oneness with the natural world.

7. Transcending fear

The Matrix of societal norms is often fueled by fear – fear of judgment, failure, or rejection. Kundalini Awakening helps you confront and transcend these fears, paving the way for a liberated existence unburdened by societal anxieties.

For example

Imagine facing a decision that challenges societal norms, such as pursuing an unconventional career or lifestyle due to the opening of the Root Chakra. 

Kundalini awakening emboldens you to confront the fear of judgment and rejection, enabling you to pursue your path authentically.

8. Expanding conscious evolution

Kundalini energy fuels an evolution of your Consciousness, challenging the stagnation often perpetuated by societal norms. This expansion disrupts the limited perspectives imposed by the Matrix, opening you to new realms of understanding.

For example

Envision a continuous journey of self-discovery and personal growth due to the opening of all the Chakras. 

Kundalini energy propels you into a perpetual evolution, breaking free from the societal expectation of a static and predictable life.

9. Harmony with nature

Kundalini awakening aligns you with the natural flow of energy, disrupting the artificial constructs of the Matrix that detach you from the rhythms of nature. This alignment fosters a sense of balance and interconnectedness with the world.

For example

Picture aligning your daily rhythm with the natural cycles of the environment due to the opening of the Sacral Chakra. 

Kundalini Awakening encourages you to live in harmony with nature, disrupting the societal notion that success is synonymous with a hectic, disconnected lifestyle.

10. Transcending materialism

The Matrix of society often promotes materialistic pursuits as the ultimate goal. Kundalini Awakening shifts your focus from material accumulation to spiritual growth, breaking the chains of consumerism and encouraging a more meaningful existence.

For example

Consider shifting your focus from accumulating possessions to cultivating meaningful experiences due to Kundalini merging with the Universal Consciousness at the Eighth Chakra. 

Kundalini awakening prompts you to break free from the societal Matrix of materialism, realizing that true fulfillment comes from inner growth and spiritual richness.

How Can I Help You? 

In the profound journey of Kundalini awakening, you find yourself on a transformative path that transcends the limitations imposed by societal constructs – a liberation from the Matrix that allows for the emergence of a more authentic, conscious, and harmonious existence.

You can attend our Kundalini Awakening Workshops for the transformative experience and the shift in Consciousness. We will help you get out of the Matrix and facilitate your Kundalini Awakening journey. 

Also to break-free from the way you live in the world, I have created the IGG Freedom Model, the best solution for Kundalini awakened people. 


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