What Is Money Energy? Unlocking the Power of Money Energy

IGG Sanju

Money is essential to our lives and can hold significant power over our emotions and decision-making. 

However, what if you could turn that power around and harness it to your advantage? 

That’s where the concept of “money energy” comes into play. By understanding and leveraging the energetic properties of money, we can create a more abundant and fulfilling financial reality. 

In this beginner’s guide, you will learn to explore the basics of money energy and get practical tips and exercises for unlocking its full potential. 

Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or looking to take your financial situation to the next level, this guide will help you tap into the power of money energy.

What Is Money Energy? 

Money energy is the highest energy man has created to transact in this world and to live on this planet. 

In this article, I will educate you about money energy and its importance as energy in your life. You will learn the new dimension of money energy and its relevance.

Money is inviting and positive energy because it makes everything possible from the exchange point of view. 

  • Suppose you want to create value and have other resources. In that case, you need money to transact with other supportive people ready to fulfil your needs.
  • Whether living in the mountains, in the plains, or on an island, without money, you cannot even travel from one place to another in today’s world. 
  • You cannot imagine living the highest quality of life in a human form without money. 
  • Money energy facilitates your basic day-to-day needs of food, clothing, and shelter.
  • At the same time, it allows you to be expressive enough to create value, giving you money in exchange.

Money Facilitates Your Freedom of Expression 

Men over age use all the resources available on this planet Earth, and the power of consciousness has evolved to such an extent that in present times, money plays a significant role:

  • While expressing whatever you have to share with this world. 
  • You also have the best benefits of other creations that others have invented.

For example:

  • Suppose you are using electricity at your home. In that case, that is the result of megawatts of electricity produced by the electricity company, for which you pay the electricity bill. Then you can consume the benefits of electricity by running your gadgets. 
  • Similarly, the technology you use on your laptop or TV screen to watch the above video or read this article is possible only because of money.
  • You can understand English, and you can understand me well because you have invested your money in education, and that’s why you are capable enough to interpret from my guidance what I mean to say. 

It is men who have converted the barter system into money exchange.

I wonder whether the present world in which we exist, where everything is possible to express because of the positive money energy, plays a prominent role in our life.

Apply Your Common Sense to Understand Money Energy

Money energy

1. To discard money as a useless thing is foolishness. 

  • It is common sense that even if you need drinking water, you cannot afford it without money. 
  • To survive, grow, and prosper as a human being, you need money. 

So if someone gives you an opinion on what you will do with so much money, ignore that statement. Apply your common sense. Apply your intelligence. 

2. To look at the basics, why do you need money when in trouble? 

Let’s take an extreme example. 

  • When you meet with an accident, you must go to the hospital.
  • You will only be taken to the best hospital with a good mediclaim policy. 
  • You will be treated well if you have invested enough in your mediclaim policies. 
  • If you do not have money, you cannot even treat yourself for the injury caused by the accident. 

Introspect Your Personal Life to Learn About Money As Energy

Look from your perspective, your personal life:

  • Why do you need money?
  • How do you feel when you get credited with money for the efforts you have put in?  

Just introspect in your daily life that if you have worked, you deserve the return of money. 

For example:

You have created something- a painting in which: 

  • You have invested your time, energy, and money- in buying the canvas, the paint, and the brush. 
  • You have given your life force to create a world-class painting. 
  • You have not created that painting to keep it in your drawing room just as a souvenir. 
  • You have created that painting to express yourself as a painter. 
  • You can create more such paintings in different ways that the world needs.
  • You certainly want your painting to be exhibited and sold. 
  • Someone will buy that painting because you have created the highest value by providing your time, life, and energy into that painting. 

Money Energy Gives You an Expression of Freedom 

You have invested in your education and professional qualifications and want to live a better life. 

You cannot even consider providing your services to the world without money. So look from the fundamental perspective:

  • Why do you need money?  
  • How do you feel when you get credited with the money you deserve? 
  • How do you feel when you are given a salary or promotion hike? 
  • How do you feel when you are rewarded in a way that you can exchange later on in the form of money? 

You live in a big house. You can buy or hire a car to make or facilitate your traveling. 

Without money, no one is going to give you a car. And even if you buy a car, the petrol, the diesel, or the gas. It is the result of exchanging money for that product. So for hiring a car also you need money directly. 

Do not fly in the air and remain in your thinking mind or the beliefs and the conditioning of the society, which are specific criteria or the notion about money. 

Think it very independently:

  • How do you feel about money?
  • How do you feel when creating an unmatchable value that is unique? 
  • How would you feel if you invented a product or service you want to share with this world? 

Free Resources Are Not Valued

 If you think of giving it free of cost, no one will value that. Remember this always. Nature is available in a way free of cost.

  • Who is valuing that? 
  • How many times a day do you experience the pleasures of these trees, the air around you, and the wind blowing?
  • How often a year do you go out in the open in the mountains, in nature, to experience what the universe has gifted us? 
  • How often do you listen to the sound of the water flowing in the river?
  • How many hours do you put in by spending your time exclusively in nature?

You have a gadget like a toy called the mobile phone, and you are totally into social media and other entertainment, which creates no value for you daily.

You are involved more in consumption than in creation. 

Money Is Not a Free Resource- How Can You Value Money As Energy?

Money is not a free resource. However, you can access the benefits of money energy through your efforts. That is why you value it more than other free resources. 

You will become wealthy in the true sense by knowing more about money:

  • As energy.
  • How it provides positive changes in your life.
  • How it transforms you.

Once you change your perspective and start creating your life:

  • You will understand the value of time, money, and energy. 
  • You will try to know that this money energy is vital for your progress. 
  • You will invest in creating infinite value through which you get money in exchange.

New Dimension of Understanding Money Energy

Change the dimension of living in this world. Money energy is just a transformed form of energy. 

Here you must understand that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Instead, it is transformed from one form to the other. It is the universal law of energy.

Likewise, you can: 

  • Transform your life energy into money energy and vice versa.
  • Live the life which you always wanted to live,
  • Enjoy the freedom which comes with having enough money. 
  • Enjoy the power which comes with having control over your money-earning capacity.

How Can You Take My Help to Enjoy the Benefits of Money Energy? 

You can take my help to enjoy the benefits of money energy. You have to get in touch with me whenever you feel the need. 

1. I am available as a coach for any personal questions. For personal coaching:

  • You can connect with me.
  • Ask me all the necessary questions which your mind has.
  • I will clear your mental traffic and lead you to a path channeled towards earning well with your efforts. 
  • I will teach you to use that money energy to live your reality and the highest quality of life you deserve. 

2. In the coaching, read your inner GPS: 

  • Where are you right now? 
  • What notions, beliefs, and conditioning has your mind taken from this world about money as energy? 

3. I will coach you and free you from the blockages you have created for earning money.

4. If it is in your destiny, in your inner GPS, that you will be wealthy in financial terms, health terms, relationships, and connections, then you also need money to sponsor your living.

You can contact me to learn more about your money-earning capacity, and I will guide you. 


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