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The Best Ways to Improve Your Intelligence

IGG Avadhut

Are you here to find the best ways to increase your Intelligence?

In this guide, I will answer your question:

What Are the Best Ways to Improve Your Intelligence?

The best way to improve your intelligence is to be present with awareness.

To invest in intelligence, you have to first know the difference between intelligence and mind.

  1. What is intelligence?

Intelligence works in the present when you operate from the awareness beyond your mind and conditioning. Intelligence is present.

What is intelligence and intellect?

Intelligence is an individual’s ability to acquire skills and knowledge and apply.It is the decision-making ability of an individual.

Intellect is the faculty of objectively understanding and reasoning abstract matters:

  1. Rational faculty : Analyses /ability to think sensibly or logically.
  2. Judging faculty: Discriminates between the polar opposite doubts of the mind.
  3. Knowing faculty: Gathers knowledge with wisdom and recalling (at the appropriate moment).
  4. Reasoning faculty: Inquires into problems based on or in accordance with reason or logic.

2. What is mind?

The mind works in a certain pattern. Mind is past and future.

Mind is repeating the creativity (skill) and unconsciousness.

Mind is the emotional faculty in the brain which contains the memory faculty. Whatever has happened in the past and the perceiving of the future based on conditioning, beliefs, patterns and experiences remain stored in the mind.

  1. Whenever you want to operate in the present based on a certain pattern, your mind will come forward with the same solution with which it operated in the past.
  2. Another function of the mind is to act as the doubting faculty. The mind doesn’t know the new solution.

For instance: “Should I do this, or should I do that?”

The mind consults the intellect for new solutions.

Best ways to improve your intelligence :

Intelligence is creation and consciousness.

Every moment while doing any activity, be aware and conscious. Ask yourself :

  1. What’s the best way to do that task in that moment?
  2. How can I do this task in a new way without following any previous patterns?
  3. Question the belief/conditioning underlying the task.
  4. Use your creativity to bring transformation in the way you think about anything discarding beliefs and conditioning.
  5. Practice the above 4 every moment and with continuous practice you will notice that your intelligence has begun working in a new way.

Question everything and try to find answers to everything which arises in your inquisitive mind .

I am here to help you with all the questions that may arise in you.


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