Kundalini Awakening and Shaktipat Workshop in Bangalore, India

Kundalini Awakening Workshops 

IGG Avadhut

Are you seeking for Kundalini Awakening Workshops?

Kundalini Awakening Workshops

Today I am going to tell you the purpose of Inner GPS Gurus as such you may call it an organization, you may call it a website.

But the main purpose is to raise “One Lakh Men”, also who actually are or can be included in this.

My target is “One Lakh Men” who are going through Kundalini Awakening now.

Kundalini Awakening or you may call it spiritual awakening who are going through “Dark Night of the Soul” who are having issues- mental, emotional, physical, financial, and relationships.

There are at least 100 issues everyone goes through in this journey and let me tell you those 100 issues are not faced by the people who are living in the society.

I have different solutions.

  • I am working on the IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Project.
  • I am working on the IGG Freedom model.
  • I am also working on transformation for people who are nice guys.

Majority of people who are going through Kundalini Awakening are nice guys.

So transforming from a nice guy to a practical man or new man or a bold man or integrated man is my other project.

I have different solutions for each one of you through my YouTube Channel or my website or my Quora profile where I answer most of your questions.

I will keep on answering your questions.

They are mainly for people:

There is no different model or better model than the IGG Freedom Model which I invented.

It is an extremely challenging journey. I would say it is the most difficult journey, even climbing any mountain. You may call it Mount Everest.

Also during my journey I encountered thousands of problems which were not solved by the society, by the doctors, by therapists, by yoga teachers, by spiritually enlightened people.

They could not solve the problem.

I encountered those issues, those problems in all the Kundalini Awakening people as well.

Now my mission, my vision, my IKIGAI, my purpose is to uplift “One Lakh Men” and make them very strong, bold.

Masculinity is expressing what you feel inside.

90% of you cannot express what is inside of you. Whether it is your issues, whether it is your problems with the society, the family, the relatives, friends.

My purpose is to give One-on-one and Group Workshops to the men who are going through Spiritual Awakening Kundalini Awakening.

If you are a female who is going through Spiritual Awakening, I have my team, my co-founder IGG Sanju (Kundalini Master and Clairvoyant), who is well-equipped to uplift you, to help you.

IGG Sanju

Our mission is to uplift One Lakh Men- make them bold, make them happy, despite the society.

They can be away from their relatives, family, friends, society and that is why they can live happily.

  • Society is not required.
  • The family is not required.
  • Relationships are not required to be happy.

Whatever is inside of you that which I called Inner GPS is guiding you all the time.

I am there to guide you all the time.

My Offerings to You

I am offering 15 minutes One-to-one paid coaching or teaching.

  • If you have any issues in Kundalini Awakening Journey, 
  • If you want to learn what is Tantra, 
  • If you want want to transform into a new man 
  • If you are a nice guy and want to transform yourself 
  • If you want to learn positions or I would say movement practice or Yoga specifically for Kundalini Awakening
  • If you want to know how to live in the IGG Freedom Model and kick the society 
  • If you want Shaktipat/ Energy Transmission 

I have all these offerings in Inner GPS Gurus. 

If  you are facing any of these or the challenges related to Kundalini Awakening, my team and I are well- equipped to offer you 15 minute video call paid coaching.

We are also conducting two days Kundalini Awakening workshops which will include: 

  • First day will be energy work making you aware of what is Kundalini Awakening and challenges, solutions
  • Second day will be one to one Shaktipat-Reading Healing, and Coaching

Contact us for the same.

I know there is no one in the world to help you.

That is why I created this platform.

My brothers, I am here.

Contact me and solve your issues.

With that I wish you all the best and enjoy your life.

IGG Avadhut


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